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Save The Big Three Revisited
Yanks beat Wang in arbitration

Congressman and Chair of the House Oversight Committee Henry Waxman regrets holding Wednesday’s hearing. “I think Clemens and McNamee both came out quite sullied, and I didn’t think it was a hearing that needed to be held in order to get the facts out about the Mitchell report,” Waxman said.

Had Waxman been serious about holding a hearing on the real issue — the prevalence of performance enhancing drugs in baseball — he would have. But Clemens and McNamee made for better headlines and more attention. This is fake regret from another phony politician. And the specter of an incomplete Mitchell Report looms large as well.

Save The Big Three Revisited
Yanks beat Wang in arbitration
  • Spike

    Quite the pig nose on Waxman. Do you not agree?

  • Realist

    What sport do you think he played????????????????????

    Check and Mate….

  • Lanny

    Waxman is an embarrassment. And anyone that is praising him for being “tough” on Clemens should relax.

    The hearing he called was an embarrassment and a waste of time/money.

    • Whitey14

      Let’s not forget that both Waxman and Davis cited Clemen’s insistance on having the hearing versus them preparing a written report instead. They may have been posturing to push the blaim toward Clemens, but his attorneys agreed that he wanted the hearing to try to prove his innocence.

  • Rich

    The real phonies are Selig, the owners, the MLBPA, and the players who either did the PEDs, or looked the other way while other players did.

    Compared to them, the politicians, at least in this matter, bear very little blame.

    • Whitey14

      Well said Rich

  • Kevin23

    I love the people on this site. The talking heads in the MSM have been playing to this BS narrative that somehow a bunch of big revelations were being going to come out of all this posturing.

    Waxman is an embarrassment to my home state of CA. Never before have I seen a bunch of ninnies as some of the asses on that committee. The guy from Maryland who said it was all about the children should be publicly slapped by a 5 foot replica of Clemens’ jock for making such a fake spectacle of himself with tax money.

    Meanwhile Sly can pump himself full of HGH to look younger and make movies like a 28 year old again. Where’s the outrage on behalf of kids? This selective moral outrage we’re seeing is precisely the reason so many stay quiet for so long. And those people usually sit on a treasure trove of information we could otherwise have. But as it stands, we have to endure smoke and mirrors on behalf of the children.

  • rawdawgbuffalo

    and he (Waxman) is wasting my tax dollars on HGH….aint that a bomber or an iceberg?

  • NC Saint

    No clean hands here, though. It’s not enough to say that this is foolish. Everyone in the media pays some lip service to that. But you keep covering it. If it’s worth all the time that you and everyone else covering sports have spent covering it, then, sadly, congress has an argument that this is important to the people they represent, and thus worth their time. Don’t dignify it with post after post, and then you’ll be in better standing to complain when our elected officials waste our money on this nonsense.