Losing ground

Joba Chamberlain & Jose Tabata ... 'nuff said
No-hitter* for Brett Smith

Apologies for the slow day on RAB. We weren’t around our computers on the Fourth, and you shouldn’t have been either. But the Yanks played. And lost. Once again, the team’s pitchers weren’t handled properly by Torre, and the offense couldn’t, unsurprisingly, put much together against Johan Santana. Meanwhile, the Red Sox won, and the Yanks fell to 12 out. It would be great to reel off 4 more wins before the All Star Break. The Red Sox fans Detroit this weekend, and maybe the Yanks could gain a couple of games before a much-needed vacation. If they don’t, it’s going to be a very long climb during the second half.

Joba Chamberlain & Jose Tabata ... 'nuff said
No-hitter* for Brett Smith
  • George

    Welcome back.

  • Bart

    By my count 18 games lost to Joe’s game management – maybe lost is unfair as the outcome would be in doubt – but a lineup with Cairo, Nieves, and the kid in RF to against Santana puts Mussina again n the position of having to be perfect.

    In a close game you can’t put Bruney in cause he simply walks too many. Great hitters are supposed to have limited success in 2 stroke counts – there is almost no excuse for giving up a home run to a poor hitter – in this case two poor hitter.

    If the Twins have a reputation and current season success for putting balls in play, and running aggressively I don’t see how you sit Posada.

    Joe Torre continues to rest Posada afraid he will break down in Sept – Oct — if the gap is not closed soon there won’t be a Sept – Oct to worry about – he continues to manage as if he had reasonable competitive position — he does not yet – and hope wanes everytime there is this abysmal offensive lineup.

    On Cairo – maybe you have to rest ARod due to the leg and a day game after a night game is reasonable – but then you can’t rest posada also – bases loaded against Santana and Nieves is allowed to bat and HACKS at the 1st pitch — inexcusable at the HS level.

    But you all know all these things — where is the Old Mr. Boss when we need him most —