Santana: It’s Yanks or Red Sox for me

Carroll: Yanks' offer falls short, for now
Johan who? We've got Pettitte!

Johan Santana will accept a trade to only the Yanks or the Red Sox. Meanwhile, Eric Bedard should be traded now that he has told the Orioles that he won’t be staying in Baltimore after 2009. That’s not a bad fallback should Santana fall through. Carry on.

Carroll: Yanks' offer falls short, for now
Johan who? We've got Pettitte!
  • zack

    DOn’t think either of these bits really change anything, do you? I suppose it might eliminate other teams, but it really was shaping up to be a 2 horse race for Johan.

    And it would shock me to see the O’s trade Bedard in the division…

  • Ben K.

    This changes things a little bit because now the Twins have just two offers to choose from. If the Yanks withdraw their offer tomorrow, then the Twins would still have the possibility of the Mariners or Dodgers making a move. But now, they know Santana would only say yes to the Yanks or Sox.

    I think the Yanks should now just pull out entirely and tell Santana they’ll talk next off-season. But that can’t/won’t happen.

    • zack

      True, but of course, there is always the issue of players going back on their words. If the Twins made a deal with the Dodgers tomorrow and they offered Johan his asking price, I imagine we’d see him have a change of heart

    • Brian

      Amen. This has gotten way out of hand, I say make one final call, offer IPK, Melky and Tabata, say take it or we’re out. If they say no, so be it.

  • CB

    Him saying this publicly is really an indication that he is fed up with the twins and is now exerting his leverage publicly over them.

    He’s telling them to get this deal done now. Pick one of these deals.

    Minnesota before kept saying we’re unhappy with these packages and we think we could get the same deal in July and get offers from around the league.

    Not anymore.

    • PK

      Yeah, Johan really fucked over the Twins leverage here. For some reason, that makes me really happy.

      Bill Smith has really pissed me off the past few days for trying to break up the trinity, though I know he’s only doing his job.

  • PK

    I think Bedard needs a few more seasons like his 2007 to prove he’s one of the top pitchers in the league. That, and figure out if his body will allow him to throw a 200+ season at some point. The closest he got was last season (196).

    I definitely wouldn’t give up more than Kennedy (or Horne) and a B/C prospect for him.

    • yankz

      And he had to get shut down last season.

  • yankz

    Also, in one of the interviews, Hank said Johan is the only player he’d trade Hughes and Melky for. Take that for what it’s worth.

  • save hughes

    i heard bedard is a massive tool… can anyone back that up? i dont remember where i heard it so i dont have a source, it might have just been a comment on another blog…

    • PK

      I’ve heard this as well. I also remember something about him saying he wouldn’t ever want to play for a large market team because he hates the attention.

      I wonder if money would change that.

    • Spike

      I have relatives in Baltimore that are big O’s fans. One (my Uncle) can’t stand Bedard. He says he’s aloof, standoffish, and basically an a-hole. He wants the O’s to trade him.

      • Ben K.

        So basically, he’s like Mike Mussina.

  • Chofo

    I think the Sox are in a better potition to make this deal than the Yankees. They could include Lester and Ellsbury and don´t loose anything. Santana + Crisp is better than Lester + Ellsbury.

    I don think the Sox have better prospects than the Yankees, they just have a set that is better suited for this deal. They can part with a CF and don´t loose, they can give away LHP Lester and repalce him with another lefty, Santana. And they can give Lowrie and keep Lugo, and keep Bucholz. And that´s what Minny needs: a leadoff CF, a SS and a LH starter.

    The Yankees, in the other hand, need Melky more this year and will have to part with Hughes (a prospect of Bucholz status) to make this deal, instead of IPK (similar to Lester).

  • Rob – Ct.

    Well, I just read that apparently Pettitte is planning on coming back for 1 more season with the yanks!!

    Pettitte to pitch

  • LBA Prequel

    I hope the Yankees are using this sort of thing as leverage (I’m sure they are). I can’t believe they can’t do a little squeezing of their own with regards to the Twins management, considering that this is a two horse race between the Yankees and Boston. With guys like Haren and Bedard available, I’d think a good negotiator (read: Cashman) would be able to help our position by using the fact that those guys could be/are available and that we can take our “business” elsewhere…

  • barry

    Sorta obvious considering the other contenders. I’m sorry but I don’t see the Dodgers shelling out 25/6 mil for apitcher.