• http://scottproctorsarm.blogspot.com Andrew

    I was at a game once and saw someone wearing one of those replica home jerseys with “CROSBY 19” on the back. It was bizarre. Why would someone spend $80 on that?

  • http://www.pinstripealley.com John

    Maybe he was a Red Sox fan travelling in disguise…

  • Doug

    I have a Yankee Jersey with a 45 on the back but, I can’t wear it till someone else takes that number

  • John

    Doug, tell him it was for Rudy May.

  • Joe_V

    As we laugh at Pavano, he laughs at the world while driving his Porsche, speeding to his next therapy session. His 19 starts were 26 short of his jersey number 45. Based on his $39,950,000 contract, each of his starts cost Yankee fans around $2,102,631.50. From that Yankee fans got 5 wins or paid $7,990,000 per win. Is there anywhere that man can get refund for his jersey?

  • Luddy Bazcej

    i hope pavano plows his porsche into an abutment on christmas day.

    speaking of rare, last game i went to i saw a guy with a blue yankee tee with butch wynegards name on the back. great stuff. i wanna get a roy smalley shirt :)

  • Mike K


    Cecil Fielder was 45, no?

  • http://www.yanksblog.com Patrick

    lol, Ben.

    Doug et all,

    YankeesNumbers.com has a list of all players, managers, etc. by the number. Here’s 45:


    Nothing too great. Bahnsen, Fielder, Girardi wore it for a time, May, Rasmussen, Tartabull… heh

  • http://mvn.com/milb-yankees Eric Schultz

    Phil Hughes likes the number 45. Maybe the guy’s just waiting for Pavano to go so Phil Franchise can take the number.

  • Jake T.

    Don’t kid yourself, Phil will never get that number, the second Pavano officially retires its gonna be retired.
    In an unrelated note, Chad Jennings blog is terrific. I know hes AAA but i would read his over Petes any day of the week.

  • Jake T.

    Wow, Yankeesnumbers.com is great. I ve always wondered whether or not Snuffy Stirnweiss wore number 1 from 1945-1950(the answer is yes) now i can die happy

  • barry

    maybe he still believes

  • Freddy

    I had a Carl Pavano t-shirt jersey. I bought it from the Yankee Clubhouse for $5. I wore it opening day…and haven’t worn it since. I was thinking about washing my car with it, but I don’t want to smear my car with crap.