Why Bernie isn’t here

The reason we are 0.5 GB of the Mariners for the Wild Card
Phil goes home

Ken Rosenthal, in a notebook piece, on Bernie Williams:

The Yankees’ evolution this season justifies their decision not to re-sign Bernie Williams. Melky Cabrera probably would not have gotten the same number of at-bats if Williams were still with the club. Shelley Duncan probably would not have gotten a chance to be this season’s Shane Spencer. The Yankees’ roster also is more flexible without Williams, making it easier for them to carry a 12th pitcher.

That’s a point no one has really made this year, and it’s one we should be making over and over again. I loved Bernie, but this team is much better off without him this year.

The reason we are 0.5 GB of the Mariners for the Wild Card
Phil goes home
  • Ivan

    I agree, I like Bernie too but it was time to let go of the past and focus on the present and future. Bernie wasn’t the same player anymore. He was pratacally useless. Give the kids a shot ande see what they can do and they have done great.

  • steve

    the problem wasn’t that Bernie couldn’t have been useful. he would have been a useful RH bat when players were slumping/hurt.

    the problem is that he is BERNIE, and he could not be released mid-season if they needed to.

    that was really the problem. b/c of who he is, he would take up a roster spot for the entire season.

    and that probably wasn’t worth it.

  • Relaunch

    I think most educated baseball fans realized that it was time for Bernie and the Yanks to move on.

  • Luddy Bazcej

    i feel bad that it ended so weirdly for bernie, but he should have walked away gracefully and they should have had a huge ceremony this year. too bad it went down like it did.

  • brxbmrs

    Bernie was done, Josh Phelps was a better hitter against lefties than Bernie was in 2006 – and that was Bernie’s only true value as a RH hitter – problem was he could not PH or DH, he was most effective at the plate when he played the field – and that was a huge problem.

    Before anyone says Bernie had limited experience as a DH and PH, please consider Bernie was one of the most hardwired players to ever put on a uniform – he had poor basball instincts that he was able to compesate for with great speed and a beautiful swing – once he started to hit 33/34, as his natural ability diminsished with age, his performance rapidly deteriorated.

    It was a great move by Cash not to capitulate to Bernie, who as great as he was, went out like a spoiled child.

  • mg

    Yep. It was the right move. I think like Relaunch said, a lot of us knew it was the right move. The same can be said for Moose. Although I loved what he did for us for years, the recent resigning was a mistake. I was lukewarm about it when it happened and rightfully so.

    I do hope that we’ll have Bernie Williams day at the stadium soon and won’t think about his exit but rather his glory days. One of the beauties of being a ball player is you’re almost always remembered in your youth and at your prime. So Bernie will remain in my mind, along with Moose, as recent memories fade.

  • dan

    just think of the logjam the yankees have with giambi/damon/shelley right now, and add bernie into that mix.