The Phillies have a sense of humor

A-Rod, Boras in a fight
Mo Money

Ready for this one? The Phillies are interesting in inviting Sidney Ponson to Spring Training. While Ponson, who threw 16.1 nightmarish innings for the Yanks in 2006, certainly won’t solve the Phillies’ pitching woes, he will help them run through the buffet table a bit faster.

A-Rod, Boras in a fight
Mo Money
  • Pfistyunc

    This is funny but it also makes me think we should be looking into trading Moose to Philly if at all possible.

    • Ben K.

      Unless the Yanks can get some killer returns, I think they’re better holding on to Moose for now. As it stands today, the Yanks have six starting pitchers, three of whom can’t really throw 200 innings next season. They’re going to need a sixth starter, and I’d much rather see Mussina on the mound than Kei Igawa.

  • Mike

    Good luck.

  • Manny

    Really random, but I was at his debut in pinstripes vs the Mariners, we won in extras, melky hit a walk off HR and you can see me in the replay.

    If the yankees can get some relievers that would be great.

  • Count Zero

    This is almost as funny as the Blue Jays signing Eckstein to play SS. Almost.