Old Yanks: Where are they now?

Yanks beat Yanks in intrasquad game
Strickland out with bum elbow

Remember the Glory Days of the 1990s? Remember when Scott Brosius manned third, Chad Curtis manned left and Glenallen Hill manned the disabled list? Those were the days.

Over the last decade or so, a lot of players — some much, much better than others — have passed through the Bronx. Except for those who stick with the team in one capacity or another and those that are big names, most fans never hear from or think of the Mike Gallegos and Charlies Hayeses of the world once they leave the Bronx. Baseball is fleeting; it’s easy, as Mike recently noted, to make a lot of money, but it’s not so easy to stick around.

So let’s check in with some of our old fan favorites and Yankees who are lost to the sands of time. I’ve put together a rather random selection of Yanks from the 1990s who have faded from view. If anyone’s missing, leave a request in the comments.

Scott Brosius: Brosius retired at 34. He was ready to stop playing but not ready to give up the game. He is now the head coach at Linfield College, a DIII school in Oregon. (Brosius’ coaching bio is here.)

Glenallen Hill: Where have you gone, Glenallen Hill? In his 40 games with the Yanks, Hill turned in an OPS of 1.113 while hitting 16 home runs. It was impressive. He’s now the Rockies’ first base coach.

Mike Gallego: Gallego held down the back-up infield spot for a few years in the mid-1990s, hitting .262/.347/.383 during that stretch. I guess you could say he was Miguel Cairo ten years earlier. He is now the Rockies’ bench coach.

Alvaro Espinoza: Before Mike Gallego came Alvaro Espinoza. He was pretty bad at hitting and is now the infield coach down at Scranton.

Chad Curtis: Ah, Mr. Way-Too-Serious. Chad Curtis made a name for himself by picking a fight in the media with Derek Jeter following a bench-clearing incident in Seattle. While the Yanks tried to mix it up with the Mariners, Jeter and A-Rod, then on Seattle, were joking around. Chad didn’t like it, and the Yankees liked Jeter more than they liked Curtis. So at the end of 1999, Curtis left for greener pastures. He is now the athletic director and weight training expert of the NorthPoint Christian Schools. I would not want this man as my gym teacher in high school.

Roberto Kelly: The man who launched the Yankee dynasty. On November 3, 1992, Roberto Kelly unknowingly launched the Yankees on a march toward history when he found himself sent to Cincinnati in exchange for Paul O’Neill. Kelly would return to the Yanks for an unmemorable stint in 2000. After a few years of managing at the Minor League level, Kelly is returning to the Majors this year as the Giants’ first base coach.

Charlie Hayes: We all know this one: “Hayes, in foul territory. Hayes has room. And he makes the catch.” Charlie ended the 1996 World Series with a catch in foul territory and stuck around the Bronx for a disappointing 1997 campaign. He is now the owner of the Big League Baseball Academy in Texas and could really use some help with Web design.

Cecil Fielder: His estranged son is in the news in Milwaukee these days, but Fielder garnered headlines a few years back for domestic disputes and a gambling addiction. He was just named manager of the Atlantic City Surf and is sporting a rockin’ goatee as seen in this picture.

Yanks beat Yanks in intrasquad game
Strickland out with bum elbow
  • mike

    nice idea for a post! thanks

  • chris fowler

    where’s john wetteland these days?

    • mooks

      Last time I remembered, he was the rangers bullpen coach, and the yankees filed a complaint with MLB about him.

      This was not that long ago, either last year, or the year before or something, something to do with to many coaches in uniform or something.

  • Alvaro

    How about Randy Velarde? Jimmy Key? Jim Abbott? There’s a lot of guys who could end up in this post.

    very nice idea Ben.

  • Rich M.

    I want to know what happened to The scooters favorite shortstop from the early 90’s Andy Stankiewicz?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      That’s a good one. Keep ’em coming and I’ll do another one of these next week.

  • mehmattski

    Only thing I remember about Glenallen Hill’s time as a Yankee was when he injured himself in his hotel room. He claimed he had a dream about spiders, which caused him to flip out because he’s really scared of spiders… he put his bare foot through the glass coffee table in the hotel room and apparently was headed for the balcony when someone stopped him.

  • steve

    wow seroiusly, charlie hayes website is straight from the 90’s, baseballs on fire? come on.

  • Rich

    Clay Bellinger?

    Jimmy Key?

    • Spike

      Clay Bellinger coaches a little league baseball team. His team made the championship last year and might have won it (I can’t remember). And his son is the star of the team….. Never liked him as a Yankee, though. Acted all cocky and arrogant but couldn’t play for shit.

      • Rich

        Yeah, but they haven’t won a WS since he left. ;)

  • http://techdirt.com/ MikeM

    I love the fact that Hayes’ name is spelled incorrectly on his own damn site:


    Anyway, others worth checking in on:

    Chili Davis
    Shane Spencer
    Graeme Lloyed

    • steve


    • usty

      I also love that it says he was the first choice in the expansion draft, then you click on the link and it shows he was number 2 behind the famous David Nied.

  • chris fowler

    mike stanley

  • Chip

    Homer Bush, classic name, fast kid, couldn’t hit so we sent him to Canada

  • Chip

    Luis Sojo, Ruben Sierra, Gerald Williams, Hideki Irabu, Sterling Hitchcock, Erick Almonte, David Justice

    Wow that brought out the way back machine

  • RollingWave

    I’m not sure if i’d like to play like Charlie Hayes ;) Willy Mays Hayes maybe.. but Charlie?

  • http://www.mvn.com/mlb-yankees Jim Johnson

    Kevin Maas? Mike Giago? Mike Stanley? Danny Tartabull?

    Pretty much any Yankee from Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball on the SNES.

    • mooks

      Last I heard, Kevin Maas was running a mortgage business.

      And he still looked like Rob Lowe.

  • Kevin

    Let’s see, Cecil has a gambling problem… how bout managing in AC?

    • steve (different one)


  • Marsha

    Thanks for the updates, especially Scotty Bro. Where’s Tim “Rock” Raines?

    • TurnTwo

      you should find him in Cooperstown…

    • mooks

      He’s a minor league hitting coach, I can’t remember which team though.

  • K.V.C

    Nice Post ! Thanks.

  • DanElmaleh

    It would be nice to do a decades version of this; maybe going back to the 60s (I imagine before that it would get pretty weak: retired, deceased, etc.)

    I for one would love to see the early 80s (pre Mattingly): Jerry Mumphry, Ruppert Jones, Jim Stanley, Ken Clay, Rick Cerone, Oscar Gamble, Roy Smalley (who in 83 had one of the best quotes when the Yankees moved him from short stop to first base: “They had me fumbeling along over there; then along came Lou Gehrig.”)

    We know where many are from those teams: Lou, Goose, Reggie, Gator, Willie, etc. A bunch of people from these teams are now in management/coaching positions with teams. What I think makes the 60s/70s/80s fun would be that this is the era before big money. We may find some of these guys are now working in Corporate America or as busineess owners or as anything other than just a guy on his couch who played ball for 10 years. I think a segment in 5 year blocks would be fun to see.

    This is one of the best ideas I have seen anywhere. Another reason RAB is one of my favorite sites.

  • Spike

    How about my favorite prospect that never was. Hensley “Bam Bam” Meulens.

  • NJYankee41

    I love that Chad still has that militray buzzcut. How ’bout Pat Kelly?

  • rbizzler

    Gotta love Roberto-then-Bobby-then-Roberto Kelly.

    Ahhh, those were the days……when the Yankees sucked.

  • Rich M.

    Anyone remember Eric Plunk and Greg Caderet?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      I have their baseball cards in my attic somewhere.

  • pounder

    Dooley Womack,Jim Pisoni, Tony Soliata(sp),Bob Hale,Bud Daley,Buddy Barker,Tex Clevenger,Charlie Silvera, and on and on.I guess if you manage to live long enough you can name a few dozen hero’s from your past.Pedro Gonzales,Archie Moore(no ,not that Archie Moore)Phil Linz,and my fave…Duke Carmel.

    • MD

      dont forget Ross Moschitto, Roland Sheldon, Billy Short, Marshall Bridges, Rosendo “Rusty” Torres, Hal Reniff, Kent Hadley, and the next Mickey Mantles, Roger Repoz and Steve Whitaker.

  • Rich M.

    My favorite failed prospect: Hensley “Bam Bam” Meulens! And I hope no one has forgotten about Mel Hall.

    • http://nosenseworrying.vsport.tv Jen

      Last I saw Bam Bam he was playing for the Newark Bears. But that was several years ago. As for Mel Hall, he was charged with sexual assault last year and could face quite a bit of jail time if convicted.

  • http://www.mokers.org/blog Mokers

    How about Melido and Pascual Perez? Andy Hawkins?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      Ah, Andy Hawkins, who lost a game in which he pitched a no-hitter.

      • Geno

        Truly the epitome of early 90s Yankee futility. I can remember listening to that game on the radio. Painful times.

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  • ceciguante

    if you mention andy hawkins, you can’t forget dave lapointe. devastating 1-2 combination. oh! tim leary. we were stacked back then.

    dan pasqua. lee guetterman. john habyan. (remember john sterling’s original bullpen “troika”? it was guetterman, habyan and bob wickman, i think.) dale “the horse” mohorcic. mike easler. steve sax. mike pagliarulo.

    joel skinner.
    paul zuvella.
    spike owen.

    and cecilio guante. favorite yankee name ever.

    • DanElmaleh

      One of my favorite Newsday headlines, from the ’87 season: Pags Sags; Sakata’s Hotter — Funny considering Lenn Sakata had less homers in his career (25) than Pags had that season (32). From Wikipedia: “Sakata owns a small chain of high-end independent grocery stores in the Fresno, California area.”

  • Maek

    How about Scott Sanderson?

  • Tripp

    Clay Bellenger!

  • davi

    is it just me or does half the staff at that christian school that curtis is at look like they’re 16?

  • dan

    Roger Clemens

    …oh, wait.

  • bostonsucks@life

    Looking on that chad curtis link…Mrs. Burgess, from the english dept. is a snack.

  • Eric

    Gotta add a few more names to the queue, although I might be going back to the late ’80’s (and pardon my spelling):

    Matt Nokes, Mike Pagliarullo, Wayne Tolleson, Bobby Meachem, Jesse Barfield, Claudell Washington, Rafael Santana, Steve Balboni, Lee Gutterman, Steve Farr, Steve Sax?

  • pounder

    Oh yea,Rollie Sheldon,#45.Was signed at age 26,after 4 years in the Air Force anad 4 years in college.Scouts thought he was 21.I believe that Hal Reniff was the first Yank/Met hybrid.

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