Mo’s talking but no one’s listening


In a failed effort scare the Yankees into forking over more money, Mariano Rivera, recipient of a three-year offer from the Yanks, tried to convince the world that he would follow Joe Torre to the Dodgers if he can’t come to terms with the Yanks. This is about as likely as Bonds’ name not showing up in the upcoming Mitchell report. The Dodgers, with Takashi Saito, Jonathan Braxton and, yes, Scott Proctor, had the third lowest bullpen ERA in the Majors in 2007. With their offensive production so poor, they aren’t about to make a 38-year-old closer any offer that comes remotely close to the one the Yanks have extended to Rivera. Just sign your contract already, Mo.

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  • Pfistyunc

    Am I the only one scared that Hank can screw up the extensions for Mo and Jorge with his big freaking mouth? Lohud had this gem from Hank:

    “Mariano already has been given an improved offer, and Jorge’s will be today,” Little Stein told the AP. “We’re kind of hoping to get an answer at least on one of the two tonight. … The ball’s pretty much in their court now. They’ve both been made very good offers now, and we’ll see where they’re at. We’ll see how committed they are.”

    Hmm, question the commitment of the heart and soul of the franchise for the past decade on the eve of free agency. Brilliant!

    • Ben K.

      Forget LoHud. That quote’s in the article I link to in this post. Who cares? It’s all a negotiating tactic. Rivera mentions the Dodgers; Hank calls his commitment to question. This has approximately zero bearing on the outcome of the negotiations.

      • Pfistyunc

        To me, it represents a much larger problem: Hank inherited his dad’s uncanny knack for saying stupid inflammatory shit at precisely the wrong time. Now I’m not saying that this could push them both out the door, but at the same time it is completely unnecessary, ill-timed and just dumb. It might not bite the Yanks in the ass in this case, but you have to figure eventually his big mouth will burn the team in a key moment.

  • steve (different one)

    i’m pretty sure they will make their decisions based on 2 things: the $$ and the years in the contract offer.

    not on some throwaway comment from hank steinbrenner.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Jorge has said he is close and though he may talk to the Mets, he’s pretty much said he wants back to the Yanks. I love Mo but no one is going to match what the Yankees are offering him. I’m not sure he’s questioning their commitment to the Yankees, but rather the commitment to the negotiation process. Both of them are coming up on the ability to talk to other teams and the Yankees want to sign them and get it done. Are they committed to that? I think that is what Hank is saying.

    Yes, he can be a moron but I don’t think he’s questioning their commitment to the Yankees. I think he’s questioning their commitment to sealing the deal before FA talks open up.

    Jorge has said he might talk to other teams but the only possible contender is the Mets and he’s made it clear he wants to stay with the Yankees.

    The Yankees have NO options without Jorge except Jose Molina. In my opinion, Jorge is the most important resigning. Mo is very important but they would be looking to make Joba the closer if he walks. If Pettitte walks, they have other pitchers.

    With Jorge there is NO good option. Jorge is the one they should be focusing in on like a laser.

    • Caleb

      There are actually surprisingly many good catching options that may come fairly cheap. Michael Barrett is likely to take a one or two year deal to rebuild his value, and he is almost sure to be as good as Posada for that second year. Of course he’s a lesser player in terms of his career, but he’s five years younger and way cheaper than Mr. “heart and soul.”

  • Relaunch

    Mo is full of shit. Let him go pitch for the Dodgers then.

    • brxbmrs

      Well said – I love Mo, he’s my favorite player of all time (last 30+ years) but he’s 38 and he’s slipping slightly – still in the top 5, but now its time for him to be grateful for a 40+ mil deal – bottom line, Posada is signed and he would have been harder to replace.

      Supposedly, Yanks offered Mo 3/45 – that’s a nice offer, if he doesn’t take it, let someone wlse eat a bad deal.

  • steve (different one)

    why would the dodgers want to sign mo? he might be their 3rd best reliever next year.

  • Pfistyunc

    Word on the street is that Mo is the only one who knows how to sew Proctor’s arm back onto his body so the Dodgers are going to need him by Memorial Day!

  • steve (different one)

    Posada is back.

    $52M for 4 years.

  • steve (different one)
    • Ben K.

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