Marchman: Three Yankee questions

Mattingly, wife not getting along so well
Now pitching, number 34, Phil Hughes?

Tim Marchman, baseball columnist for The New York Sun and one of the most underrated New York sportswriters, chimes in with his three off-season questions for the Yankees. He wonders: Is Steinbrenner going to make out the lineup card? Are the Yankees’ Big Three more results than 1995 Mets’ own overhyped Generation K? How many wins will it take to make the playoffs? Rehashing familiar territory, it’s an apt 800-word summary of the Yanks’ off-season and the questions they face in 2008.

Mattingly, wife not getting along so well
Now pitching, number 34, Phil Hughes?
  • Bo

    There is a HUGE difference between our big 3 young pitchers and the Mets K crew.

    Our crew has had actual major league success. This isnt just hype. They have had results. And there minor league numbers blow away anything from Gen K.

    Its not even a comparison. Like comparing the heart of the Giants and Pats.


  • Count Zero

    Good article by Marchman. I think his closing paragraph says it all:

    “Cashman and Steinbrenner showed admirable restraint in holding on to young talent even with Santana at stake. With such brutal competition, though, will they be able to do so even when they’re three games out and short two veterans in July? And who exactly will be making that decision?”

    They’ve made the right moves so far…now will they be patient if the plan doesn’t work out so good in the first 81 games.

  • Mike A.

    Generation K failed for one reason and one only. Check out their minor league IP totals:

    Bill Pulphiser: 95 IP in 1992, 139 in 1993, 201 in 1994
    Jason Isringhausen: 65 IP in 1992, 90 IP in 1993, 193 in 1994
    Paul Wilson: 49 IP in 1994, 186 IP in 1995

    All 3 broke down physically the year after their big IP jump.

    • TurnTwo

      i think this is exactly the type of thing Cashman and company will not allow to happen.

    • Ben K.

      Wow, were the Mets really that clueless? Wilson threw 137 more innings over the course of one season?!

    • DFLNJ

      Mike, Is there a possibility of a longer post from you on that subject? The parallels between the Yankees young pitchers and the Mets back then has been on my mind.

      I didn’t know about the innings jumps inflicted on them. That’s criminal…

      • Mike A.

        Sure. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of cause and effect this stuff has.

        Oh, and by Pulphiser, I mean Pulsipher.

  • Manimal

    Pending the Bedard trade, the Angels are number 1 the west with seattle as a Wild card contender. It appears that the tigers have now surpassed the indians as the best team in the central and the east is a question mark. So how many wins does it take for the yanks to get into the playoffs? More than the Mariners(at this moment) and Indians. My guess is mid 90’s. If they stay consistant and aren’t streaky like last year we will be fine.

    On the Big 3 side, If we keep them around 150-175 we will be fine. Girardi is a smart man, he handled Willis well.

  • Lanny

    You dont trade stud young starting pitching in July. Especially if you’re in it and they are in your rotation/bullpen.

    But with all the talent the system has you can trade some other prospects for help. But some guys should be off limits. But thats the front office and scouting dept’s job. Who to make available and who are future productive major leaguers. Who has the character, talent and stuff to make it and who doesn’t.

    It’s why you keep Bernie and trade Gerald and Roberto Kelly.

    Those key decisions are what makes a dynasty continue and thrive.

  • Lanny

    The Wild Card is coming out of the East. 19 games with Baltimore and Tampa?

    And Ive been hearing about how much of a dark horse Tampa is. I’ll believe it when I actually see it. And check out the innings those young starters threw for them last yr. Shields and Kazmir are injuries waiting to happen.

    Troy Percival doesnt exactly inspire confidence in 2008. Maybe 2002.