Torre gets another endorsement

Prospect Profile: Andrew Brackman
The AFL's role in Major League Baseball

Celebrity Yankee fan and former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani endorsed Joe Torre for manager last night. Meanwhile, as the hours drag on and no decision nears, I’m still wondering if the George Steinbrenner interview featured the words of the Boss or the words of an aging man who’s not all that. Time will tell.

Prospect Profile: Andrew Brackman
The AFL's role in Major League Baseball
  • Berliner

    I just checked, and the Yankees didn’t have any games this season with a score of 9-11…

  • Adam A

    He does have dementia, but I doubt it matters. Bye, Joe.

  • yankeesgirl2

    Is it just me, or did this season seem like a rebuilding year for the yankees? If you think about it, they had absolute zero pitching in the beginning half of the season, and they called up so many minor leaguers to contribute to the team.

    But now that these kids have a few innings under their belts, and even a post-season pressure situation for joba and hughes, wouldn’t this seem like the yankees made it to the postseason during a rebuilding year? It’s as if this year turned out to be a chance to give the kids some experience and prep them for ’08…

    “Sure things didn’t end how we all would have liked, but all year long the team dealt with adversity and battled back even after everyone wrote them off.” -Mike

    I completely agree with Mike’s initial reaction of the last game. I’m not happy that we lost, but I’m satisfied with this season.

    That being said, I think that the 2008 (and on) yankees will be absolutely unstoppable. Our pitching is just too tough from here on out.

    And (if all goes well) we’re one year closer to Dellin.

  • Stephen

    Here’s a question for Giuliani: The Yankees haven’t won a World Series under a Republican president since the Eisenhower administration, so would Rudy rather win the election and see the Yanks fail lose during his term or lose and see the Yanks win the series?

  • RichYF

    I don’t think Torre is going to get fired. I think it would have happened already. It’s not that Stein doesn’t WANT to fire him, because he 100% does. I think he’s being convinced that if Torre goes, so goes Mo, Andy and Posada. ARod, in turn, will opt out and bail from the sinking ship.

    Torre seems to be the one piece holding this team together (FA wise). If there is any “loyalty” in baseball, it certainly seems as if Joe has it from his players. Time will tell, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe were back in the Bronx.

    The way I see it, Joe will more or less be managing until Cash gets enough young kids/FAs to replace everyone from the 96-00 teams or until they all retire/become useless.

    So that’s Jeter, Mo, Pettitte, and Posada more or less. Joe opens the stadium as his last year managing the Yankees.

  • brad k

    Hey Yankeegirl2 how can you be satisfied with the Yankee’s season? Yeah they dug themselves out of a deep hole to make the playoffs but they should have never been in the hole to begin with. That’s on Cashman!!! Kei Igawa, Carla Povano, Kyle Farnsworthless. You want to compete with the Beckett, Dice-K, Sabatia, Carmona, Santana, and even Schilling with those guy’s? This was another version of a heartless, $200 million dollar collection of all stars that under performed or were over rated (and over paid) to begin with.

    In the end all we got was 4 extra games and we lost 3 of them badly. Remember the whole point of the best of 5 LDS is to weed out the teams that really don’t belong in the playoffs. Thats the trade off for the additional round of playoff games. For the last 3 years we have been the weak step child in the AL. I love Torre but it’s time to go. He can show us some real class and talk MO , Jorge, and A-Rod out of making his return a condition of theirs. It would be best if he would just retire and become a special consultant to the Yankees while fading into history. His legacy is secure no question about it. I can still remember the reaction when they let Showalter walk after ’95. Everyone thought it was the end of the world. We felt even worse when they hired Joe. He didn’t really light the world on fire in St Louis or Atlanta or the Mets. Look how that turned out.

    The young kids we have are great and represent of bright future for the Yank’s now lets get a new manager in there to match that energy.

  • ed campbell

    Okay we lose A rod. take that money get Santana ? from the twins and go for Andrew Jones for his comeback season maybe lose 10 homers and 20 ribbies but gain 10 victories from Johann. I’d take that. If mo walks and I hope not we have Joda. We also need Posada give him what he wants. Just think Kennedy Hughes Santana and Wang and Andy if he stays. 3rd base? go for defense perhaps

  • brad k

    Santana is #1 on my wish list also but he isn’t a free agent until ’08. The trade price will be high and the Twins aren’t likely to trade him to another AL playoff contender. I agree on MO. Like him to stay but if not we had him for his best years and Joba looks the part.

    I like A-Rod. I hope someone can talk some sense into him. The Yanks are a perfect fit and if you can’t get by on 25m a year………….

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  • DrCut

    Clueless Joe MUST GO! He refuses to play small ball and small ball wins games in the playoffs. Before coming to the Yankees he was downright awful as a manager. Oh yea , he won 4 WS. No offense Joe, but George Bush Jr could have won with those teams. Oh, and did he not have the highest payrolls in baseball each and every year of his tenure. Please George, give him the token for the GW bridge and get him out of here. And if Mariano wants to hold his hand, give them two tokens. Times change and its time to change!

    • Ben K.

      Scoring runs win games. That’s all. Small ball is a load of bunk.

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