Caldera: Mo Accepts

Hack writer: A-Rod = Bonds
AFL Review: Juan Miranda

Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record has spoken to a friend of Mo, and he’s going to accept the Yankees offer. This really doesn’t give us more than we already know, but I suppose hearing it from a friend of Mo makes it more official. Sorta. Maybe.

The friend says that he would have taken two years and an option. Way to rub it in, asshole.

Hat tip to Jason.

Hack writer: A-Rod = Bonds
AFL Review: Juan Miranda
  • Jamal G

    LMAO at the final sentence.

    BTW does he mean he would’ve accepted 2 years and a option back in February or now?

  • NYFan50

    As nice as it is to have Mo back, I really wonder how this may affect the offseason next year when both K-Rod (25) and Nathan (32) will be free agents. I suppose Nathan is less of a long-term option than K-Rod is, but I really kind of doubt either of them would sign a deal to set up until Mo retires.

    • NYFan50

      That is, of course, assuming they will both make it to free agency, which is of course not guaranteed.

    • Stephen

      No way the Angels let K-Rod walk and I don’t think Nathan is that attractive an option, even if he is younger.

  • Ben K.

    So basically, Mo just hoodwinked the Yanks with the last few weeks of this BS. Great.

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  • Adrian Padill

    I think Mo was at clinics in the Dominican Republic.Maybe he couldn’t say anything until he got back.I mean he just came back to the USA yesterday.

  • Barry

    Signing MO may of been a mistake.

  • Giuseppe Franco


    If Joba wasn’t an option, would you still be so dismissive of Mo and let him walk?

    Joba NEEDS to be in the rotation and Mo coming back will make that happen.

    The Yankee dynasty happened primarily because they had a stable of arms and the best starting pitching in the postseason (and a shutdown closer in Mo to slam the door).

    Putting Joba in the rotation is imperative to this team’s future success.

  • E-ROC

    I don’t think signing “The Whiner” was a mistake. We needed a closer and he only cost money. Rivera was the best closer available. Hopefully, we’ll find his replacement during the next three years.

  • redbug

    Mo has never been a free agent. He’s always wanted to a Yankee. He said he wanted a 2 yr contract so he could pitch in the new stadium. W/o Mo no way we would’ve been in the PS these last 12 yr’s. Or won so many PS games. “Asshole”?? He’s been our MVP.

    The Yanks bit their own noses off to spite their faces. They should have jumped at the chance in the spring. And, Hank should have shut his stupid mouth.