Yankee Stadium, now with less facepaint

A trade of Damon makes perfect sense
Answer: Just DFA him

A story from Tuesday, courtesy of my mom. She witnessed the following incident while putting the stuff she brought to the game in one of those flimsy terrorist-proof, clear plastic bags.

As I was putting food into a clear plastic bag, 3 guys were stopped by the person giving out the bags because their faces were painted. One face was half white and half blue; the other two had the interlocking NY on their cheeks. She told them that facepainting was not allowed in Yankee Stadium. She told them that they had to wash it off before entering the stadium. They were incredulous and asked where they were supposed to do that. After a bit of back and forth, she let the guy with the half white and half blue face into the stadium to wash his face while the other two waited for his return. I never did see the outcome because I went inside but I think the idea was that the friends were kind of like hostages so the first guy would come back out to get them. I don’t know if they had to wash off too, maybe one at a time.

I thought the whole incident was ridiculous. Who’s rule is that? How many times have I seen facepainted people on TV at other stadiums?

Last month, we wrote about the ban on the “Box seats suck” chant (which may or may not have been related to anti-Semitic slurs hurled at Shawn Green). But this story is ridiculous. The Yankees don’t allow facepaint in the Stadium. Are you kidding me?

If the Yankees really think facepainted fans are a threat to those around them or interfere with the enjoyment of the game, they need to remove the giant stick from their collective asses. Facepainting has long been a part of the fan experience, and to ban seems ridiculously over-the-top. If they haven’t banned facepaint, then this security guard needs a stern talking-to.

A trade of Damon makes perfect sense
Answer: Just DFA him
  • Gibb

    iiif you hate kyle farnsworth and you know it clap your hands.

    clap clap

  • mg

    That’s ridiculous. I’ve never seen that happen, but I don’t doubt it’s true at all. Security this year has been way over the top.

    The fuss was definitely over a letter concerning anti-semitic remarks. As I understand it a letter from the same person resulted in the banning of alcohol from the bleachers.

    That was just an excuse though. Security has been looking for an excuse to tame the bleachers. It’s been a fight in baseball from the earliest days of the game. What is appropriate behavior for the park?

  • dan

    perfect category to put this post in

  • Marsha

    Last night while watching the game on TV I saw a young girl who had A-ROD written on her forehead with facepaint. Somehow she either got past the facepaint police or painted it on after she entered the stadium. Either way I’ll bet it added to her enjoyment of the game. And she got to be on TV too jsut like a lot of facepainted fans across the entire country wherever a stadium is found.

  • http://www.nosenseworrying.com/ Jen

    Which gate was this? I think each one sets it’s own policy. I was in the upper deck yesterday and went through gate 4. They made me put some kind of tag on my camera bag. They never do that in bleachers.

  • Marsha

    If you come from the 4 train and walk to the right, opposite direction of the bleachers gates, it was the first gate you come to, right across from the new stadium.

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  • Victoria Jeter

    We should all paint our faces once we’re inside, just to spite the stupid rule-makers. This has George Steinbrenner written all over it (or painted, as the case may be…).

  • More Black Than Jeter

    How about all the assholes that kept screaming ‘faggot!’ at the red sox fans in my section the last time i was there. why dont they ban those guys?

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

    MBTJ, they did. I was at a game when exactly that happened.

    But if you’re a Red Sox fan, do not complain about the behavior at Yankee Stadium. That would be the most hypocritical thing in the history of hypocritical things.

  • Mike K

    Anyone who uses extremely vulgar langueage should be kicked out of any ballpark, whether you are a Red Sox fan (which does happen) or Yankee fan (they should be quicker to pull the fans).

    It’s not being hypocritical, it’s beeing a decent person. I know plenty of Yankee fans who don’t act like that and I’m ashamed of all Red Sox fans who do.

  • Taek Yurhatov

    If you guys don’t realize how face painting is a enemy tool and an insult to those who have died protecting our freedom and our way of life, then the terrorists have won. You probably don’t even take your hats of for some arbitrary tune that has no official standing whatsoever.

  • From the Bleachers….

    “The fuss was definitely over a letter concerning anti-semitic remarks. As I understand it a letter from the same person resulted in the banning of alcohol from the bleachers.”



  • blchr reg

    i think the reasoning on the face paint issue is this: if your face is painted, and you are involved in an “incident”, you can’t be identified.

    i remember this happening back in 2001 when there were world series games on/near halloween. there were things in the paper at that time that fans in masks/facepaint would not be allowed inside. i thought that was only really enfored then, and if since, only during big games

    also, the guy above is correct….the two issues are completely unrelated

  • Taa

    I hate the Yankees, but they probably banned it for the sake of the fan.

    They were probably thinking, “Lets ban facepaint just so these fans don’t look so fucking stupid.”

    Next up, bans on:
    -Jean shorts
    -Personalized jerseys

  • somebody in rf

    I’ve seen this no face paint rule enforced for a couple of seasons now. I remember two years ago two guys in the restroom becasue they were sent to wash their face paint off. Over the weekend there were three guys with 500 painted on their chests for A-Rod. They were told to cover it up.

    Also from this weekend: There were several people with water guns. They were squirting each other, and anyone around who asked, since it was 95 degrees on Saturday. (yea I know game time temp was 89, but if you were there you know what I mean). They were told by NYPD, if they didn’t stop they would be ejected.

    The Thursday afternoon Toronto game we were told we were not allowed to stand on the bleachers for rollcall. That was overruled by security, so the cops were going to find something to throw us out for anyway. it may as well have been for box seats suck.

  • http://www.yottamarketing.com William Antonio

    Hi Ben,

    When I first read about it, I didn’t believe it. But it happens that there’s a rule to avoid face painting. Why? Still don’t know, but I guess the companies should join forces and try to ‘delete’ this idiot rule (IMHO).

    Now, what am I supposed to do with the painting kit I recently bought from here:



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