This time tomorrow, where will Santana be?


With apologies to The Kinks for the headline…

Via My Baseball Bias comes word of a deadline. CNNSI’s Jon Heyman reports that the Yanks want an answer from the Twins before the clock runs out on Monday. Meanwhile, Johan Santana will not waive his no-trade clause during the season.

So hopefully, this trade will fall apart, and Phil Hughes will remain a Yankee. At least, now we should know how this resolves itself in 24 hours. Will the Twins’ rookie GM pull the trigger on this or not?

Meanwhile, if this deal goes through, the Yanks won’t sign off on it until they’ve locked up Santana to an extension. That’s no sure thing. I’m also hearing low-level rumblings of Santana’s deal terms, and they may very well include opt-out requests. The Yanks, recently burned in that regard, will probably not agree to that.

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  • Dimaggio5

    Meanwhile, if this deal goes through, the Yanks won’t sign off on it until they’ve locked up Santana to an extension. That’s no sure thing. I’m also hearing low-level rumblings of Santana’s deal terms, and they may very well include opt-out requests. The Yanks, recently burned in that regard, will probably not agree to that.”

    This deal sounds like it make take more than 72 hours to negotiatie and finalize.

  • CB

    They should not put any opt out clauses into his contract.

    That was enough of a zoo this past year.

    • Dimaggio5

      I agree. :-) But man do I want to destroy the Sux next year. Their fans are the absolute worst in all of baseball.

  • Outlaw43

    Dimaggio5, I think that the Monday deadline probably only applies to the Twins accepting the offer; the Yankees aren’t about to put a time limit on themselves to negotiate Santana’s deal.

    Am I the only one getting the feeling that while the Twins back themselves further and further into a corner, Billy Beane is just sitting back and laughing? Whoever can’t get Johan will turn around and go after Dan Haren, and if neither the Yankees or Sox land him just wait–if you think that Twins played the Yanks and Sox off each other well, just wait until you see what Beane could do.

    • Dimaggio5

      I agree, Beane will eat them alive. If we don’t get Santana – stay away from Haren – Cashman & co. don’t have the chops to go up against Beane. :-) I am getting tired of the Boston arrogance – those morons are having it way too good this year. They need to be knocked down to earth HARD! What I meant about the 72 hours Outlaw is that teams are usually given a set period of time to negotiate an extension, and this contract sounds like it is going to be complex like A-Rods.

  • Jewish Jackhammer

    If this deal does go through and it turns out that Hughes is a cy young winner I just hope that the retard sports writers who think this deal is good for the yanks don’t use the bs of “hindsight is 20/20″ I knew the giants were stupid when they traded up for manning and I along with 90% of the die hard fans think this deal stinks as well. Steinbrenner has all the negotiating savy of a man who’s begging god to save his life. The only difference is that hank will actually have to fulfill the moronic promises that he makes.

    We do this trade. the sox sit on their asses and then pick up sabathia next year for less than we paid for santana.

    • Dimaggio5

      Steinbrenner has all the negotiating savy of a man who’s begging god to save his life. The only difference is that hank will actually have to fulfill the moronic promises that he makes

      LOL – he needs to shut up, sit back and let the pros do the negotiating. Plus his dad’s quotes like “I don’t get heart attacks, I give them!”, are classic – Hank’s don’t even compare. The Yankee brass needs to huddle and prepare for a protracted war with the Sux.

      • Ben K.

        Dimaggio5: Just FYI on using blockquote here. You’ve got to use

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        • Dimaggio5

          Thanks Ben.

          • Ben K.

            No problem. The XHTML text above the comment box is a little confusing.

    • zack

      But hindsight being 20/20 really does apply to this trade. and no, its not 90% of fans who don’t want the trade.

      Let us dispose of the stupid notion that Sabathia will be a FA, or Peavy, or anyone else. YOu can’t plan for that. if the Yanks don’t get Santana, its pretty damn likely the Sox will. And then the Yanks, homegrown players and all, won’t be winning any divisions anytime soon.

      So go ahead, root against the trade, but don’t kid yourself that a rotation of Wang, joba, Hughes, kennedy, and Moose will be good enough to match one of Beckett, Santana, Dice-K, Felon, and Lester/Schill. For at least 3 years. Or more. It’ll be great to have all of your youth, but will it be so great to miss the playoffs and get hammered by the Sox?

      This deal IS good for the Yankees, and the alternative, Santana going to the Sox, is very very very bad for the Yankees.

      • Ben K.

        I think it’s wrong to assume that the alternative is Santana to the Red Sox. I don’t think the Red Sox are nearly as interested as you think. They’re quite happy keeping their young players. The alternative, in my mind, is that Santana stays with the Twins and becomes a free agent with an outside chance that the Dodgers step in and make a good offer.

        • zack

          See, I don’t think so. The fact that the Sox included Ellsbury from the start tells me they want him. And I think the Twins want the Sox package. However, I think they recognize that the Yanks’ is a bit better and a better sell. But if the Sox go up a tad, I don’t see them not getting Hughes.

          With Santana saying he won’t waive the NTC midseason, I just don’t see the Twins holding on to him and losing out on one of these packages, which are way more valuable than picks.

  • save hughes

    santana says its now or never… he will not waive his NTC suring the season… he wants to hit the open market. I say we pull this offer(ive been saying this all along) and say “you have been F’ing me this entire timeyou blew your chance at phil hughes… now its my turn we will give you horne, gardner, and alberto gonzalez. take it, or take the draft picks next year you selfish piece of poop”

  • ……

    No. hopefully they accept the Hughes, Melky + other offer.

  • Giuseppe Franco

    Actually, I’d very much consider putting in an opt-out clause after 4-5 years.

    Pitchers are much different than position players and Santana would be in his mid-30s and most definitely in decline.

    It might not be a bad idea if he doesn’t meet expectations and has a hard time in NY. It’s doubtful he’ll command more than $20M a year by then, so it’s an opening for the Yanks to get out of a bad contract.

    It might not be such a bad idea if you think about it.

    • Ben K.

      Thanks, Tom Hicks. We’ll keep that in mind. ;)

      The Yanks are going to invest Phil Hughes into a deal, get a contract window and then offer Santana an out. That would just be stupid.

    • dan

      The opt-out clause only benefits the player. If Santana isn’t pitching well, he’ll stay with the yankees and collect his paychecks. If he’s pitching well and the market further explodes, he’ll opt out and screw the yankees.

  • Travis G.

    yeah, giving up 3 prospects, then allowing Santana to opt-out would be, needless to say, dumb.

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

    The more I think about the deal the less I like it. The Yankees will have two choices if this deal goes through, vastly overpay for a centerfielder to replace Melky or put Damon back in center creating a brutal defensive outfield. They also lose a young pitcher who might be winning games for the next 15 years.

    This deadline gives me hope. Maybe, Minnesota won’t take the deal. Maybe, Minnesota will hod out for more. I think the Yanks will be better off if this thing does not happen.

    • Travis G.

      yep. one of the many reason not to make the trade. gardner hasn’t proven he can really hit at AAA (.260/.343/.331), and Ajax wont be ready until at least 2009.

      • zack

        A pitcher who “might” be winning games vs. one who will. And Jones at Hunter money isn’t vastly overpaying, and is a heck of a lot better defensively and offensively, than Melky…Sure, it costs them $, but they have contracts coming off in the future. In 3 or so years, they would have Jones, Santana, and A-Rod as their huge long term contracts. Thats not so bad at all

        • Travis G.

          just bc they’ll have ‘extra money’ doesn’t mean they need to spend it. they should spend it when it’s the right move (period). Arod at 10 years is bad enough, but a declining LHP and a seriously declining CFer. ugh.

  • jsbrendog

    i think snow is awesome!

  • jew4jeter

    Whatever happens with Hughes, Melky, etc. at least this Bill Madden interview with Hank provides some encouragement for the future…

    • Brian

      Anything you say provides me encouragement for the future….you are the Jew4Jeter, and we’re all the better for that name. Wow. No matter how many times you post, I crack up every time.

  • zack

    Check out the extra bases blog:
    That is another interesting take. Form that standpoint, the Twins could have their pick of any of Boston’s big 3, but only them plus the other lessers. A package of Buchholz, Crisp, Lowrie, and Bowden is a pretty damn good one.

    • CB

      If they’ve put Buchholz on the table. All bets are off.

      If they want to trade him so be it. I don’t want the yankees to match that package. Lowrie could probably step in an start at SS, crisp is expensive but maybe they’ll absorb that.

      They would have to add Horne to match that package. No go.

      • Travis G.

        i must admit if i was Minny, i’d take Buchholz, Lowrie and Crisp over Hughes, Melky and a B prospect (e.g. Whelan, AGon). i think Hughes is the best of that group, but Buchholz aint far behind, Lowrie is a solid IF prospect and Crisp hits at Melky’s (current) level (but costs more).

  • Brian

    Couple thoughts: regardless of how you feel about this as a trade or not, say it doesn’t happen. Does Johan carry any animosity due to the fact that we didn’t upgrade from Tyler Clippard et al to Alan Horne as that third prospect? On some level, who cares? But he could say, I’m Johan Freakin’ Santana, people. I’m out. Probably the money would make it all better, but.
    Secondly, I think it is true that the Red Sox are almost in the exact same position as we are like Ben mentioned. Quality prospects, good one-two year guys we’re hoping to protect, a chance to win (obviously) without the acquisition. It’s all about the fear of the rival getting immediately better. So as a bidding war, this was a great textbook-case example of feeling each other out. I say it doesn’t happen in the next 24, and Santana is a little bit bluffing about maintaining his NTC mid-season. Who wouldn’t want to spend an entire season with one team? He prefers to go now, but he may still go later if the situation is right…

  • juke

    So, if the NYY don’t acquire J Santana, 2K8 might not be the greatest Yankee season ever, but just think how sweet it might be if the young arms get them to the playoffs while the Bled Sox Karma kicks in. Admittedly. I am a repeat-ing myselfoffender, but until any one of these players throws a pitch in 08, this is all hot air.

    Oh, and the Sawx & Twins, can cluster f**k each other all Winter. . ..