Carroll: Yanks’ offer falls short, for now

This time tomorrow, where will Santana be?
Santana: It's Yanks or Red Sox for me

Will Carroll, starting up the BP Winter Meetings rumor mill, chimes in on Santana:

The Yankees are going to have to offer more than what they have on the table. The team thought putting Phil Hughes on the table was enough, but the Twins aren’t selling Johan Santana for anything less than three major-league ready prospects.

Take that for what you will, but if it’s completely accurate, I hope the Yanks just walk away from what is quickly becoming a trade farce.

This time tomorrow, where will Santana be?
Santana: It's Yanks or Red Sox for me
  • save hughes


  • Brian

    This is great news. If the Twins think they can do better, power to them. He’s their biggest chip and it will look like they stood their ground. But for their sake, two compensatory draft picks would really really really suck the proverbial Rocky Mountain Oyster. Oh no wait, Colorado just did that.

  • PsiFighter37

    Good…at this point, the Twins are just jerking everyone around. If the Yankees leave, they’ll get even less from the Red Sox, who are just in this to drive up the price for the Yankees. Then a deal won’t happen at all, and the Big Three are still intact.

    • giselle

      thank you god. thank you :)

  • Brian

    What I can’t help but think is that if Phil does stay, and has a great year with us (promising, not Cy Young-worthy or anything), and next year the Twins just get draft picks and say, “Well we’d trade straight up for Hughes right about now.” That’d be glory of the highest order.

    • Stephen

      We can all hope that it works out that way.

      Personally I don’t think this is going to go away for good, even if the deal falls through at this time. The Yanks would be wise to come back to the Twins at the end of the offseason. By that time Minny ought to be desperate to make a deal (especially as Santana has already said he’d veto any trade during the season) and a deal could be made on relatively cheap terms.

  • save hughes

    now lets hope that hank doesnt offer the same package to Billy Bean…

  • Brian

    Or how much of this conversation would not be happening if Phil didn’t pull a hammy in the seventh inning that night and landed in the Holy Prospect Land of Buccholz? “Well sure, he IS good, I guess.” I go back to the idea that somehow Phil didn’t make the mark on his resume that buccholz did, even though he won a playoff game. It’s stupid. Go Phil. Go Us. Yeah, this better not happen now.

  • Chofo

    I’m praying for many things to come to pass:

    1) Monday ends and no deal is done
    2) Theo holds on and Minny just keeps Santana or trade him to another team
    3) Hughes developes into whay we all dream of
    4) Pettite comes back

    I all this becomes reality, It´ll be Glory Days

  • jscape2000

    That’s what I’m hoping for at this point, too. This entire process (while not unreasonable from a Twins point of view) is too clearly stacked against us. Hughes means more to our future than Ellsbury means to the Sox, just as Melky means more to our present than Lester means to them.

    Let it go. If a package for a 200 inning guy can’t be built around IPK it’s not worth it.

    • zack

      And Santana means so much more to the yanks than to the Sox. People really need to acknowledge that without Santana or another front line starter, the rotation next year is a serious concern…Sure, it could turn out great. But it could also have 4 guys pitching well under 200 innings with high 4 eras…

  • Jamal G


    • Jamal G

      *Sorry I dunno how to quote articles and such w/o making them screw up the page. Click the “It’s Brian Cashman, right?” link for the full NY Times article.

  • CB

    This may be Smith’s Jim Bowden moment on a much larger scale. Let’s hope.

  • Count Zero

    Hughes, Melky AND Kennedy?!? For the privilege of signing Santana to 6x$20MM?!? Someone please stop the insanity.

    If we do that deal, somebody needs to be fired…or killed…or something. That’s like something Isiah would do.

  • zack

    They aren’t giving up those three, that much seems certain.

  • The Scout

    Nancy Reagan: “Just say ‘no.'”

  • Di0

    Let’s just wait until the end of they day… I just want this Monday to end… I hope Hank keeps what he said.

    Anyway we got Andy back now. Andy, Wang, and the big three it’s an amazing rotation. Mussina will start, so I guess IPK will be on the bullpen or something, or maybe Hughes, they still need to go easy with Hughes and Joba.

  • Mike R.

    Isn’t this the same Will Carroll that said that the Yankees would not offer A-Rod arbitration when he opted out? I believe his reasoning was that they wouldn’t want to take the chance of going through that process with Alex and Boras.

    This seems more like his opinion than actual news.

    • Ben K.

      Hence my advice to “Take that for what you will.” I’m not sure how true this is but it’s something to ponder basically.

  • Randomize

    Well if the Santana deal does fall through, we better hope that Hank doesn’t start talking to Beane.

    Beane’s asking for 2 of the big 3 from both the Sox and Yanks. If the Sox end up with Santana lets hope Hank isn’t stupid enough to send 2 of the 3 over for Haren.

  • barry

    Are they serious, 3 major league ready prospects? They won’t get that from either the Red Sox or the Yankees. Not for a one year lease with a 150M dollar buyout.

  • Di0

    I want Harden in the Yankees.