Torre out as manager after turning down $5M, one-year deal

RAB back; Torre to follow?
End of an Era

When the news from Dan Graziano broke that Joe Torre would be coming back for one more year (plus a World Series option) of managing, I was happy. Despite his flaws, Torre is probably the best man for the Yankee managerial solution.

But Graziano was wrong. Joe Torre has turned down a one-year, $5-million, incentive-laden deal to manage the Yankees in 2008.

Stay tuned for more.

Yes, we realize that RAB is loading v-e-r-y slowly right now. We’re working on it.

Update by Joe: I’m sitting here listening to the press conference on ESPN2. Basically, it’s nothing groundbreaking. Torre flew down to Tampa on his own volition, before he knew an offer would be made. They wouldn’t say why he turned it down, but that it was a one-year deal is probably the sticking point. Why would he want to go through this two years in a row?

I don’t think it’s the money. He stood to make as much or more than this year, though the final $3 million was $1 million each for making the playoffs, making the ALCS, and making the World Series. Even if they missed the playoffs, $5 million is way too much to pay a manager.

They probably won’t decide on Torre’s successor for another few weeks. We’ll probably have news on A-Rod before we have substantial news on a new manager.

RAB back; Torre to follow?
End of an Era
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  • NYFan50

    I guess the Yankees can find someone else to mismanage the bullpen next year.

  • tony from the bronx

    torre,should not have turned down this deal lets see him make more someplace else like a-rod we can lose without you just as good with you personaly i did not want torre to leave but why should the yanks always have to pay more then everybody else now lets get on with the business of putting this team back together agin

    • Relaunch

      Have you heard of setences?

  • Mike A.

    Man, I wonder how this will effect the Mo, Posada, Pettitte & A-Rod situations.

    • RichYF

      That’s seriously the only thing I care about. I feel like A-Rod is going to opt out and the others are essentially going to walk. Andy might return, but I don’t know about Mo and Jorge…

  • Relaunch

    It shouldn’t but probably will. Wherever they go, they will play for someone new and go to an organization they are not familiar with. Here, they will play someone new (but might know) and an organization they know about.

  • Marc

    itll be very interesting to see how this effects mo, posada and pettitte.. they still have their old buddy Jetes there… maybe its a changing of the guard time in 2008. They know they have the stadium sold out for next eyar because its the last and 09 sold out because its the first… a lil re-build anyone? we got some decent arms to build it around.

  • Count Zero

    We’ll see how it plays out soon enough. I honestly don’t think A-Rod cares who the manager is — in the end, he’ll go with whatever’s best for A-Rod. I’m down wid dat. Po, Mo and Andy are a different story.

  • Stephen

    I’ve gotta say that I don’t think the Yanks ever thought Joe would take a one year deal. This was just a show to save face for Posada, Mo, and Pettitte.

    • kanst

      I agree, this wasnt a serious offer. No manager wants a one year deal that just means he would have had to deal with all this crap again next year. This was about making it not look like they got rid of Torre.

  • deadrody

    Anyone that would not re-sign with NY because Torre leaves is, frankly, a whiney cry baby bitch who should not let the door hit them in the ass on the way out.

  • dan

    Ben, can you make a poll for who the next manager should be?

  • kris

    My prediction: Donnie gets hired. The Yankees misses the playoffs next season (with the RS winning AL East). The team implodes due to Donnie’s inexperience. Donnie gets fired. A new decade-long dark age begins.

    • Mike A.

      Or, they replace Donnie with Joe mid-season. A man can dream, can’t he?

  • Marsha

    Say it ain’t so Joe.

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  • Travis G.

    no counter offer from joe?

  • Nick

    From ESPN’s Buster Olney: “George Steinbrenner was in the room when Torre sat down with Hank and Hal Steinbrenner, Cashman and team president Randy Levine. It was Hal Steinbrenner who spelled out the offer to Torre – a one-year base of $5 million, with $1 million bonuses based on how far the Yankees advanced in the playoffs. The Steinbrenners explained their rationale for cutting his base salary 29 percent – the team hadn’t met the organization’s goal of winning the World Series for seven seasons.
    Torre was rewarded for past successes when he negotiated a new deal a few years ago, and in the proposed contract, his salary – still the highest for any manager – would come down for recent playoff failures.
    Torre responded, in his measured tone, “Listen, I hear what you’re saying, but that’s something I couldn’t agree to.”

    Look, we should be treating today as a sad day, looking back on a great relationship with Joe and the fans/players… not for finger pointing or conjecture…

  • Mac

    Well, who’s glad this mess is finally over? In my personal opinion, if a cut to your exorbitant salary hurts your pride so much that you no longer want to manage the greatest franchise in baseball then whatever man. So much for love of the game and those players that meant so much to you and made you tear up after game 4. So much for trying to win one more WS to end your career. Also, it’s just not a smart move on his part. I mean if he does come back at a price cut he’s a hero, because he makes the front office looks like money grubbing fools. Leaving like this, even IF this was all a manipulative attempt on the front office’s part to force him to retire, puts the shit/blame squarely on Joe’s shoulders. So frankly, I am glad he’s gone. This whole thing is starting to remind me of the Bernie Spring Training fiasco…

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