A-Rod not the best landlord around

Journalistic ethics only go so far
Old Yanks trying to stay in shape

We haven’t spoken about our favorite third baseman in a while. And as the Yankees and A-Rod wrap up their contract negotiations, let’s check in on how New York’s favorite son is doing.

Selena Roberts, soon to depart The Times, checks in on A-Rod’s properties in Florida. He is not a very good landlord, she finds. In 2004, A-Rod, flush with cash and arriving in New York, decided to he wanted to invest. So he spent $58.7 million for properties in Tampa that, while aren’t slums, are not in much better shape.

Today, those properties are worth just – just – $46.3 million, and residents are none too impressed with the A-Rod management company:

A-Rod is the face on their leaky faucets, and yet his name isn’t in the welcome kit. Rodriguez’s brother-in-law, Constantine Scurtis, is the company manager — the one whose signature is on nearly $50 million in mortgages for properties in Tampa, according to records — but some of the cashiers and cooks who live at places like Newport Riverside know who holds their house keys.

To them, he isn’t A-Rod, a regular-season crackerjack on the verge of a Yankees deal potentially worth $300 million. To them, he is Tight-Rod, an apartment tycoon, who, renters say, has jacked late fees to $100 from $50 on units that run around $600 a month.

“He’s got everything, so why take money off our backs?” ” said Roberto Santiago, standing next to his neighbor, Ruiz.

Throughout the rest of the article, Roberts looks at A-Rod’s philanthropy and notes how he doesn’t stack up too well with Derek Jeter and Tiger Woods. His donations are meager based on his salary, and his big-ticket items have resulted in scholarships and stadiums named after him at the University of Miami. Whether you want to consider Roberts’ piece a hack job looking to tear down A-Rod or an honest assessment of an absentee landlord, it’s not a very flattering look at the future Hall of Famer.

In other news, A-Rod was supposedly hitting on Rumer Willis yesterday. Rumer is the 19-year-old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. And, um, yeah, not so much.

Journalistic ethics only go so far
Old Yanks trying to stay in shape
  • http://chinmusicbaseball.blogspot.com Jersey

    Woah. It looks like someone took the top half of Demi’s head and put it on the bottom half of Bruce’s head. Unfortunate.

    Bruce Willis is a Jersey boy – wonder if he’s a Yankee fan?

  • george vb

    By far the worste and most pointless article on this site. That dead beat won’t have to pay a late fee if he paid his rent on time.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      I see you’re from the “penalize people who can’t afford it insane amounts of money for paying the rent a day or two late” school of thought. Investing in low-income properties means being a little flexible. A $100 late fee is hardly reasonable. That being said, folks should get their rent in relatively on time for sure.

    • http://chinmusicbaseball.blogspot.com Jersey

      How do you know he’s a deadbeat, Georgie? Because he lives in low-cost housing? Whatsamattawitchoo?

    • brxbmrs

      Being that type of landlord is a dirty business – I don’t have alot of sympathy for people who don’t pay their debts as well.

      Hate to say it as well, but a lot of renters expect the world and kick the crap out of their rental units.

      But, A-Rod should steer clear of these types of “investments” IMHO – he doesn’t need the money or the aggravation – wanting to own real estate is great, but owning that type of real estate, while it can be very profitable (in terms of income stream, tax credits and potential appreciation and eventual regentrification) , it isn’t worth the aggravation for someone of considerable wealth already.

      But obviously A-Rod doesn’t agree – or more likely got sold a bill of goods by his brother in law.

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Now that is one unfortunate looking woman.

  • Tom G.

    This just in…
    A patron of Mariano Rivera’s “Mo’s New York Grill” reports his steak was over cooked and “rubbery”.

  • Robert

    oh man. I’m sorry, but Rumer Willis looks like one of those kids whose picture is created by one of those programs for couples looking to see what their babies will look like when they grow up….and it’s one of the ones that went horribly wrong.

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Rumer has it…that chick is so u-g-l-y, she doesn’t have an alibi. I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  • PK

    Wow, that’s one of the few “girls” I have seen that don’t look good in a semi-seethru dress.

  • PK

    Mike, I believe the exact quote is: “U-G-L-Y; She ain’t got no alibi. She Ugly. She Ugly.”

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      I know, I made slight modifications. That bad, huh?

  • PK

    Hate to make it 3 in a row, but damn.. A-Rod must have a thing for mutant bitches.

    • dan

      hahahhah. Who’s next, Serena Williams?

  • jsbrendog

    A-rod the human being = awful

    A-rod the baseball player = great except when it counts

    and I’m a die hard yankee fan….it only makes me chuckle to think what other teams fans think

    if the guy has that much money and he wanted to “invest” and investment is for the future…..his property has lost value….

    A-Rod the business man = arod the person = awful

    if he didn’t play ball so well he’d be just another urn of the mill douchebag

  • usty

    100 dollars for a day late is ridiculous. They also have the choice to not sign the lease though.

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      For what it’s worth, most landlords give the tenant 3-5 days before the late fee kicks in. What this has to do with the Yanks, I’ll never know.

  • http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=56352514 Jamal G

    Well I did read the article earlier this morning and it did say is brother-in-law (with a weird ass name, I think Constintine or something) was the company manager. Then again I see the point of placing the blame on A-Rod because no one will llisten or do anything(then again, they probably wont do anything) if it doesnt attract media attention.

    As to Rumer Willis, I hope this isnt a signal of A-Rod’s homosexuality. Lol as Gina from 40-Year Old Virgin would say, she looks like a nice transition. Only this time its a chic with manly ass features.

  • Nefarious Jackson

    that chick was hit by the uglly stick man, poor girl, momma like demi you gotta be hopin to come out hot…. like that chick whose mom & dad are billy joel & christie brinkly and she looks like billy joel in drag– bad fuckin luck :(

    Me, i dont give a shit, just take Palpabon deep in the playoffs, you feel me?

  • steve (different one)

    Throughout the rest of the article, Roberts looks at A-Rod’s philanthropy and notes how he doesn’t stack up too well with Derek Jeter and Tiger Woods.

    right. and she proved this by saying that Jeter has given $2M to his foundation while A-Rod “only” gave $4M to the University of Miami. and then had the nerve to put his name on the baseball field he built.

    this article was an absolute joke.


  • Marsha

    Call me a prude (I’ve been called worse) but I find it kind of offensive that these comments find it necessary to call Rumer Willis a bitch. In my opinion, those comments and the ones calling her ugly are getting close to Imus territory. Is the way she looks really worth an iota of cyberspace?

    • Glen L


  • Steve S

    I have unfortunately invested in property in Florida and can tell you from first hand experience that property values have plummeted in most of the state. I can also tell you that they possibly have the worst renters in the entire world. No offense to those who live in FLA and are timely, but in the three years my friends and I have owned condos down there, there have been about six timely rental payments.

  • Stephen

    Wait the value of property in Florida has declined in recent years? So you’re telling me that Erik Estrada lied to me in those commercials? You can’t trust anybody these days.

  • Mooks

    This is just one of those “hate the rich” hit pieces.

    Some people hate the rich, this sounds almost like, he is so rich, why does he even need to collect rent.

    Its one thing to knock him on the maintence, except he doesn’t manage the properties himself, his brother in law does, but his BinL isn’t making the same money, so A-rod gets hit.

    As for his charitable contributions, could he give more (at least publicly), yea, it does feel nice though writing articles bad mouthing people for not spending the money they earned the way you want them to spend it or give it away.

    Then again, maybe its just me, I was raised to believe jealousy was an evil sin (just like green, lust, sloth, etc) and that one shouldn’t complain about how people who earn their own money, spend it.

    • yankz

      Read above. Apparently the people comment here know Alex personally, and can certify that he’s a jackass!

      • Mooks

        I have my doubts about people knowing A-Rod personally.

        • yankz

          I was being sarcastic, referring to all-knowing claims like “A-rod the human being = awful.”

  • Steve S


    Here is more proof. And Ben, you live in NY, how many management companies are tolerant of late rent where you are?

  • brad k

    I think it’s easy to blame the guy with all the money. He can afford it. So A-Rod should just pick up the difference for people who, for whatever reason, aren’t doing for themselves. Maybe if they had worked harder, or smarter, they wouldn’t have ended up living in a place like that in the first place. Business is business. It’s not charity!

    As far as his investment losing value…….please give me a break. In the long run he will make his money back and then some. Sounds like a nice place to lay off some cash so the IRS doesn’t get any more then they have to.

  • Steve S

    Out of curiosity, how many middle class people are big fans of their landlords? Im curious how low income this actually is. In New York they charge us for “pre-war” buidlings, and they look worse.

  • Glen L

    i live in manhattan .. i routinely pay my rent a few days late

    i only get a late fee if its more than 2 weeks late .. and even then its 100 bucks .. but that’s a much smaller percentage of my rent payments than $100 out of $600…..

  • steve (different one)

    do you guys think A-Rod personally even has any idea that the people he pays to handle little crappy details like this raised their late fees from $50 to $100??

    or do you think A-Rod drives around these complexes dressed like Scrooge McDuck and picks up the old women who are late with their rent and shakes them upside down until all the money falls out of their pockets?

  • Beau

    You guys don’t understand anything. 300 million dollars isn’t enough. He’s still 50 million short of buying Rumer Willis a new head and face.=)

  • Adrian-Retire21

    Well maybe Jeter lives in one of those apartments…oh wait I forgot he lives in New York.

  • http://www.nyyank.com/ Yankee Fan

    I didn’t know A Rod was a landlord. It probably isn’t stinginess, just lack of time that the apartments are in such bad condition. Interesting story, doesn’t have much to do with baseball though.

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  • LiveFromNewYork

    I think the story has a definite bias to it. Not that if this is true it’s okay but they were gunning for him in that piece.