In the aftermath of the Garza-Young deal

The best sports satire always rings true
Save Hughes. Save Joba. Save IPK. Save The Future

Okay, I lied. One more Santana post tonight. I’ll do it up bullet-point style. We’ve got a few hits on the stories dissecting the deal.

  • First up is Ken Rosenthal who must sleep less than I do. He wonders if this trade signals the start of a push by the Twins to keep Johan Santana. We’ve pretty much neglected this option in discussing the Garza-Young deal today. The Twins have plugged some of their offensive holes and don’t need to trade away Santana now. If they want to make a push to re-sign him, they could. If they want to wait out the first few months of the season and then trade him, they could. The plot thickents
  • On a related note, Murray Chass wonders why the 114th richest American doesn’t put a little bit more of his personal wealth into the Twins’ payroll. While it is, of course, Carl Pohlad’s money and there his decision, he could certainly offer a deal to Santana that Santana would accept tomorrow. Who knows why he hasn’t wanted to put the money into the Twins to make them a perennial contender? Those investments tend to pay off with fan interested, attendance and postseason appearances.
  • I’m now more than a little worried that the Devil Rays are turning into legitimate contenders, and soon, they could be playing in a very snazzy new stadium.
  • Finally, two Friends of RAB offer up their takes on the Twins’ current situation. At Breaking Balls, Caleb analyzes the trade, and at Rays Anatomy, a new site devoted to the Rays, regular RAB reader Eric SanInocencio wonders how this trade will impact the Johan Santana market.
The best sports satire always rings true
Save Hughes. Save Joba. Save IPK. Save The Future
  • Jamal G

    Good, I thought I was the only one scared by the potential of the Rays as serious contenders. I really believe in 2009 they will be legitimate contenders for both the division and Wild Card because by that time David Price should be entrenched in that rotation and Evan Longoria should’ve adapted to Major League pitching by that time. Also Matt Garza if he realizes his potential at full, that would basically give the Rays three aces atop their staff with the aforementioned two and Scott Kazmir and a guy like James Shields to supply depth at the back-end. Very scary indeed.

  • Mike R.

    Ken Rosenthal is a tool of MLB teams. I take nothing he says seriously. The Delmon Young trade is the first step towards a Santana trade. The twins are not done dealing. According to a source the Yankees and Twins have already agreed to several combinations of different players. The ball is in Minny’s court. Once they finish dealing they will have a clearer picture of what they need and selectt the package of players that est suits those needs and finalize the deal for Santana.

    The next step towards this shuld be Joe Nathan to an NL Central team. There are currently bidding wars going on. Once that deal is finalized thing should start unraveling.

  • E-ROC

    The Rays are becoming scarier every year. They have Scott Kazmir and James Shields with the recently added Matt Garza in their rotation. That team can score runs too. They keep getting better.

    • nmc

      Better than the Orioles, definitely. Better than the Jays, maybe. Better than the Sox or Yanks? No chance. Their bullpen is even more suspect than the Yankees’…

    • Mike A.

      Jake McGee and Wade Davis never seem to get enough love in the prospect world, but those 2 are legit studs. Kazmir-Price-Garza-McGee-Davis would be the best rotation in baseball, and that leaves Edwin Jackson’s & Jeff Neimann’s upper-90s heat in the pen.

      One day the light bulb is just going to click on, and this team is going be unbeatable.

  • Mike

    Anyone think that maybe Young comes with Santana to the Yanks if Melky is going to Minn?

    • Ben K.

      Nope. I don’t see that happening unless the Yanks are willing to give up major talent. Look at what the Twins just gave up to get him.