Now pitching, number 34, Phil Hughes?

Marchman: Three Yankee questions
Yanks show interest in Kevin Mench

According to Phil himself, the Yanks’ young star is angling for Sean Henn’s number 34. Phil says that even though Henn agreed to give up his number, it’s not quite official yet. So hold off on buying those t-shirts. Anyway, realistically, who’s more likely to make the team out of Spring Training?

Marchman: Three Yankee questions
Yanks show interest in Kevin Mench
  • Count Zero

    Henn doesn’t need a number…everyone can tell when he comes into the game by the way the ball flies off everyone’s bat.

    Off topic, but I heard Shelley took BP and worked out at first today…which is a really good thing.

  • Matt

    Henn better not complain. When (one of the many) new faces of the next dynasty wants you number, you better agree. Henn and his 7.12 ERA and his AWESOME 1.94 WHIP better do anything the yankees say if he even wants to stay around. Henn, Igawa, and Pavano should just have ## on their jerseys, or **, or “I SUCK”

  • zack

    Hughes said in the comments section that is b/c 3+4=7 which is is mom’s favorite # plus his favorite pitcher was Nolan…

  • Alan

    I wish they’d finalize his number switch, I’ve been holding off on ordering a jersey ever since he announced the impending number change on his blog.

  • Rob_in_CT

    PECOTA projections are out. PECOTA isn’t all that high on Hughes: 152 IP, 1.39 WHIP, 4.42 ERA. It loves Joba, though.

    • Ben K.

      I saw the projections. More on them later. But PECOTA has some problems predicting rookie performance especially after a season such as Phil’s 07 campaign.

    • steve (different one)

      it’s all about perspective.

      i’d say any projection system that projects 150 innings of slightly above league-average pitching for a 22 year old *IS* fairly high on that player.

      • Ben K.

        Oh yeah, I’d take that projection. It’s the accuracy for younger arms that’s not always as reliable.

        • Zack

          While I would certainly take that, I think its a very strange projection, especially where the WHIP is concerned. As Ben points out, PECOTA has issues with things like injuries and rooks, let alone both in one season, but Hughes has never had a WHIP as high as he did last season, and even that was at 1.28 and going down as he got better. I would be SHOCKED if Hughes has a WHIP north of that this season…

  • Spike

    I’ll take 14-9, 4.42 ERA out of Hughesy this year. 4.42 in the AL is not that bad.

  • Jeterismyhomeboy

    I’d be a little disappointed. He was muddling through last year and ended with a 4.46 ERA, a 1.28 WHIP and a 100 ERA+. After his September and playoff campaigns, I’d be very disappointed in such an enormous step back. I mean, he did better than that when he wasn’t trusting his body and recovering after two freak injuries.

    I think he can do better than that. Not enormously better, but better than a 1.39 WHIP for goodness sakes. That’s Lester-ian.

    • RollignWave

      PECOTA is probably the best projection system out there. I’d be more interesting in seeing Hughes’ comps and the overall team record projection if anything.

  • Rich

    I wish I could buy stock in Hughes, because he is tremendously undervalued as a result of the dual leg injuries.

  • Lanny

    I dont see much of an issue with Hughes projections. You cannot project 21 yr old pitchers who battled thru leg injuries.

  • LBA Prequel

    Maybe he’ll bring some good fortune back to the #34, after it rotted with Jaret Wright and now (?) Sean Henn for the last year or so. I still liked 65, even if it was an ST #.

  • Rich

    I think Wright wore #33.

  • Ramadan

    he wore both

  • Rich

    Oh. Hughes should wear #22. It would help erase the memory of the last person who wore it.

  • eric from morrisania

    Any news on any of the other jersey numbers out there? Is Joba keeping 62? IPK keeping 36? What about Latroy Hawkins and Jon Albaladejo?

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Erase the memory of Roger Clemens? My how quickly people turn on you in this sport. Roger Clemens even without PEDs would be one of the greatest pitchers in the game. And no one has proven he’s done anything.