Red Sox bias? What Red Sox bias?

Former pitching coach speaks about 'Alby'
THT: Yanks still pretty good

From’s MLB homepage at approximately 12:30 a.m. on Thursday morning:

What does Omar Minaya’s discussion about the Mets prospects have to do with the Red Sox? I know the Sox are interested in Santana, but please, ESPN, make a show of talking about some other team now and then.

Former pitching coach speaks about 'Alby'
THT: Yanks still pretty good
  • Alan

    To be fair, ESPN talks a ton about the Yankees too. Would be nice to see them talk about the other teams a bit. Tampa Bay and Washington, for example, jump out as teams that deserve to be talked about this season. Both are making some brilliant trades and could be on the way up this season or next.

  • Giuseppe Franco

    I’ve never bought into that NESPN or ESPN bias.

    Truth is, that network is both pro-Yankees and pro-Red Sox because those teams alone probably get 50% of their MLB baseball coverage.

    In fact, they would prefer a Yanks/Red Sox ALCS every year since the World Series isn’t possible.

    • Ben K.

      Yeah, I agree. But we can still make fun of them for messing up and putting the Red Sox logo where a Mets logo should be.

      • Tommy

        There is no place on the planet where the Mets logo should be.

  • zack

    Even within the world of the Yanks-Red Sox bias against the rest of the league, ESPN is biased towards the Sox. They also suck at what they do, so whatever.’s front page says that Andruw signed with the Dodgers for 2 years, $36M. The two years is great, but $18 M is a heck of a lot of money…

  • Jamal G

    Your right that they pay more attention to the Yanks and Sawkz more than any other MLB team, but the reasons behind their attention to the Yanks are polar opposites to that of the Red Sox. If you noticed every time ESPN has a big coverage on the Yankees they always seem to find some negative aspect(s) to it no matter the situation. For example when they let A-Rod walk out the door initianally, ESPN covered how the Yanks can be all big & bad now and take a stand but then come early May when they’re 10-15 they’ll be wishing they werent so stubborn (to be fair every Yankees hater used that jackass of an argument…cough Mike Lupica..cough). Then when A-Rod came back their argument (ESPN, other Yanks haters) was that the new regime has no credibility and this will hurt the Yankees in future negotiations, and the Yanks have no backbone…blah, blah, blah.

    Again ESPN is doing the same thing, getting on their knees for the Red Sox basically with this “Red Sox news” about the Mets & Santana but bashing the Yanks saying their stubbornness will get the best of them by pulling out of the Santana deal (which they keep referring to the A-Rod ordeal as proof to Yanks lack of a word) and they will regret it when they start the season 10-15 and Minny’s phone will be ringing off the hook (no lie, that same exact argument was used on ESPN’s crap ass baseball show, Baseball Tonight).

    But hey, what Yankees fan isnt used to almost, if not all, every major media outlet (except for FOX, they seem cool. TBS and Chip Caray literally had an agenda against us this postseason) hating on us and praising the Red Sox as the little Mom & Pop shop against the big monopoly corporation. Comes with the territory but thats what we get for being the most successful sports franchise in the history of well, sport.

  • E-ROC

    That was a good find, Ben. That’s just hilarious. Doesn’t anyone proofread or double check anything anymore?

  • E-ROC

    With everyone partying in Nashville tonight, there’s not going to be a lot more dealing until they all come back around 1 or 2 AM half crocked, be my guess.

    One deal hangs by a thread.. the mystery deal.

    Other than that, the latest buzz is no buzz. The Bay/Snell/Marte deal to the Yankees was overheard in the suite area by my source and he thought it was legit. He still thinks they are talking, but for who or what he doesn’t know.

    Perhaps it’s for Marte as the media has speculated? But that’s a simple deal for New York.. it doesn’t take days to pull the string on him. Even if overpriced, it still doesn’t add up to Yankee tip money at a meal.

    So perhaps my source is right and things are stalled. We’ll have to wait and see.

    The Pirates are after a couple of low key starters which makes me believe they still intend to deal one of their own. Morris is the obvious guy they will want to deal but the one time I heard the Pirates were approached they weren’t willing to hand over much cash in the deal.

  • Giuseppe Franco

    Couldn’t disagree more.

    I think Yankee fans just don’t like it when ESPN or another network criticizes their team or praises the Red Sox in any way.

    The proof is that many Red Sox fans feel the exact opposite – that ESPN is an extension of the YES Network. They don’t like it when the Yanks are praised or the Red Sox are criticized.

    The funny thing is that we make most of the very same criticisms that ESPN does about the Yanks. Some people just don’t want to hear from a network they perceive as biased.

    Chip Caray didn’t have an agenda. Why would he?

    He played to the crowd. He got louder at the Jake when the crowd cheered and did the very same thing at the Stadium when the crowd was cheering the Yanks on. He was fair to both sides.

    When you have a preconceived notion that a network or sportscaster is biased against your team, you will find reasons to justify it whether the bias really exists or not.

    • Giuseppe Franco

      Damn. Above post was a reply to Jamal.

    • LiveFromNewYork

      I think that when the network puts a Red Sox logo on a story that is not about the Red Sox, something is just a TAD suspicious.

      Caray’s coverage was atrocious. The only thing that made it worse was the bombardment of Frank TV ads. The playoffs were a nightmare in more ways than one.

      • Giuseppe Franco

        TBS’s entire baseball coverage during the playoffs was indeed atrocious but it had nothing to do with a bias against the Yankees.

        They sucked bad covering the non-Yankees games too.

        • Jamal G

          Did you not hear Mr. Caray proclaim THE YANKEES LED THE WORLD IN HOME RUNS THIS YEAR” about 10 times in the 4 games even though they were fifth in the MLB with 201 HRs behind the team that led the actual “world” in HRs with 231 which was the Milwuakee Brewers. You can’t say he was talking about amongst postseason teams either because the Phillies were atop that list with 213. Once I can get, everyone makes mistakes but to say that 5 times in a 4 game series is just awful. You telling me no one mentioned his inaccuracy during the first 2-3 games? Come on, it was BS and he was trying to make a splash.

          I maybe (lol) blowing that mistake out of proportion but you cant excuse all his other BS. He made mistake after mistake especially in the Yanks series which leads me to believe he just was unprepared or did not care enough.

    • keith

      Dude, their lead baseball analyst (Gammons) was nominated for “President of Red Sox Nation”.

  • Jeb

    It would have been nice if TBS had more than one camera angle. I still don’t know if melky’s homer in Cleveland was fair, and I don’t know if holliday was safe against the padres. Next year they should bring more than 1 camera

  • Relaunch

    Disagree. ESPN and other sites give just as much Yankee coverage which is probably nauseating to other fans.

  • brxbmrs

    I think its ESPN’s policy to only associate stories with MAJOR LEAGUE teams – hence them using the Red Sox logo and not the AA Mets ;-)

  • JRVJ

    Jamal G.,

    As much as it pains me to say it (as a fan of Barca), the most successful sports franchise internationally is almost certainly Real Madrid.

    • Jamal G

      Ah yes, I did forget to mention futbol as i was leaving it out of the discussion since the country the Yankees play in doesnt give the two craps about the sport even though their woman team is one of the tops in the world.

      So change it to the most successful sport franchise in North American history or basically outside of Europe.

      *Sorry bout that mistake.

  • Mike A.

    Heh, go read Gammons’ latest blog post. His Red Sox bias is getting comical. Just check out how many statements about other teams are backed up by some pro-Boston bullshit in paranthesis afterwards.

  • Kevin23

    Gammons doesn’t even hide his bias. I think that much is well established. Just read his columns. One of my jobs is teaching logic, so I’m not concerned that it is my problem. I know he’s biased. Most writers are, btw.

    TBS coverage SUCKED for a host of reasons. But I too, got extremely annoyed at the constant assumptions being made about the Yankees and Red Sox. It has absolutely nothing to do with common sense, wisdom, or research. It is ALL about telling a compelling story. They create these dramatic narratives before the games even start, and they return to them over and over again as they take unfolding events out of context and attribute meanings to them. People who know nothing of baseball get sucked in, apparently. For the real fans, its better to simply mute the idiocy, and focus on your own instincts which have not been completely corrupted by the ratings game.

  • Beau

    I think watching a game on ESPN is ridiculous when it features the Yankees against anybody they play. Steinbrenner has made the Yankees so powerful they’re hated by most cable networks. Success is always followed by a group of people that want to discredit that team’s or individual’s accomplishments. It’s not quite as bad as watching the Whitesox announcers though.=) Are they ridiculous or what?:)

    • Ben K.

      You can put that one on the board. YES!

    • Kevin23

      The White Sox announcers were literally, and I do mean literally, the absolute worst announcers I’ve ever heard. The games I’ve seen on WGN this season and last were pathetic at best. Those guys need to get off their knees and read their scouting reports. They had no idea who half the Yankees were, and openly talked about their teams’ superiority ALL throughout the game. There’s bias, and then there’s being a twelve year old boy unable to see past your favorite players.

      Glad to see people share my strong sentiments towards those wastes of breath.

  • Aaron

    Ever stop to think that maybe it was just a minor mistake? Cut people some slack once in awhile …. or just stop looking for the excuse to trash another team.

    • Ben K.

      Seriously? Are you for real? You Red Sox fans are ridiculous. I’m going to quote you on that every time Red Sox fans start trashing other teams.

    • Kevin23

      Awww. Your worried about people saying hurtful things? And you are reading a blog? Does this not strike you as moronic at best, and insane at worst?

      Maybe you’d feel more comfortable at Weenie Hut Jr.?

      Hopefully someone with kids will get that joke.

  • Beau

    Tear that Red Sox fan apart Ben!!! Everytime I go on a Red Sox blog site it’s trashing the Yankees. I think Aaron stumbled on to the wrong site. What you’re looking for Aaron is