Things are looking patchy for the 2008 Yanks

Not to rub it in or nothing...
A-Rod a fit anywhere


Major League Baseball teams love their commemorative patches. By pretending to honor something meaningful, teams create marketing campaigns during which obsessed suckers collectors will buy every new hat or t-shirt with a patch.

Trust me; I’m one of those collectors. I have eight different Yankee hats all with different patches (World Series: 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003; 100th Anniversary Season, Post-9/11 U.S. Flag).

Well, with history inevitably heading our way in 2008, the Yankees’ uniforms – but not their hats – will be adorned with patches. The patch shown on the left in the image above will commemorate the rich history and final season of Yankee Stadium. The team will wear that patch on their left sleeves.

The patch on the right will adorn the right arm of the Yankee uniforms from the start of All Star balloting in late April through the All Star Game in July. You can bet that the All Star Game will bring with it a whole slew of merchandising opportunities as well. In fact, you can already buy some All Star Game merchandise, and it’s still just 2007.

So keep those wallets ready. It’s marketing time around the Bombers.

Patches and uniform information courtesy of the Something Awful forums. For a larger view, click here or anywhere on the image above.

Not to rub it in or nothing...
A-Rod a fit anywhere
  • Emma

    Bill Veeck, writing in 1962:

    “It happened that 1951 was the Fiftieth Anniversary of the American League, an event the League was exploiting with its usual burst of inspiration by sewing emblems on the uniforms of all the players.”

    Some things never change.

    I’m not suggesting the Yankees take the Veeck route of sending a midget up to bat, of course… although I’d pay good money to see the expression on Bud Selig’s face if they did.

  • JRVJ

    This is going to be a stupid question for you NY denizens, but do the Yankees keep more revenue if one buys a cap or jersey at one of the Yankee stores?

    (I know revenue from sportswear sales is split equally amongst all MLB clubs, but I figure that a team does keep the retail profits from sales at its stores).

    I’ve bought my last 3 Yankee caps at the Yankee store in Times Square while on trips to NY (03, 06 and this year).

  • Marsha

    I’d rather keep the current Yankee Stadium and forget about the stupid patches.

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