ALDS Game 2: Making the same mistake twice


So we’re seeing Joe Torre repeating the past.

Fact: Hideki Matsui is slumping badly and has been since mid-August. The guess is that his recently drained knee is bothering him more than we realize.

Fact: Jason Giambi, while not necessarily better than Matsui, is an option off the bench. It couldn’t hurt to stick him behind A-Rod and Posada for protection.

So what does Joe do? He puts Matsui, the weak link, in between Jorge and A-Rod. I guess he figures Carmona will attack Matsui while pitching against A-Rod and Posada. I would much rather see Giambi there, but such are things.

Win today and everything looks rosy.

The lineups:

Johnny Damon LF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Hideki Matsui DH
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Cano 2B
Melky Cabrera CF
Doug Mientkiewicz 1B

Andy Pettitte P

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  1. Relaunch says:

    Torre is an idiot

  2. Barry says:

    after the top of the 1st it looks like we’ll need a gem out of andy today

  3. SG says:

    Carmona’s sinker looks pretty nasty today. Hopefully Andy can neutralize some of their lefties, despite his L/R splits telling me otherwise (i know i’m reaching here)

    as i type this, sizemore singled up the middle…let’s get 2 and erase that

  4. Mike A. says:

    You know, I’m really starting to despise this team, but only because the 8-10 minute at-bats are BORING.

  5. E-ROC says:

    Shocking?! Torre doesn’t shake things up. ‘Ol well. Go Pettitte!!

  6. ansky says:

    rally towels; the signature of a gimmick fanbase.

  7. E-ROC says:

    That bat flying at Pettitte was scary.

  8. E-ROC says:

    That’s why u Cabrera is CF. Thank God, Joe Torre at least got that right.

  9. Mike R. says:

    That’s why you’ve gotta love Melky even when he’s slumping. How huge was that!?!?!?

  10. Mike A. says:

    Great googely moogely! Way to go Melk!

  11. Mike R. says:

    That’s why I love Melky too!!!!!!

  12. Mike A. says:

    Great, great play by Mink. Huge K by Andy.

  13. E-ROC says:

    Pettitte pitched his way out of trouble. That is how u do it, people.

  14. E-ROC says:

    The MLB has failed me. I have to deal with Tony Gwynn’s annoying voice along with Brenly and the other strange follow. Craig Sager is funny with nasty looking suits.

  15. cjc says:

    for a guy that all the “experts” say is a bad 1b Garko plays pretty well against us

  16. E-ROC says:

    Carmona threw some filthy s*** to A-Rod. That’s just unfair.

  17. cjc says:

    tough break there off pettite blocked by the ump and robbie bobbles it

  18. E-ROC says:

    Cano has to make that play. Looks like he got flustered with big Pronk running right at him. I would too.

  19. E-ROC says:

    Where was that strike?

  20. E-ROC says:

    Does Chip Caray work the Braves games on TBS?

  21. E-ROC says:

    LOL, these fools are going crazy in Peter Abe’s blog about A-Rod’s AB. That’s just sad. I guess they don’t know what ”good pitching beats good hitting” means.

  22. ansky says:

    Two observations:
    1. Could the announcers be more excited when the Indians execute a routine play and virtually yawn when the Yanks do anything?
    2. Are these Yankees already booking suites for the offseason and prepping tee times? because they sure as hell didnt show up for this series so far. I guess Melky doesnt play golf.

  23. E-ROC says:

    Pettitte is a stubborn bastard. LOL, gotta love it. Poor Lofton guessed and was picked off.

  24. Barry says:

    did anyone notice after the 1st inning or maybe it was the 2nd, either way it was 0-0 and the scroll on the bottom of the screen showed 1-0 cleveland. It was after melky made the throw home. TBS is annoying but i’ll take it over micheal kay right now pettitte is king

  25. Rob says:

    Jeter was safe!

  26. E-ROC says:

    Wasn’t Jeter safe???? WTF!

  27. ansky says:

    he wasnt….it was close but he wasnt.
    Four starters still hanging donuts in the postseason right now. Gotta wake these bats up and give Andy some more support

  28. ansky says:

    youve got to be fucking kidding me.
    How many more leadoff men on base? Every inning?
    and Sizemore gets to start on 3rd.

  29. E-ROC says:

    Abooboo, look at who u are throwing to.

  30. E-ROC says:

    Pettitte is our savior. Joba for two, then Rivera. Bring it home Yanks!

  31. ansky says:

    jesus. Andy is just amazing. Give him a bat b/c he might have to win this game on his own the way the rest of em are playing.

  32. Mike A. says:

    Wow, you gotta give it up to Andy.

    Now, do you send Andy back out there, or go for the jugular with Joba? I say…Joba.

  33. E-ROC says:

    F-ed up bat breaks when Abooboo hit it against the plate. LMAO!!! That’s priceless.

  34. ansky says:

    I am trying my damndest to give Arod some serious leeway with the postseason but my patience is waning..bigtime.

  35. cjc says:

    oh boy I predcted he would be 0-8 ging into game 3 and blow up against westbrook he looked bad these last 2 ab’s I hope the fans lay off in NY if he comes in struggeling

  36. cjc says:

    fuck matsui seriously how many balls are you gonig to roll over jesus

  37. cjc says:

    god do I hate Chip why couldn’t we get any of these other anouncing teams

  38. E-ROC says:

    F-ing Sizemore!!

    Anyway, Carmona stepped his game against A-Rod in his last ABs. He threw him three different pitches. Changeup, Sinker, Slider, at least that’s what the TBS crew said. All with good location.

  39. Mark says:

    Anybody who wants to do SOMETHING about how bad the announcing crew really is(mostly Carey, but still), go to tbs.com and email them to complain. I can’t think of anything else to do, but if anybody has a good suggestion…..

  40. ansky says:

    and now theyre playing the song from major league??????

    are you kidding me?

  41. cjc says:

    if memory serves alex has always been schooled by carmona going back to his relief days (which I guess was only last year) no real surprise and if that was a slider at 95 than someones having TJ before to long :)

  42. E-ROC says:

    I love that wall. Is Torre making the right decision with Pettitte?

  43. E-ROC says:

    Cabrera played that really well.

  44. E-ROC says:

    Joba warming up. He probably should have been in the game before the start of the inning.

  45. kunaldo says:

    joba motherfathers!!!!

  46. E-ROC says:

    LMAO!! Gutierrez looked silly. Blake got scared s***less by that fastball. God, I can’t wait to see Joba in the rotation. Pettitte should’ve gotten a standing ovation.

  47. Stephen says:

    I just spent the last two at bats laughing maniacally to myslef

  48. Mike A. says:

    This is not fucking cool man, my nerves are shot. I have the phone next to me dialed 9-1, and then when I feel the heart attack coming on, I’ll hit the other 1.

    This is intense.

  49. kunaldo says:

    i gave him a standing O

    dude, my heart is going to jump out

  50. E-ROC says:

    Somebody get some damn bug spray!!

  51. E-ROC says:

    Joba probably saved Torre some criticism by getting out of that inning.

    Chip Caray did a bad analogy of the gnats and Nats. It was just horrible.

  52. Pete says:

    “you can see them flying around, as you can remember the nats in the washington also caused some trouble in the final week of the season, ooooooo”….. are you serious? these anouncers suck, actually tbs just sucks in general, you can see how embarrased cal ripkin and tony gwynn are sitting there and that dude sagar the 70′s called they want your outfit back,and does tbs have one show only, how many frank tv ads do i have to sit through, although i like his jack nicholson….

  53. kunaldo says:

    hey craig sager, it’s 2007, not 1967…enough with the combover and psychedelic blazers

  54. E-ROC says:

    Uhhh…..A-Rod got a little too excited with the bug spread.

  55. cjc says:

    shit shit shit

  56. cjc says:


  57. ansky says:

    well…that is completely fucked.
    And im sure everyone and their motherfucking grandma will chalk those two wild pitches up to nerves and not the goddamn quasi-locust plague.

  58. Ben K. says:

    I gotta say: This is abso-fucking-lutley absurd. They have to stop this game. Not at all Joba’s fault.

  59. RichYF says:

    I feel so bad for the kid. His neck has more bugs on it than hair.


  60. E-ROC says:

    For real. They need to kill these damn bugs. There is always something stupid that go against the Yankees. ALWAYS!!! It’s annoying.

  61. Ben K. says:

    I cannot believe how terrible the Yanks’ luck is. No way Joba gives up two wild pitches without these bugs.

  62. Mike A. says:

    Know what I think? I’ll you what I think. Joba got some of the bug spray on his hand making it sticky, and viola, he’s throwing his slider in the left-handed batters box.

    Could really use an A-bomb here.

  63. Stephen says:

    This is it A-Rod…

  64. RJ - Ct says:

    hasn’t the fukcing goround crew ever heard of yard guard!!

  65. cjc says:

    so the league has learned how to beat Joba call in the knats

  66. cjc says:

    just a bloop buddy

  67. ansky says:

    that was a great game they just showed in those replays. Ah the good ol days when we could come up with base hits and runs.

  68. Stephen says:


  69. Mike A. says:

    Kinda shocked they didn’t IBB him there.

  70. Stephen says:

    sorry damnit

  71. Pete says:

    no joy in mudville

  72. E-ROC says:

    We’ll win in 10.

  73. E-ROC says:

    Posada should know that Blake is a low ball hitter. So setting the glove low on the inner half of the plate isn’t a good thing. 1-2-3 inning for Mo. *Yawns*

  74. Joe says:

    I hope Joba doesn’t go all Ankiel on us. You know, one bad inning, starts using HGH, and comes back as an outfielder. Can’t really see Joba lumbering around right field though.

  75. E-ROC says:

    Shelley Duncan gets no f-ing love.

  76. cjc says:

    could this middle of the lineup be any fucking worse

  77. cjc says:

    this one is going to be very hard to win now very hard

  78. RJ - Ct says:

    this fucking game is over without the ‘swarm!!’ and listening to carey you would think this is game 7 of the world series!!

  79. cjc says:

    the offense can show up any inning now

  80. E-ROC says:

    Well, we won’t win in 10, but we will win this damn ball game.

    Thank you Cano for swinging at the first pitch u see.

    Why didn’t Shelley Duncan pinch hit for Matsui??? Why is he on this team, if he’s not going to be in the lineup against a LEFTY!!!!!!!???????

  81. RJ - Ct says:

    I’m with cjc, any inning now would be fucking nice.

  82. RJ - Ct says:

    oh yeah, and Torre, thanks for starting that shell of a man Matsui! Torre, you know that his consectutive game streak is over right? so stop putting him in!!

  83. E-ROC says:

    Caray said Rivera threw a 95 mph slider. Get rid of this clown, please!!!

  84. cjc says:

    what next seriously

  85. E-ROC says:

    Goodness gracious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!

  86. Lil Jimmy Norden says:

    im havin 3 heart attacks over here

  87. E-ROC says:

    I respect Victor Martinez, but he’s a lefty and lefties have trouble with the cutter. Righties give Rivera problems, sometimes. I just don’t get that. I know Garko isn’t Victor Martinez. I just wouldn’t IBB Victor. Where was that strike!!!!???

  88. E-ROC says:

    That a-hole stuck his elbow in there.

  89. Lil Jimmy Norden says:

    for fucks sake im dyin over here….lets get some freakin runs on the board!!

  90. E-ROC says:

    Mo gets out of the inning and I think River Ave. lost about three readers and two co-workers, LOL. Ya’ll ok?????!!

  91. Lil Jimmy Norden says:

    im good man im good.

    we need to turn the bats on NOW. this game is winnable. lets not let it slip away.

  92. RichYF says:

    Yeah, I’m gnawing at my fingers here. This is ridiculous. Can we do something useful FFS?

  93. cjc says:

    so Wedge has to be stoked not ever having to use Borowski

  94. E-ROC says:

    Now Torre brings Duncan in. WTF! I would rather have Minky hitting because of defense.

  95. E-ROC says:

    I wonder who is going to pitch next. Ohlendorf? The Viz?

  96. RJ - Ct says:

    It’s sad, but these games aren’t even fun to watch at this point. I’m freakin out, chuggin beers, yellin fuckyou to Perahlta when he strikesout, its truly not enjoyable!!

    Please just pull this nightmare game out!!

    Someone attempt to walk by the way!!!

    Suddenly they can’t even attempt to get ahead of the count!!

  97. Ben K. says:

    Let’s hope The Viz can come through here. I’m nervous. Those damn gnats….

  98. Pettitte's stare says:

    I can’t even deal right now. even seeing lofton at the plate scares the hell out of me

  99. E-ROC says:

    Diaz is starting to piss me off with his strike zone. Where was that u, clown?

  100. Pettitte's stare says:

    anyone else see dave roberts flying around the bases when they see lofton?

  101. Ben K. says:

    I am no fan of Luis. He’s killing me.

  102. Ben K. says:

    Just get the hitter.

  103. Pettitte's stare says:

    why don’t we have a bullpen besides rivera and chamberlain? Everyone else is useless.

  104. Ben K. says:

    Vizcaino is terrible.

  105. Ben K. says:

    If anyone wants to blame Cashman for this, I would say bullpen construct. They have NO pen outside of Joba and Mo. It’s pathetic.

  106. Lil Jimmy Norden says:

    ahhhh fuck cmon guys

  107. Ben K. says:

    If the Yanks lose this game, what are you gonna do? Bad fucking luck and no hitting. They have a great shot at stealing both games in New York and then Pettitte could go again on Wednesday.

    But if they can just get two outs…

  108. cjc says:

    this team needs to unwrap the bats in Oct this is a big time problem 3 hits tonight 6 walks = 0 runs last night its down right pathetic

  109. Rob says:

    This is like watching an Indians home telecast. WTF!

  110. Joe says:

    Holy shit!

  111. E-ROC says:

    Fire the DAMN UMPIRE!!!!

  112. RichYF says:

    Biggest pitch of the post season right here

  113. Lil Jimmy Norden says:


  114. cjc says:

    middle of the order 0-10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 disgusting this series is all but over

  115. E-ROC says:

    That’s just sad. Viz sucks, HORRIBLY!! Wasted Pettitte’s effort. Torre starts Matsui again with Giambi, Duncan and Betemit sitting on the bench. Then you have the SWARM happening while our rookie is pitching. Then Diaz decides to tighten his strike zone. Bad f-ING LUCK!!!

  116. Pfistyunc says:

    Last night, I made the comment that Cashtard needed to be fired and was attacked. Hmm, how did his softball lineup and two man bullpen work out tonight?

  117. Pettitte's stare says:

    UNC I still wouldn’t put the blame on Cashman, the bullpen is something that they every team hopes works out for them. You have the solid closers but then year after year teams look for solid relievers and often times they don’t pan out. The lineup is still the best in baseball, would you honestly trade the yankees lineup for anyone elses?

    • Pfistyunc says:

      I would trade offense for pitching and defense. The Yanks use a softball lineup to mash their way into the playoffs every year, then get their asses handed to them by teams with superior pitching and defense. I understand that bullpens are volatile from year to year, but we have a two man fucking bullpen!! That rest squarely on the shoulders of our remarkably incompetent GM.

  118. Lil Jimmy Norden says:

    well its in our hands in any case. we sweep at home then it comes down to 1 game in cleveland. if we lose in crunch time, then so be it.

    im beyond pissed by this lax effort by this team. get it fuckin done already

  119. tony from the bronx says:

    the yanks lost this game because posada is a horror show behind the plate.How manny pitches does he just not catch.Both wild pitches by Joba coulgve shouldve been blocked.Then he misses Mo strike out of Grady.The yanks lead the leauge in wild pitches and pass balls for all his offense the man is not agood defensive catcher.Stienbrenner is coming to new york today.If the yanks lose this series I dont think Torre is back.Steinbrenner,will summon his last brain cells and finally fire Torre,and can you blame him.

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