And you thought baseball had a drug problem
Melky, A-Rod down Royals

Hideki Matsui‘s 10 home runs this month are tops in the AL. For July, he’s hitting .340/.402/.701, and you gotta believe his wrist is healed. Matsui’s month, one of the best of his MLB career, is one of the top reasons why the Yanks are 4.5 behind Cleveland and 6.5 behind Boston as we head into the dog days of summer.

And you thought baseball had a drug problem
Melky, A-Rod down Royals
  • Victoria Jeter

    Go Hideki!

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  • brxbmrs

    Not to anger anyone, but I wonder how much of Hideki’s resurgence is due to the lousy pitching. Meche owned him last night and there was a good article a few weeks back in the Star Ledger documenting Hideki’s dominance in interleague – the gist of the article is Hideki beats bad pitching and pads his #’s.

    Hitting a HR off a good lefty making a 4 run lead a 5 run lead is nice, but I’m going to withhold my fandom until I see what Godzilla does in Mid August against the big boys.

    I’m not a Hideki fan, I respect his professionalism and realize he had some awesome stats in 04 and great close and late in 05 but I can’t love a guy who gets a 52 mil contract and can’t throw and has defenisive lapses at times in LF.

    I’m probably being unrealistic and the Yanks have bigger underperformers in Damon and Abreu, but guys making 13 mil and starting to get older give me the willies these days.


  • The Scout

    I think if you take a look you’ll find that most players pad their numbers against second-tier pitchers. Just for fun, pick the top ten pitchers in the league in, say, WHIP, and compare the Yankee line-up to that list and to the league overall. My guess is that not more than one or two players performs better against the top 10. That is, after all, why they are the top 10.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    I like to think of it more as beating the guys you’re supposed to beat instead of stat-padding. Hideki is supposed to mash against the Devil Rays and the Royals, but that shouldn’t take away from his excellent month.

  • brxbmrs


    I’ll buy into that – beating the guys you are supposed to – but in that same vein, look at what Abreu, Melky, Cano, etc are all doing against this competition – I think last night they showed 8 Yanks hitting over .300 this month.

    That’s what is a bit bittersweet – I think the level of competition is hiding the same flaws that we have seen exposed in the post season – an overrated offense, shoddy D (although this year its been much better thanks to a resurgent A-Rod, Cano, Melk and some surprising play by Phillips) and a creaky rotation and shoddy pen.

    In that line, I don’t want the Yanks to now start making the same mistakes by giving Gimabi as many AB’s to prove he can hit over .200 and standing pat on the pen – or letting Torre decide to continue to pitch Proctor every other inning.

    It’s great what Hideki is doing this month, but to me he’s the same guy that disappeared against the Sox in 04 (along with everyone else) and the last two Octobers he was mediocre at best.

    At 33, it looks like his prime was 2004, its a nice story but what will change my mind on Hideki is if he contributes against the good guys.

  • brxbmrs


    I hear you, but it just makes me think that Hideki is a good player – not more. It makes me appreciate guys like Jeter more, eventhough he lacks power, he consistently hits in almost every game. I realize Jeter is a special player but convesely it just makes me feel that a 33 year old Matsui is a nice player but not a difference maker nor a significant part of the Yanks future.

    Here’s hoping he proves me very wrong.

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