Tigers set to nab Cabrera and Willis

As the Santana turns
Hank: 'We're done here'

The Tigers are set to acquire masher Miguel Cabrera and the perpetually over-rated Dontrelle Willis from the Marlins for uber-prospects Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller, as well as four others. For what it’s worth, RAB’s inside guy at the Winter Meetings said the rumor is legit and a deal is imminent.

Granderson-Polanco-Sheff-Maggs-Cabrera-Guillen-Renteria-Pudge-Jones. Holy shit.

As the Santana turns
Hank: 'We're done here'
  • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

    Just heard that on Mike & the Mad Dog. Scary.

  • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

    I’m hoping this drives the Angels to get on the phone asap with the Sox.

  • zack

    Thats a crazy deal. Maybin AND Miller? Cabrera I can understand, but Willis? I suppose that park will help him a lot. Its a ballsy as hell move that puts the Tigers as a powerhouse offense with a pretty damn good staff too, but that is a hell of a cost.

  • Chris

    ughhh thats a scary offense, at least sheff is injury prone and gettin older

  • steve

    tigers are going to be scary thats for sure. they have a lineup and young pitching, not too mention they aren’t afraid to spend money in the draft.

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    i for one like that deal as a Yankee fan. Miller and Maybin are going to be stars. besides, that lineup is extremely RH heavy (good for our rotation). Dontrelle will probably suck in the AL.

  • zack

    It doesn’t really matter how the deal affects the Yanks. They only play each other at most 8 times. But it must sure as hell scare the rest of the division, and if I were the Twins, with the package they are about to accept, they can sure as hell kiss any shot at the division in the next 5 or so years goodbye…

    Maybe Bill Smith should take a look at what a real prospect package looks like…

  • Mitchell’s Eleven

    Baseball has officially gone insane.

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.
  • Dimaggio5

    Does this trade put the Angels back in the middle of the Santana sweepstakes? Minnesota is going to get spanked hard by the Tigers for the forseeable future. :-)

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    I think this is a steal for the Tigers. Forget Willis. Cabrera’s a young Manny. He’s headed for the Hall. I could though easily see Maybin as a Lastings Milledge 2.0 (yeah, the Mets never really gave him a shot, but the kid looked overrated to me), and Steve Stone has argued that Miller is shoulder and/or elbow surgery waiting to happen b/c of his delivery.

    Our kids better pitch damn good this season if we’re to compete with a Sawx team sporting Johan, and this Tigers lineup.

  • eric from morrisania

    Aw shit. Two months ago, I wanted to deal for Willis and Cabrera. Maybin and Miller are great, but Willis and Cabrera are two studs who are both 25 or under… I’m more scared of the Tigers than the Red Sox now, Santana or not.

    Watch WIllis have a huge bounceback now that he’s on a good team, in a pitcher’s park, with run support…

  • Back Bay Yankee

    Holy shit.

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    willis is far from a stud and he WAS in a pitcher’s park.

  • Eric

    Willis is a NL guy. He can’t be too happy. But he fits in as a 3 starter there behind Verlander and Bonderman.

  • zack

    Willis is no stud. And he may be 25, but hes got A TON of innings on his arm. I’m still not scared of the Tigers, they have a great offense, but Sheff, Pudge, and Maggs are older and not going to improve. Their pitching staff is good, but still has a lot of questions. Robertson/Bonderman had rough years last year, Rogers is old, Willis is a big question mark etc…AND they may have lost Zumaya…It will be fun to watch the Tigers and Indians fight it out though while Minnesota enjoys watching their “prospects” get pounded by them and crisp hit for another 78 ops+

  • Ivan

    that is a crazy deal for both teams(in a good way)

    Miguel gives the tigers an offense that’s on par with the yanks and bosox.

    Willis might turn his career around.

    Plus, Florida gets Miller, Maybin, and couple of decent prospects.

    Good trade by both teams

  • Kevin23

    Impressive offense for Detroit. But a lot of pressure on the pitching staff. Hope it pays off. My guess is that Detroit’s offense won’t be as good as last years. They have some great young players, but I think they all hit a stride at the same time last year. I dont see all the chips falling that way again.

    And the Yankees are due, as a group, for a great offensive year. I’m not throwing out the baby with the bathwater quite yet.

  • Ivan

    By the way:

    Since this trade is going to happen, will the NL win another WS?

  • Ivan

    Man the AL is getting harder.

    Detroit with Cabrera and Willis,

    Angels with the possibility of Santana

    Same with the Red sox with Santana

    The Yankees are gonna be tough but boy right now they might be the 3rd or fourth best team in the AL

    Not to Mention if their healthy, Toronto has the potential to be really good.
    (I did say McGowan is my breakout canidate for the 08 season)

    AL is loaded, and even the middle teams are better than almost any NL team.

  • http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=56352514 Jamal G

    Love the lineup but I think Maggs and Miggy should move up a spot to #3 and #4, respectively. With Sheff’s age and his failing bat vs LHP (.245 BA in 07) I think he would be better suited hitting further down the lineup at #5. Maybe a Pudge/Jones swap at #8/#9 so as not to have back-to-back LH at the bottom/top of lineup.

    Lol, sorry I just lovie thinking of lineups and situations in my head. I think this is a great deal for the Tigers, and they have seem to become us just a couple years ago. Then again we never made a blockbuster deal for a future HOF under 25.

  • stuart

    detroit staff is not as good as it appears.. verlander(stud), bonderman terrible yr. (had arm issues and has thrown a ton of innings already), rogers(40+), Robertson(very iffy), willis( I think he stinks)…

    they traded Jurgen and Miller… I of course do not know about there minor league guys but with the zumaya injury also there pitching has some question marks…

    there offense on paper looks great.. they also gave up there backup cather…

    they are a good team with flaws

  • http://www.thebronxzoo.wordpress.com iYankees

    What a deal. I love the team that the Tigers have constructed. Its such a powerhouse, you can’t help but to be in awe of them, even if you are a Yankees fan.

    Has anyone heard about the Red Sox-Twins? I heard they reached an agreement (from MVN) but I’m not sure how reliable this maybe.

  • dan

    I’m not sure if this clears anything up, or further muddles the picture, but here you go….


  • Ivan

    Boy how many prospects did the tigers trade for the last two years?

    Whelan, Sanchez, Miller, Maybin, Gorky, Jurjens, de la cruz.

    I was looking at baseball america top ten list from last year and the tigers have traded 5 of their prospects from that list.

    They are really going for it though and they are making good trades.

  • zack

    It also makes the Marlins a stacked team of young studs yet again. Another year or two and they’ll be back atop the east…

  • trevor

    All I have to say is thank god we have arod

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Yeah no shit.

  • eric from morrisania

    CF Curtis Granderson L
    2B Placido Polanco R
    3B Miguel Cabrera R
    RF Magglio Ordonez R
    DH Gary Sheffield R
    1B Carlos Guillen S
    C Ivan Rodriguez R
    LF Jacque Jones L
    SS Edgar Renteria R

    C Vance Wilson R
    IF Ramon Santiago S
    OF Marcus Thames R
    UT Ryan Raburn R

    RHP Justin Verlander
    RHP Jeremy Bonderman
    LHP Dontrelle Willis
    LHP Kenny Rogers
    LHP Nate Robertson

    RHP Joel Zumaya
    RHP Fernando Rodney
    RHP Jason Grilli
    LHP Bobby Seay
    RHP Tim Byrdak
    RHP Zach Miner
    RHP Todd Jones

    … that’s sick

  • Chris

    are the same people who ae saying this is a good deal fo the tigers the one who who saying the Yanks shouldnt give up Hughes for Santana – Miller has as much if not more upide than Hughes and Maybin has all the makings of a star.

    Is it because Cabrera is 3 years younger or is it because the Yankee fans dont have this ridiculous attachment to Tige players? Ty to use the same logic you used in judging the prospect of sending HUghes, Cabera, Horne, and AJax to the Twins as you use when looking at the Tigers deal.

    Enough about the future – I undedtand that having a farm system is important, but it is moe important to give us a team that will at least have a chance at tthe playoffs

    • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

      i’m one of the ones who dont want Hughes traded, but i see this deal as better for Fla. Miggy is a fat 24-year-old (meaning he’ll probably only get more out of shape), and DTrain will never post a sub 4 era in the AL. Fla got 2 stud prospects and a bunch of good fillers.

    • Kanst

      Well for me, Hughes is a lot better then Miller. Miller has arm issues, poor command and no consistently good second pitch.

      The other thing is that Detroit didnt need any of those players. THey would have started ’08 with all but Rubelo in the minors most likely. We have Hughes penciled in as our #2 starter so to me he is more valuable to us then those prospects were to Detroit.

      The last reason why I think this is a great deal for Detroit is the question marks. Neither Maybin or Miller are sure things, they have ridiculous tools but they have serious flaws in their game.

  • rbizzler

    Holy shit is right. Well at least Tiger fans can’t say that the team isn’t going full bore after the big prize. That is a pretty nasty lineup, but the rotation is still suspect (as has been mentioned above).

    Mike A. i know that you are not an expert on every system, but the loss of these FIVE guys (all in the A+ – B- range) has to bankrupt their system (Porcello excluded), right? . I wouldn’t have given FLA shite for Dontrelle, as he stands to get bombed in the AL with his quirky mechanics and marginal stuff. It is shame to see them take the stick out of his hands as he swung the bat pretty well for a pitcher.

  • mehmattski

    I agree with those who have given this trade a little more thought from the Marlins perspective. What if the Marlins came to the Yankees and asked for:

    Hughes (top pitching prospect)
    Melky (fills immediate CF, if not as projectable as Maybin)
    Ohlendorf (24 y/o six-year minor league reliever)
    Marquez (AA pitcher a few years away, like de la Cruz)
    Horne (AA pitcher with sick peripherals, like Badenhop)
    AJax (subbed in for the catcher to make up the difference between Melky and Maybin)

    Everyone here would have laughed hysterically, right? Well, that’s essentially what the Tigers just gave up.

    • rbizzler

      I have no problem with what the Fish did, especially considering the fact that Willis is seriously overrated. They got an extremely large haul with two seriously high ceiling guys coming over along with some useful parts.

      The only question remaining is what to do with Hanley at short? Do you live with his (awful) fielding or move him to the OF? His speed and athleticism would have been a good fit for CF. That is assuming Maybin is as good as advertised.

    • eric from morrisania

      No, that’s not a “comparable package” to what the Tigers gave up. This is the package from us that would be comparable to that:

      P Phil Hughes
      OF Austin Jackson
      C Frankie Cervelli
      P Tyler Clippard (if we still had him)
      P Anthony Claggett
      P Brett Smith

      You’re seriously overvaluing the Tigers prospects here. The big dogs are Miller and Maybin… they’re much, much better prospects than anything we have, unless we managed to somehow convert Joba Chamberlain into an positional player. The other four prospects are nothing special at all… De La Cruz throws real, real hard, but real, real straight; the other two pitchers are just like him, but without the triple-digit heat, and at best, and the catcher looks like a future Brian Schnieder clone. Besides Miller and Maybin, the other guys here have “AAAA” written all over them.

      This deal is very top heavy for Florida. The Marlins basically turned a premier hitter and good pitcher into a premier pitcher and good hitter, minus the service time and arbitration eligibility, and got some cannon fodder for their system as a kicker.

  • Glen L

    I think that’s a very comparable package you show there mehmattski

    difference perhaps being if the yanks, like the tigers, hadn’t won a world series since 1984 their fans might also want this trade done to really dig in and make a huge push to win

  • brxbmrs

    Maybe Willis is done, but a few years back he pitched with heart against the Yanks and Sox.

    The little I saw of Mabin against the Yanks I thought he sucked defensively and had a hole in his swing – too soon to tell of course.

    Hell of a lineup in Detroit – looks like a great deal for them – I wouldn’t be counting out Miggy – even as a DH, he’s gonna be amazing.