Say ‘hello’ to the new backup first baseman

More praise for the Yankees' young arms
Playing to the backs of their baseball cards

While some people are fearing the arrival of Shea Hillenbrand in New York, I think the new backup first baseman will be none other than Erubiel Durazo come the end of the All Star Break.

Yesterday, the Yanks signed Durazo to a minor league contract. This move came a day after Miguel Cairo’s three errors led to a Yankee loss.

It’s expected that the Yanks will cut a member of the bullpen. While it would nice to see Ron Villone or Mike Myers let go, Brian Bruney still has options, and the Yanks would like him to work out the problems he’s faced due to overuse a recent loss of control.

Durazo, meanwhile, has never lived up to his billing. He’s marginally better than Shea Hillenbrand and not nearly as big a malcontent as Hillenbrand. This move, however, is fine. It’s probably temporary until Mientkiewicz comes back, and it carries a low-risk/high-reward potential as long as Durazo doesn’t take innings away from Andy Phillips.

More praise for the Yankees' young arms
Playing to the backs of their baseball cards
  • Steve Lombardi

    From the Post Today…

    An industry source said the Yankees are “very interested” in former Arizona and Oakland first baseman Erubiel Durazo, but no contractual agreement has been reached yet.

    The 33-year-old Durazo is playing for Sultanes de Monterrey of the Mexican League after getting released in spring training by the Athletics. The Yankees are one of several clubs interested in Durazo, a lifetime .281 hitter over seven major-league seasons.

  • Ben

    Kat O’Brien reported in the article linked above, “First baseman Erubiel Durazo has signed a minor league contract.”

    So who’s right?

  • Mr. Faded Glory

    Thus far, Brian Cashman has been quoted as saying that no deal has been signed. Minors or otherwise.

  • Mike A.

    I don;t have a problem with the signing, as long as he does take an of Andy Phillips’ playing time in the bigs, or Eric Duncan’s in AAA. It’s an easy move to back out of, and a much lower risk than dealing for Nomar or Teixeira.

  • Mike NYY

    Can we please just call up Shelley Duncan?

  • El Esteroide

    In case anybody forgot, Durazo was one of the worst defensive first basemen in the game back when he started in Oakland. There’s a good reason why he’s no longer in the bigs–he’s a DH who can’t hit!

  • Ben

    Not saying Durazo’s good, but after watching Miguel Cairo butcher his position two nights in a row, anything would be better.

  • Barry

    Durazo is bullshit. A, Cairo did make some fucking awful errors but on the bright side Phillips is hitting 316 after 38 At bats. also we aren’t the only ones wondering where Shelley is, well we know where he is but, the post also called for Cashman to call up Duncan in Sunday’s edition. Bottom line, i hate Cashman, hes a prick. this is just another waste of money. while they’re at it, im a lifetime first basemen with high school experience, lets get me a contract, i want league minimum, nothing more nothing less, oh and free nose bleed seats for life. I can’t even stand this shit anymore, at least the other bottom feeders(tampa bay) have theyre fucking integrity.

  • Ben

    Barry, Barry. Man, calm down. This is a low-risk/high-reward move. They’d be signing Durazo as a potential bat off the bench and maybe a back-up first baseman in case they need to pinch hit for Andy Phillips. It’s a fine move. Right now, it’s not a done deal, and they aren’t going to give him a Major League deal.

    Miguel Cairo isn’t a viable option at the plate or in the field for first base. Phillips has, so far, earned this spot. Shelley Duncan, well, for as good as he’s been this year, there’s a reason why he’s nearly 28 with no big league experience. Let’s keep things in perspective here.

    The Yanks can’t just go out and buy the best first baseman. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t have it so that the Yanks don’t trade Hughes/Chamberlain/Kennedy/et. al for Teixeira and also complain about Durazo. It’s not a bad move.

  • Barry

    ^drunk last night