“only some freakish unforeseen injury keeps him from being a major leaguer”


That quote comes from Staten Island Yankees’ manager Mike Gillespie in this article from the Daily News, and he’s talking about none other than Dellin Betances. Great piece on what Dellin was up to this winter, how he spent his 7-figure signing bonus, what scout’s think of him, and how he feels to be a part of the Yankees’ future.

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  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    Great piece. Looks like the kid’s really filled out since high school. Sounds like he’s workng hard. 2010? How bout 2009!

  • JP

    Nice! To think he has the highest upside is absolutely amazing considering the way Hughes and Joba have pitched at times this year. Can you imagine when Sanchez, Brackman and Garcia are in that group next year and Dellin will still be the man.

  • ShawnT

    Great Article, nice find Mike