The results of today’s Tampa meetings

The cost of sleeping with Derek...
Did you see that?!?

So it took Yankees beat reporters until 1 p.m. to figure out that the organizational meetings wouldn’t be at Legends Field. It goes hand in hand with what Max Kellerman said about baseball writers today (and I’m paraphrasing): They’re bringing in people with IQs in the 90s, which for them are geniuses. What did the reporters do after they finally figured out that they were in the wrong place? Started stalking, of course. Ed Price on what ensued:

“We’re seeking out all of owner George Steinbrenner‘s usual haunts in the Tampa Bay area, including restaurants and hotels.”

Hey, Ed. If you do that to your ex-girlfriend you’ll end up with a paper requiring you stay 500 feet away at all times.

Anyway, Howard Rubenstein announced the outcome of today’s proceedings, and it’s a doozy. So what’s in the box?


Hopefully at least one of you gets that.

The cost of sleeping with Derek...
Did you see that?!?
  • SG

    UHF reference should be lost on no man.

  • Mike R.

    Let me preface this by stating the obvious. Michael Kay is an IDIOT. Now from the even a blind squirrel department, Michael Kay mentioned today that MLB has reprimanded the Yankees in the past for announcing big news on playoff game days. It is possible that they reached a conclusion today, but decided to hold off until tomorrows off day to announce it.

  • Rich

    It didn’t stop the Reds from announcing hiring Dusty Baker.

  • Batty

    Red snapper – very tasty!

  • Mike R.

    Two things:

    1 – The Reds hiring Dusty Baker is hardly as news worthy as the Yankees situation.

    2 – That’s where the old proverb “A Red Snapper in hand is worth more than a box on a table.” comes from.

  • zack

    Nothing like a game of wheel of fish to brighten the mood…

  • Troy

    It seems like too many people want a quick decision. What I want is the Yankees to make a good decision by taking all the time that is necessary. There is no rush. Things they should be discussing and agreeing on are what percentage of the managers job is in-game decisions, lineup construction, pitching usage, player motivation, ego massaging, media relations, box office draw, etc. Based n the outcome of this discussion they can then find the best candidate. Here’s my guess (hope) on the outcome

    Manager – Joe Torre (2 yr deal with team option) – Must be on same page with organizational philosophy on player/pitcher usage patterns
    Bench coach – Joe Girardi
    Pitching coach – Leo Mazzone
    Bullpen coach – Joe Kerrigan (keep Eiland at Triple AAA and give him a raise – if he is so good with young arms that’s where the bulk of them are)
    Manager AAA or AA – Don Mattingly – Since he is the heir apparent all efforts should be made to ensure he is as ready as he can be. He needs atleast one year of experience managing