A Yankee Stadium prank for the ages


Last week, at the Yankees-Mariners game on Wednesday, a marriage proposal flashed across the screen. It was a fake one, part for a prank perpetrated by two guys from The video, embedded below, tells the story (but there is some adult language if that’s not your thing). Today, Deadspin interviewed the architect of the prank.

Fun fact: I was at the that game last week, and my friends and I laughed at that marriage proposal. We talked about the disastrous Houston proposal and wonder what happens when the woman says, “No.” Now we know. Classic.

  • Joseph P.

    That slap was amazing.

  • dan

    if you watch prankwar 5 (which deadspin provides), the guy who pulled this prank ends up crying from embarrassment.

  • Styles


  • mahcus

    classic! fucking classic. the slap heard round the world…

    i always hated that douchebag move of (publicly) proposing at a sports stadium.
    bravo to this ingenious prankster!!!

    but, you know, he really WAS messing with a young lady’s emotions…