In the court of public opinion, Torre wins


Jon Heyman has an interesting piece up on at CNNSi.com on the fate of Joe Torre. We should know by Tuesday at the earliest if Joe is staying or going, and Heyman speculates that with Joe’s enjoying the support of both the public and current Yankee fans, the Steinbrenner sons may have a hard time summoning up the strength to fire the beloved Torre. All of this leaves me to wonder: Outside of A-Rod, is Joe Torre now the most powerful figure in New York baseball? He sure has seemed to eclipse George Steinbrenner.

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  • steve

    i still don’t get why everyone keeps saying they will fire torre … his contract is up, so they might not bring him back … big difference … say torre is offered the job but doesn’t take it, would he say he quit? no, you would say he just didn’t come back … i guess its just people saying that he will get fired to make it sound much worse than it really is.

    • Tk_NYY

      Your just mincing words. He wants to come back, he is able to come back, so them not welcoming back is essentially him being “fired”.

      • NYFan50

        No, it’s not the same thing at all. Getting terminated in the middle of your contract is fired. This is very different.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    It’s semantics. If Joe Torre is not asked to sign a new contract with the Yankees, he is, for all intents and purposes, getting fired even if he’s not being dismissed in the middle of a contract. Considering the 12-year tenure and the way it would end for Joe, Torre would basically be getting fired by the Yanks.

    • NYFan50

      Eh, I don’t think of it that way at all. Not getting a new contract is very different than being terminated, in my opinion. I may be in the minority here, though.

      • steve (different one)

        i’m with you. he is not getting fired.