The AFL’s role in Major League Baseball

Torre gets another endorsement
Yanks replaying 2003 Andy Pettitte negotiations with Rivera

The AFL has become the “graduate school” for many of the best players in baseball today. During the 2007 season alone, there were 83 players that were called up after refining there tools in the AFL during the previous winter. Some of the big names from the ’06 AFL season include J. Saltalamacchia, Jacoby Ellsbury, Hunter Pence, as well as the likely NL rookie of the year Troy Tulowitzki. Your very own 2007 Yankees had 10 players from this years 40 man roster that came up after playing in the AFL at some point in there careers. Their names after the jump…

2007 AFL Graduates
Brian Bruney
Sean Henn
Scott Proctor
Darrell Rasner
Humberto Sanchez
Jason Giambi
Derek Jeter
Doug Mientkiewicz
Josh Phelps
Johnny Damon

The AFL recently started it’s own Hall of Fame in 2001 to honor the top players and managers that have been promoted through the league. The current/former Yankees of note are Jason Giambi, Alfonso Soriano and of course Derek Jeter. There’s one plaque in particular that I’m sure will have it’s day in Cooperstown

Jeter AFL Plaque

Torre gets another endorsement
Yanks replaying 2003 Andy Pettitte negotiations with Rivera
  • E-ROC

    Isn’t Jeter ahead of the pace to break the record for most career hits? I wonder if Jeter would move to first or to the outfield if asked….

    • Joseph P.

      Yeah, he has more hits than Pete Rose at the same age. And yeah, he’s going to have to move to the outfield eventually.

      • Mike A.

        No way, Jeter’s a shortstop for life. Only way he moves is if he volunteers too, and he’s too proud to do that.

        • John

          Right field. His strong arm could make the transition and his instincts on pop flies would be highlighted.
          But I think this is really a conversation for 2010 when they start negotiation on his next contract (barring injury).

        • JP

          I’m with you Mike, I don’t see how they could ask Jeter to move. Not for A-Rod and not because of age. I think he plays SS until he decides that he doesn’t want to anymore

  • E-ROC

    He would make a great first baseman, IMO. He has a good glove and instincts for it. Jeter’s production might even increase since there won’t be as much wear and tear on his body.