Yankee fan still in the running


People magazine is currently running a contest for baseball lovers to vote for the sexiest fan. Weird, I know. The Yankee fan – Jeff Jackson – still in the running, and Jeff’s mom has asked us to plug her son. So go over there and vote. Personally, I’d opt for the White Sox fan. She’s hot and supports giving pitchers the inside corner.

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  • zack

    Wow, so, um, is that really the best they could do? THOSE are the sexiest fans alive? What, no Alyssa? I guess I’ll vote for Jeff since he’s a Yankee fan and the rest of those fans could shatter glass…

  • Jamal G.

    The Tigers’ fan looks like a tranny.

  • barry

    candi locklan is the hottest one ill vote for that guy just cuz hes a yankees fan

  • Jon

    Seriously, this is the “slightly above average-looking fan contest”, right? They just made a mistake naming the competition?

    • barry

      Not that I care because it’s bullshit but the whole thing is just to make money, I don’t actually think they care about who looks like what.

  • Jamal G.

    Yea besides the Astro’s girl there is nothing really worth looking at. Besides, why are there only 3 girls left?

  • Jeff

    What the hell is that? More than half of those people are ugly.