Karma’s a bitch, A-rod learns the hard way

Has anyone been paying attention to Marcos Vechionacci lately???
In which I don't mention the A-Rod injury

As I watched A-Rod limp off the field this evening, my thoughts echoed that word written on the back of Cynthia Rodriguez’s shirt and so tastelessly bleeped out by the New York Post. “F—!” I thought with dashes taken up the spaces usually filled by a U, C and K.

And then I blamed C-Rod. You see, baseball karma is a powerful force. She wore a t-shirt to the Stadium that is expressly forbidden by Stadium rules. She, the wife of baseball’s $250 million superstar, flaunted the rules. She tempted Fate, and Fate came back to kick her husband in the ass. Or, as with so many other Yankees this season, the hamstring.

Next, I blamed Justin Morneau. Get out of the way, Justin. First, this guy undeservedly stole the MVP from Derek Jeter. Now, his fielders’ ineptness and his inability to stay out of the way led to an injury to the one guy the Yankees can’t lose.

Then, I sighed resignedly and started praying. The Yanks have announced that Alex Rodriguez has a strained hamstring. They aren’t saying tight or tweaked or anything else that would indicate a less severe injury. They are saying “strain,” and hamstring strains usually lead to DL stints. If the Yanks lost A-Rod, his 28 HR, 80 RBI and .671 SLG for an extended period of time, they would be dead in the water. I don’t need to break out the sabermetrics to show you just how important Alex Rodriguez is to the future success of the Yankees; anyone who watches games on a daily basis already understands that.

So with doom and gloom settling in, we just have to wait. Negative Nancy over here is warning us that the upper part of A-Rod’s hamstring suffered the brunt of the pull. That could be Very Bad. But at the same time, A-Rod is, in the finest sense of a timeless baseball cliché, a competitor. He won’t be content missing games, missing the All Star Game, sitting around like a lump for the Yankees’ most important month of a bad season. He’ll want to come back quickly; he’ll want to DH if possible.

But right now, we just don’t know. We’ll know more tomorrow after an examination. So we wait with fingers crossed and breath baited. The waiting is the hardest part.

Has anyone been paying attention to Marcos Vechionacci lately???
In which I don't mention the A-Rod injury
  • barry

    all true. we need a healthy A Rod and then we need Cashboy to give Shelley his shot

  • B_B NY

    Arod is a pussy, and the yankees suck. Suck it up bitches. Cap’n Jetes should have finished 3rd or 4th in the mvp voting.

  • mike

    alex pushed morneau in the back. if morneau had ‘gotten out of the way’ the ball would have gone into the dugout.

    also, i disagree that morneau ‘undeservedly stole’ the MVP from jeter.

    i think he deserved to steal it, because he was the more valuable player.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben

    Morneau may have been deserving of the MVP, but Jeter was more valuable. There’s no denying that. So I could say he deservingly stole it, but the fact is that there were players other than Morneau who should have won the MVP last year. One of those was Derek Jeter.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Morneau wasn’t even the MVP of his own team last year. Mauer was more deserving, and some people (i.e. me) feel that Johan was even more deserving than Morneau.

  • Rich

    Mike A.’s first sentence sums it up.

  • andy

    Well this all goes back to what MVP really means.

    If it means ‘Where would this team be without ____’

    Then Morneau and Santana would be in a dead heat. Without either of those players, the Twins would not have been in the playoffs last year. but they dont give MVPs to pitchers. Mauer’s average was empty, he was a table setter.

    Do you think the Yankees would have gone to the playoffs without Derek Jeter?

    If it means ‘whos the best player on a playoff team’ it’s pretty up in the air.

    But it’s all over now, so who cares.

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