A-Rod, Boras in a fight

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The Phillies have a sense of humor

I didn’t watch A-Rod‘s 60 Minutes appearance last night. I instead subjected myself to an 18-for-52 performance by Eli Manning. Based on the news stories, it seems as though A-Rod had a few choice sound bites.

My favorite, of course, is word of the Boras-Rodriguez Cold War. A-Rod and his agent of 16 years are no longer talking, A-Rod admitted last night. The Yankees’ $275-million negotiated his own contract this time around, and that after the opt-out debacle the two are on pretty bad terms.

Interestingly, A-Rod admitted that he agreed to Boras’ plan to opt-out but thought it would be handled differently. He wasn’t too happy to see the announcement during the end of Game 4 of the World Series. “When I realized things were going haywire, at that point I said, ‘Wait a minute, I’ve got to be accountable for my own life. This is not going the way I wanted it to go,’ so I got behind the wheel,” he said.

To return to the Yanks, A-Rod had to leave Scott Boras out of the negotiations, and so he did. It’s interesting stuff from A-Rod and a clear sign that Scott Boras did indeed lose this round even if A-Rod won himself a huge contract.

Moundtalk Top 100 Prospects
The Phillies have a sense of humor
  • Corey

    oh ya he lost this round all the way to the bank with his cut of the deal

  • GoYankees

    This is a stupid question but I wanna ask anyways.
    Why was the opt out official when Boras made the annoucement to the world?
    Though Boras represents A-Rod, if A-Rod had jumped right out the next day and say he didn’t want to opt-out, would what Boras had said counted?
    And is this how opt-outs work? You don’t do it formally like when you’re signing a contract (sitting with the front office, signing papers)?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      A player has to submit a bunch of paperwork to MLB to declare free agency, I’m sure A-Rod had to go through the same channels with the opt-out. Maybe the paperwork was already issued when he announced the opt-out.

      • GoYankees

        I see. Thanks a lot, that finally clears my mind!

        • Steve S

          Actually in this case there is a two step process because its contrctual. First the Boras sends a written acknowledgment (letter, email or fax) notifying the Yankees of the opt out, and then that along with the paperwork for free agency is sent to MLB. But the actual opt out became official the minute he sent the written confirmation to the Yankee front office.

  • JRVJ

    Plus, Game 4 of the WS happened on a Sunday, and the negative reaction started that night but intensified later (Monday, Tuesday, etc.).

    It’s perfectly likely that Boras sent in the documents first thing Monday morning, at which time A-Rod may have been stunned, but he hadn’t reacted yet (phrased differently, I think A-Rod is compression his timeline a little, here).

    • GoYankees

      Then it’s very likely he’s telling the truth.
      I think I’m getting some of my respect and fondness for him back.

  • E-ROC

    Thank God, he’s finally being his own man. Hopefully, it continues.


    Can anyone tell me why he still retained Boras as his agent? If Arod is so upset with Boras to the point where they are no longer talking, why the hell would he allow Boras to take his 15 million cut from a deal he didnt even negotiate.

    The only thing i can think of is loyalty – Arod feels bad firing Boras since Boras negotiated his previous astronomical contracts and earned him a ton of money. That aside, Boras nearly ruined Arod’s image permanently. If it was me, i would have fired his ass and kept the 15 million for myself.

    • rbizzler

      Re Alex not firing Boras:

      Supposedly Alex said that because this would be his last contract there was no point in firing Boras. Scott was getting his cut of the deal no matter what as he would have sued Alex just like he did Sheff if Alex tried to not pay him.

      Whether you believe that or not is another story, but I do feel that Alex has a lot of fatherly-type loyalty to Boras and that he didn’t have it in him to dump Scott outright. Instead, he chose to publicly scold him. Curious.

  • Spike Owen

    A-Rod has fooled everyone, in my humble opinion. Think about this….. what if Boras told him, “Don’t call me for 6 months”? That would not surprise me at all…Like Lloyd says, why would he let him take his cut, and continue to be his agent? He is the most powerful man in sports, and could have any agent he wants. I just didn’t buy it. His rep was tarnished so much with the fallout from the opt-out, this is all he could do to try and repair it. What Boras did was huge in hurting A-Rod, big enough to be fired. But hey, maybe A-Rod did the Yankee thing by upstaging the Sox in their clinching game. For that, I was happy.

    • steve (different one)

      you can’t just deny Boras his commission. that’s not really how it works.

  • yankeemonkey

    I’m pretty sure Boras would drag ARod’s ass through every court in the country if Alex tried to fire him and skip out on the commission. The man doesn’t strike me as some who would just sigh, hang his head and walk off.

  • Spike Owen

    But what role would he have had in the new contract? If he fired him, hired another agent, had the new agent hammer out every detail of the new contract, what role would Boras have played? I don’t think Kenny Rogers even hired another agent after firing Boras, but Alex definetely would need to. Like he said last night, he is a baseball player, and that is it. Not a good guy, not a faithful husband, not an October baseball player.

  • Brian

    Yankeemonkey, you’re right. A-Rod could not have extricated himself from Boras easily, and whether it is a ploy or not, the only way A-Rod could quickly endear and re-engrain himself with the fanbase is by saying that he and Boras are no longer talking, yadda yadda. I don’t believe that. Perhaps they aren’t “talking,” because why now would they need to? While Boras certainly did mess up, I have to believe A-Rod and he locked heads for a while about what to do after the fallout, time is being compressed in a recollection of “what happened,” and A-Rod and Boras must have decided that Boras can be the lone bad guy. If A-Rod continues to be the bad guy alongside Boras, then the near future is significantly more awkward for him. Now, as it is, we can embrace A-Rod as the guy who is a) steroid-free and b) taking charge of things he has been heretofore controlled by. On both counts there is more than an element of truth–they are true–but to think that A-Rod was not complicit with Boras’ plan before, and now, is to succumb to a publicly sold message. Not that I know for sure or anything, but right now that’s what it looks like.
    Personally, I couldn’t care less: A-Rod is great for the Yankees, and his bit at the end of the interview was pretty telling. Something like “At the end of the day I am paid to play baseball, and I think I do a pretty good job of that.” That is an undisguised way of saying “if people don’t like me because I’m not the perfect politician, husband, negotiator, human being, etc., who gives a crap? I’m a good baseball player and that’s what I’m being rewarded for here.”

  • rbizzler

    Everyone already knows that Alex is a Grade A bullshitter, so I take anything that he says with a (very large) grain of salt. That being said, if he is being honest about finally becoming his own man, than good for him and I applaud him for it. If he is being less than truthful, well that is just more of the status quo.

  • http://lbaprequel.lobitowebsite.com/ LBA Prequel

    I don’t buy it. They had a plan for awhile to opt out, and I’m sure this little spat has been cleverly orchestrated by Boras himself for positive A-Rod press.

    No doubt, he’s (Boras) earning his money, that’s for sure…

  • ceciguante

    w/o knowing all the details, it seems that boras would have been legally entitled to a commission even if a-rod fired him as of the game 4 WS disclosure. boras had been handling a-rod’s case for a while to that point, so if a-rod fired him that late in the game, then hammered out the deal on his own, boras likely could sue for his fee (or a portion of it). not that anyone would want to deal w/ that lawsuit.

    i’m not convinced that this whole “i’m not talking to boras” thing isn’t just a put on. a-rod gets his deal and repairs his PR image; boras gets his cut; the yanks get their man all the way to cooperstown. everyone goes home happy. sure, boras doesn’t look so good, but what does he really lose? i don’t see him getting fired by a single player across the league. he’s still considered the top bottom-line agent in the sport, as far as i can tell. and he probably made 8 figures on this deal. not a bad month.

    • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

      actually Boras did get fired by Kenny Rogers, but i dont think he’s crying over that.

  • Kevin23

    The only way it makes sense is if you think about it as a CYA move.

    A-Rod needs to realize that there is only one way for him to be popular: win playoff games. If he carries them through a few tough post-season games, everything will change. Here’s hoping.

  • davi

    after watching 60 minutes, i’ve come to two conclusions, 1. Arod is just too damn pretty . 2. cheating is cheating, whether it be on your wife or on the diamond. for arod to say hes disappointed about the yankees steroids claims, he should look in the mirror.

    • steve (different one)

      that’s kindof silly.

      cheating on his wife is absolutely none of our business.

      cheating in baseball should be all we have access to.

      how about cheating on your taxes? is Jeter now a “cheater”?

      give me a break. wake me up when Yankee fans start holding Mickey Mantle to the same standard.

  • redbug

    This whole story about poor innocent Arod is such a farce. The truth is he found out there was no one close to paying him what the Yanks offered. They needed some way to come back to the Yanks. Arod isn’t so stupid as to believe everything boras says despite the written reports of the Yankees offers.

    In addition, claiming he had no idea about the timing of the opt-out announcement is a joke. He only was upset that everyone thought he was an arrogant jerk, not that it was timed so poorly.

    And, it’s been well documented that Boras negotiated the contract after Arod called hank. It’s BS that they’re not talking.

    finally, i thought he was a jerk to say he’d be disappointed if the steroid claims made by his teammates were true. Good old perfect Arod.

    • steve (different one)

      finally, i thought he was a jerk to say he’d be disappointed if the steroid claims made by his teammates were true. Good old perfect Arod.

      i guess Mo is a jerk too:

      Rivera was surprised to hear Pettitte was included last week in the report with Roger Clemens and several others on the Yankees teams that won four World Series titles from 1996-2000.

      Pettitte later said he used HGH while he was on the disabled list during the 2002 season.

      It was definitely the wrong thing to do,” Rivera said.

      • Spike Owen

        That wasn’t the only thing Mo said…

        “The thing that I admire is that he came out and said he did it,”

        “I might have done the same thing. Who knows?” Rivera said.

  • steve (different one)

    The truth is he found out there was no one close to paying him what the Yanks offered.

    really, that’s the “truth”? sounds exactly like an opinion to me.

    • redbug

      I didn’t read about one team that expressed interest in paying him more than the Yanks. Did you?

      • steve (different one)

        is that how you would define something as the “truth”? because you didn’t read it?

        there are 2 opposing views: yours, and A-Rod’s version.

        in A-Rod’s version he came back to the yankees almost right away.

        he didn’t wait for Boras to do what he always does, which is to stretch out the process, build up a market for his client, play one party against another, then almost always come away with a big contract. what big Boras FA client has ever signed within 2 weeks of the end of the season?

        A-Rod came back to the Yankees a week before anyone even knew about they were talking.

        i am not saying that A-Rod didn’t come back because the Yankees were going to pay him a lot of money. i’m not that naive. of course he wanted to get paid.

        but i disagree that it is now somehow a given FACT that A-Rod went to all the other teams, got everyone’s final offer weeks before the winter meetings, then came crawling back to the Yankees.

        that is clearly your OPINION of what you THINK happened.

  • Brian

    I think in Spring Training A-Rod will finally admit that he and Boras don’t do sleepovers like they used to do when he was 16….yikes.

  • Robbie D

    No matter what he does, he can’t win with some people.

  • Mark

    One thing I think everyone is forgetting is the advantage that Boras brings as an agent. Bores has video of literally every game from the passed 4-5? years and keeps a huge database for stats and everything baseball related. Arod may be thinking that this stuff is still useful to him, and knows that if he fired him he could no longer use it. Boras would get the money no matter what, so it’s not like firing him would actually accomplish anything. Arod’s probably mad at Boras, but being mad doesn’t usually last forever. Also to all those people who think Arod wasn’t going to get the money anywhere, you seriously have no knowlage of the FA market. For all those FA getting absurd amounts of money, (Hunter 18 mil a year), do you really think no team would go for Arod at 28-30 mil? Teams would pay 300/10 for him, and it’s ridiculous to think they wouldn’t. When Jose Guillen and Mike Lowell combine to make 25 mil, are you really thinking Arod alone would get less?

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