Yanks looking at Hawkins for one year

Journalistic ethics only go so far

While most relievers on the market have either signed multi-year deals, or are holding out for one, the Yankees are looking at an exception to the norm. They are reportedly in talks with LaTroy Hawkins regarding a one year deal worth about $3.5 million. I’ve never been a fan of Hawkins, especially after seeing him get knocked around with the Orioles in 2006.

Look, he hasn’t pitched more than 60.1 innings since 2004. His WHIP was near 1.30 in 2007, a post-2004 low, because he did something he hadn’t done for two years: allow fewer hits than innings pitched. His walk rates are decent, sitting below 3.00 for the most part. He also doesn’t strike out anyone anymore — he’s had a worse-than 2:1 K/BB ratio since, guess when, 2004.

Hawkins has had three good seasons, and he’s done a good job of fooling teams over the past few years that he’s actually a good reliever. He got incredibly lucky with the Rockies in 2007. Please, Cashman, don’t let that fool you. I understand it’s a minimal risk move, being only one year, but that would be a complete waste of $3.5 million.

He’s better off paying it to RAB. We do more good than LaTroy Hawkins will, and we’d even distribute it to other Yankees bloggers. So see, we all win. Bloggers get money, and the Yankees save themselves the embarrassment of having to cut a $3.5 million player in June.

Journalistic ethics only go so far
  • anaconda

    Amen, brother.

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    I actually think it’d be a good move. As long as they aren’t going to throw them out there in those bullshit high-leverage situations everyone talks about, he’ll be fine. $3.5M for 1 yr is nothing, and the dude’s got closing/WS experience, which is definitely worth something.

  • steve (different one)

    here is the way i look at it: 1 year for Hawkins or 3 years for Viz?

    i think the yanks want to add one more “veteran” reliever.

    i’d take the pick for Viz and do the 1 year deal for Hawkins.

    you just have to manage expectations: he’s NOT an elite setup man. he is what he is. but he can eat 60-70 innings with an ERA around 4.

    that’s worth $3M in this market.

  • E-ROC

    This deal is much better than overpaying for Viz. I wonder what team would give the Viz, Linebrink money.

  • TurnTwo

    I wouldnt touch Hawkins, even with a one year deal. With the 15+ arms we have between the MLB, AAA, and AA roster under consideration, we can figure out a handful of them to run out of the bullpen. Pick the best arms out of Spring Training to bring north, and if they falter, replace them with other alternatives as you go.

    I would look outside the organization for a LHP for the pen, but not for someone like Hawkins.

    • steve (different one)

      i agree with this philosophy, but i am sure Girardi wants at least 1 more veteran.

      and who knows, maybe Farns is going to be dealt.

  • zack

    I don’t have a problem with it. The thing about $3M and 1Y is that it IS easy to cut him if need be and its NOT embarrassing. As others have said, having a guy that can eat 60 innings with a 4 ERA is valuable (NOTE: we didn’t have a single reliever not named MO do it last year. Proctor would have I suppose). Signing LaTroy, again, provided he isn’t a “high leverage guy,” takes some pressure off the other kids and allows them to develop a bit more.

    Of course, it will all come at the expense of Britton since he ate Cashman’s dog…

  • http://nyyu.blogspot.com Mike

    No thanks.

  • eddy b

    … so Matsui (assuming he waves NTC), Farnsworth, and the Pav for Timmy Lincecum? I think Sabean might bite… agree? .. Don’t know about anyone else but I love the idea of getting Timmy. ( I know we don’t need more starting pitching but 1) TImmy is rated in the Hughes-ilk and 2) you can never Ever have enough pitching)

  • Beau

    Hawkins! Are you kidding. I’d rather bring back Irabu.=)

  • Larry

    How about IPK and Hughes and the rest of the pkg for Santana and Nathan?

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