Trouble, thy name is Roger

Brower, not Joba, gets the call in Myers's wake
Mo sticks it to the Jays announcers

Some ruminations on Roger Clemens’ season numbers, if you will.

Starts IP IP/Start H ERA K/9 IP K/BB
1-6 38.6 6.4 33 3.49 6.5 3.11
7-11 26.3 5.2 35 5.13 4.8 1.75

Clemens is getting paid approximately $1 million per start, and recently he’s failed to deliver. Alarmingly, his hits allowed are up and his strike out numbers are well below his career low. If the other options that we’ve seen – Kei Igawa, Tyler Clippard, Chase Wright – weren’t so dreadful, we’d be a whole lot more concerned about Clemens’ longevity and pitching than we are right now.

Brower, not Joba, gets the call in Myers's wake
Mo sticks it to the Jays announcers
  • Mike

    I wonder how much those back-to-back 8 IP, 1 R games against the Twins & Angels took out of Rocket. He’s been relatively mediocre since then, as you’ve pointed out.

    Elsewhere, Brower comes in, gets out of jam, gives up a single to Rios to leadoff the enxt inning, and bam, here comes Viz. There’s short leashes, then there’s Joe Torre. Ridiculous.

  • Mac

    On the brower note–

    I was actually totally ok with that pull by Joe. It was Brower’s first appearance with the yanks and he was going against the heart of the order with a small lead. There’s not much reason to trust the reliever there.

    I was actually surprised Joe used Brower at all, to be honest. I am glad he did, but I am also totally fine with the fact he pulled him. But maybe that’s because the move worked…

  • Relaunch

    Well, they came and got me out of Texas, I want to say its a privelege to be back, I’ll be giving up 8 runs soon.

  • Malcard89

    LOL! Spot on Relaunch.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    I dunno. I think that’s unfair. Take that last start out, and I bet his numbers in starts 7-11 look a bunch better.

    There’s no question he’s not striking out batters, but I wonder if that’s not a conscious decision to pitch to contact. Striking out a batter an inning means a higher pitch count, and problem 5-6 rather than 6-7 ip. I wouldn’t be surprised that w/ an eye on the state of the Yanks pen (cough, Farnsworth, cough) Roger decided to throw more in the Wang mold.

    In addition, if Cano fields tha double-play ball and Clemens ends up getting out of that inning vs. the Sox w/ only 3 runs, who’s to say he doesn’t throw 6 innings and get a quality start?

    For my money, I’m a lot less nervous when Clemens pitches than I am when Andy or Moose start.

  • The Scout

    Signing Clemens was a panic move at a time when EVERYONE (including many of us fans) was panicking. It hasn’t been either a godsend or a disaster, but about what you’d expect from a great, aging pitcher nearing the end of the line. Some days he’ll have it, other days not. The same holds true of Mussina. Pettite still has a lot more in the tank.

    If all goes well and Hughes proves ready for full-time duty, by next year the Yankees should not need to reach back into the past for a Clemens. Wang, Pettite, Hughes, and Chamberlain would anchor a fine, mostly young staff, with a fifth drawn from Mussina, maybe Kennedy, perhaps Karstens or Rasner. Or they me a lower-cost option on the free agent market. It makes no sense to pay the kind of $ Clemens commands for the performance he now delivers.