Report: Mattingly not ready yet for the managerial post

The Onion nails the Torre-Steinbrenner thing
Mazzone, Yanks interested in each other

As the Joe Torre Job Watch nears some sort of resolution, we’ve got some interesting developments courtesy of Ed Price from The Newark Star-Ledger. According to Price, Don Mattingly has told the Steinbrenner brothers — now in charge of the team — that he is not ready for the Yankees managerial post and does not feel comfortable replacing his current boss and mentor.

Price has more:

The friend, who requested anonymity because the situation is unresolved, said he spoke directly with the former Yankees great in recent days. Mattingly’s stance could open the door for the Yankees to bring back Torre for a 13th season because he was the leading candidate for the job.

The development comes as George Steinbrenner and his sons, Hank and Hal, convene an annual top-to-bottom review of the organization Tuesday. A Yankees official, who speaks often with top management, said Torre is a candidate for the job. The official, who asked not to be named because he is not authorized to speak for the owners, said the discussion was expected to center on who is the best man for the job as opposed to a referendum on Torre, whose contract is expiring.

Now, as every Yankee blogger and their uncles are trying to find something, anything, new to write about concerning Joe Torre, this news, if true, is quite the curveball. First, much like we’ve done, the Yankees aren’t discussing Torre’s future in black and white terms. Rather, they are going to figure out which available target is the best man for the job.

In other words, they will try to figure out who can handle up-and-coming young pitchers, who can best deal with the bullpen, who can best placate veterans sticking up for their current manager and who can deal with the scrutiny of managing the Yankees in New York. When all is said and done, can the Yankees braintrust really find someone better than Torre for the job right now? My money’s on no.

At the same time comes the Mattingly bombshell. At the end of the playoffs, it seemed as though Donnie Baseball was gearing up to take the reins from Torre. He was deferential toward Torre, but at the same time, it seemed as though he anticipated being named manager sooner rather than later. I guess those writers speculating as such were reading Mattingly incorrectly.

If Mattingly is hesitant about taking the job — and I think anyone with any sense of the situation would be hesitant to follow up Joe Torre coming off a 94-win season — the Yankees will not give it to him. That hesitancy would automatically make Mattingly the wrong guy for the job right now. This isn’t to say he won’t be the manager; it’s just to say that he won’t be the manager at the end of the day today.

So as the Yankees brass gather in Tampa, we’re really no further along in this saga than we were on Friday. Joe Torre still seems like the best man for the job, and the number one candidate to replace him isn’t quite as interested as everyone figured. Yet.

The Onion nails the Torre-Steinbrenner thing
Mazzone, Yanks interested in each other
  • Travis G.

    i actually see this as a good thing bc the chances of Joe G. taking over just went up.

    • Ben K.

      Girardi has a terrible track record with young pitchers. It was one of the big reasons why he was fired in Miami. I would be very wary of putting him in charge of Joba, Phil and Ian’s formative years in the Bigs.

  • Jamal G.

    I thought Girardi was fired because the Marlins GM got PO’ed because Girardi and his bench coach was screaming at him for yelling at an umpire during a game.

    • Kyle

      I am pretty sure this is why he got fired, but he still didnt do great with young pitchers. Last year he had 4 pitchers who were either 22 or 23 (Scott Olsen, Josh Johnson, Ricky Nolasco, and Anibal Sancez). They combined to pitch 592 innings. This year they got 243, and only Scott Olsen stayed healthy enough to start 20 or more games. You can’t entirely blame the manager for injuries but three young pitchers go down the next year and some of that has to fall on Girardi’s shoulders.

  • Barry

    I say keep torrearoundand let him train donnie up

    • Jamal G.

      I agree.

    • RF Bleachers

      Especially now that he admitted he isn’t even ready to take over. I don’t want him. Not now anyway…..give the guy more time to learn.

  • Mike N (Stamford, CT)

    Isn’t this a case of small sample sizes doing Joe G in? He was only manager for one year. Wouldn’t a good pitching coach (like a Dave Eiland who knows the young players very well) and some Joba-type rules help eliminate the possibility of overusing pitchers? It seemed to work with Torre and Joba in the bullpen and Torre has a much longer and more distinct track record of over working arms in the pen.

    On the flip side, I guess you could say that he was only a manager for one year and his success should be discounted too…

  • E-ROC

    Bobby V!!!!!!!!

  • Relaunch

    This will hurt Mattingly’s chances of ever getting a job. Although he is trying to stick up for Torre, it also shows that he isn’t up for the challenge. When have you in sports ever heard someone say “I’m not ready”. This will hurt his chances for any job because the next manager Torre or not will probably get a 2 or 3 year deal and by then, Mattingly will be an after thought.

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