Yanks hold Melky out of winter ball

NCAA heading down the great path to censorship
Royals save us from ourselves

We’re a day or two late on this one, but MLB Trade Rumors linked to this article in the Dominican daily Listin Diario about Melky Cabrera. The Yankees, it seems, have invoked the fatigue clause and have ordered Melky to sit out Winter Ball this year. While the paper in Spanish speculates that this move may be a part of any deal for Johan Santana, the truth is that Melky faded pretty badly down the stretch last year and probably shouldn’t be playing baseball until Spring Training.

NCAA heading down the great path to censorship
Royals save us from ourselves

    Smart move, the Melk Man was delivering sour milk down the stretch.


    p.s. I totally understand if i’m permanently banned from this site with that remark.

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Fatigue? He’s 23 years old! Good grief. They kept him out of winter ball so GM’s around the league wouldn’t be able to remember how mediocre he is.

  • brxbmrs


    They pulled Melk out of winter ball after a few games as well last year – didn’t want to get him hurt.

    Your bias towards Melk is unfortunate but is understandable as you are flush witht he arrogance of youth yourself. Alot of young guys have problems with the longer seasons in the bigs and Torre is partially to blame for his burn out in September.

    Go look at Roberto Clemente’s stats up until he was 25 btw – the only thing Melk is missing in his game is power and stamina – hopefully he develops both.

    BTW, ask Carmona if Melky is mediocre – or all the guys he threw out and kept from taking an extra base.

  • brxbmrs


    You are correct about Melky fading – but how did Hideki Matsui do in September (and October) – lets not make Melky’s bad month be the only anomaly in the way the Yanks finished up the year.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    What does Hideki Matsui have to do about Melky’s playing winter ball? Sure, Matsui had a bad September but he also had knee surgery. This post was about Melky and the Yanks’ demand that he not play winter ball. It was in no way about who faded worse in September.

  • Nefarious Jackson


    don’t bother trying to talk logic with Mike A when it comes to Melky, he vomits this stuff on his own site as well as all over the web

  • barry

    I like Melky, I think he’s all upside, need to stop expecting him to be Bernie.
    Merry Christmas all