Terry Francona can no longer manage in his pajamas

Bernie's coming back!
Yanks officially bring back Molina, DFA Phillips

Thanks to MLB Fashion Czar Bob Watson, Terry Francona now has a dress-code rule named after himself. Francona, famous for managing in something one may consider wearing to sleep at night, will now be forced to wear his game jacket or uniform top. Take that one, Red Sox.

Bernie's coming back!
Yanks officially bring back Molina, DFA Phillips
  • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

    The NFL and Bellicheck could learn a lesson from this.

  • pete

    francona isn’t the only one usin it, sciocia, gibbons, wedge and some other managers use this too.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    If Watson really wants to send a message, then he should strip the Sawx of the title and name the Rox World Series Champs. ;)

  • kris

    Francona managed Boston to two WS wins in lingerie. I can’t imagine what he could do in regular uniform.

  • dan

    Now if they can only get Manny to stop wearing a laundry bag over his braids.

    • Outlaw43

      Seriously, Manny dresses like a homeless version of Ms. Cleo but it’s Francoma (who wears his fleece because he has a medical problem with blood circulation, mind you) who needs to change his attire. It’s such a big problem that Watson made the MLB’s fashion police pull him from the dugout in the middle of an inning last year.

      Thank God Watson hates the Sox and not the Yankees, I think Girardi would chafe a little more than Francoma at that kind of petty treatment.

  • Jersey

    Just be glad he doesn’t show up in underpants.

  • Count Zero

    I love the way he referred to it as a “night-shirt, or whatever it is.” OH, SNAP!

  • dan

    you guys might have read this elsewhere, but i found this interesting…

    “What was the most important thing you learned?” I asked him (Steinbrenner).

    “The mistake of trading young pitching,” he answered quickly.

    He later said that Santana was different, as he’s 28 and still (arguably) in his prime.

  • http://lbaprequel.lobitowebsite.com/ LBA Prequel

    Hell, I think Francona can wear whatever he wants. In spite of him coaching the hated BlowSox, I have a lot of respect for him. Those two rings? I could show up in his tightie-whities and still out-class most of the coaches in the game today.

    I never realized this was a problem…I mean, I guess that managers should wear the team uniform, but I never found that Francona’s shirt (which is licensed merchandise from the MLB…umm…Watson must have forgotten to check?) was disrespectful to the game or whatnot. Doesn’t Scioscia wear one as well?

  • Spike

    I heard Tito also wears a thong under his uniform pants. A pink one.

  • Trent from Boston

    Fuck the Yankee fans, this is child’s play. It’s so important that the game had to be paused so his lcothes could be checked? Let him wear whatever he wants for chrissakes. They’re only coaches.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Thank you for that intelligent reply. I would expect nothing less from a Boston fan.

  • http://jimsuldog.blogspot.com Suldog

    So, does this mean that Connie Mack will be retroactively thrown out of the Hall Of Fame?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Maybe Bob Watson knows. He clearly has nothing better to do with his time.