An A-Rod update

Ohlendorf coughs it up late
Karstens debuts for Team USA

The Official ESPN Reporter of River Ave. Blues has an update for us on A-Rod and the Yankees. (Yes, he still thinks A-Rod would be a good fit for the Yankees.) Buster Olney writes:

The New York Yankees have asked to meet with third baseman Alex Rodriguez, and if and when they get that meeting, league sources indicate the team is prepared to make him an offer that will exceed, in average salary, the $27 million per year that he is scheduled to make over the next three seasons — and A-Rod would be in line to set yet another salary benchmark.

The offer could be for something in the range of five years — beyond the three years Rodriguez is already under contract for, from 2008-10 — and perhaps $30 million a year…If the Yankees’ extension offer is for something in the range of $150 million, over five years, then Rodriguez would be owed about $230 million over the next eight seasons.

So basically, the Yankees are willing to pay Alex Rodriguez an average annual salary of $28.7 million a year for eight seasons with a $30-million-a-year annual salary for the last five years of the deal. I find it hard to believe that Boras would be able to get more — or even equal — money from any other team.

Now, I know that some people keep speculating that A-Rod could go to the Red Sox. However — and this news highlights the very silver lining in what seems to be an inevitable World Series championship for the Sox — the Red Sox probably already have a third baseman. MLB Trade Rumors highlighted a report in The Boston Herald in which GM Theo Epstein basically said that Mike Lowell is all but signed for the next few years.

While one could argue — rather successfully — that Julio Lugo sucks, A-Rod is simply no longer a short stop. It would be nice if other American League short stops could recognize that truth as well.

Meanwhile, in Olney’s story, he notes that the Yankees may not get their meeting with Boras. I find that exceedingly hard to believe as the Yankees hold more money than anyone else. By all accounts, they’re willing to spend it, and Boras and A-Rod are better off listening to what the Yanks have to say than they are in ignoring them outright.

Ohlendorf coughs it up late
Karstens debuts for Team USA
  • Chuck M.

    Ben – the only problem with that certain other shortstop is – where do you put him? We’ve got a pretty good 2nd baseman that seems to be as good of a hitter. He doesn’t hit enough for 1st base (although he’d be better than Duncan / Phillips / Malphabet). We’ve got too many outfielders and DHs. Where does he go? Unless, you’re going to move A-Rod to 1st and Jeter to 3rd… which weakens 3rd base.

  • CB

    If that’s the offer and ARod turns it down he might be able to find another Tom Hicks out there and get a better offer in terms of money. Someone could come out of the woodwork and throw more money at him.

    However, he’s not going to get a better offer from a team that has a legitimate shot to win every year. Its not going to happen. Even if he goes to a team like the Angels his salary will prove a significant burden and they won’t be able to surround him with talent.

    That’s a very “reasonable” offer. Even 4 years at $30million would be reasonable. ARod has a lot to offer the yankees but he yankees have even more to offer him (outside of the money). It’s his choice if he wants to take the opportunity.

    Balls in his court now so to speak. If he decides to repeat history and send himself to a bad to mediocre team he’s putting himself at risk for never winning a World Series Ring. Staying with the yankees is no guarantee of a ring but its the highest likelihood.

    Career home run king without any rings? That would be a bit hollow.

  • sam

    anyone who writes that Boras and A-Rod arent even gonna listen to the yankees shouldnt be writing about sports. Why would they piss off the richest team in the sport who likely have the highest level of interest in signing him. Even if they have decided they will opt out they are gonna at least hear the yankees offer first. Doing otherwise would be a terrible business decision on their part.

    • sam

      boy was I wrong on this one. i will eat my words now

  • Jamal G.

    Well if you look at it in terms of ratio, 8/230 is basically the same as 10/290 which is what everybody thought A-Rod would sign for (10/300 range).

    I really see no reason why A-Rod will leave because again, if he leaves and goes to a different team, will the extra $4-$5m/yr he might justify the fact that he’s leaving the Yankees, who have had a shot at the World Series for 13 straight years. I know the Sawkz are just 2 wins shy of 2 titles in 4 years but the Yankees were the only team from 2006 to make the post-season in 2007. The Yankees get the chance and A-Rod knows it. He should stay.

  • Brian

    A-Rod will make a minimum of $32M in 2009 and 2010 under his current contract. I don’t know why ESPN always glosses over this fact. You can see the particulars of his deal here:

    I think any extension offer is going to have to be at that price, not $30M.

    If he leaves, it’s not for an extra $3 or $4M per year, it’s because he doesn’t want to be a Yankee, IMO.

    • dan

      Where do you see $32million in that USA today article? He only gets the $5million increase if someone signs a deal for more yearly money than him, which no one has done.

      • dan

        nevermind, it wasn;t clear to me in that article, but it says +5mill here

        What I don’t understand is why the 32mill isn’t written as if its guaranteed. They say it’s 27 with a mandatory increase of 5million. They could have said 40 with a mandatory decrease of 8. It’s silly.

        • Jamal G.

          Rodriguez may void after 2008 or 2009 unless club increases 2009-10 salary by $5M/year or $1M more than highest-paid MLB position player.

          That means it is not guaranteed. The contract says that if A_Rod’s present club does not increase his salary by $5M or $1M+ the next highest paid position player then he has the option of opting out after the 2008 and 2009 seasons. If they do increase his salaries by one of those margins then his opt-out clauses following the 2008 and 2009 seasons are void.

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

    I’ve thought about AROD alot over the past few days and I’ve reached the conclusion that the Yanks should offer no more than 5 years at 30 million. If AROD is insulted let him walk. Watching Manny and Ortiz you realize how much AROD is just not in their league as a big game player.

    The loss of AROD (if he goes) gives the Yanks the ability to eat Giambi’s last year and start the discussion with Matsui about playing a little first base.

    AROD has become the Winfield of the 21 Century to the Yanks, I hope he stays but if he goes he goes I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.

    • Count Zero

      Oh you’re not gonna’ start that again are you? Put Manny behind him before you say that…

      I think 5×30 is a nice start as an extension, but in all honesty I think it’s going to take more than that to get it done. 5×32 maybe? I think if the Yankees are below 5×30 they’re wasting their time — opt-out is a foregone conclusion.

      I said it before: in year six, seven or eight he will likely be chasing down Bonds; the drawing power of that chase will make him worth a fortune to any club that needs to fill seats.

      I’ve heard the Matsui at 1B thing a lot, but I honestly don’t see why we would want Matsui at 1B. He would be slightly below league average in OPS terms, and I’m not sure he would be any better than Giambi defensively. I would prefer to see Matsui traded personally, but I doubt it will happen because of the revenue implications vis-a-vis Japan.

  • dan

    ESPN just went to commercial during sports center by saying “the yankees are prepared to offer arod a multi-year, multi-million dollar offer.” I didn;t realize Buster Olney wrote the sports center script in addition to his blog.

  • steve (different one)

    the yankees are prepared to offer arod a multi-year, multi-million dollar offer

    isn’t this redundant in this day and age? can’t we just say “the yankees are prepared to offer arod a contract?”

    when is the last time a multi-year, multi-hundred thousand dollar contract was offered, 1987?

  • Brian

    Both Cots and USA Today are a little confusing, but I think the way it’s written means he’s guaranteed $32M minimum in 2009 and $37M minimum in 2010, otherwise he can opt out before either season. Why no one else is talking about this is beyond me. His current deal is worth $96M over 3 years, or he can opt out again next year, and the year after.

  • NYFan50

    A-Rod is going nowhere. Nobody, nobody, nobody is going to pay him the dollars that he wants except the Yankees. Who is going to really give him $30M a year? Who? Almost no team can afford it, and even the ones that can afford it aren’t about to tie up that kind of figure in their payroll. And if the Yanks hold true to their word, the team(s) bidding on him don’t have to compete with Yankee dollars and he’ll never get close to $30M.

    This is all posturing. A deal will get done and A-Rod will not opt out. He’s not going anywhere.