Red Sox fill their empty ‘fat pitcher’ spot

Profiling Damon Oppenheimer
They're bringin' sexy back

With Curt Schilling out indefinitely, the Red Sox needed to fill that over-the-hill, fat guy spot in their rotation. To that end, they have reportedly inked Bartolo Colon to a minor league deal. Colon, coming off a shoulder injury, was unimpressive in winter auditions and probably won’t make the Red Sox anyway. But we can still make fun of him.

Profiling Damon Oppenheimer
They're bringin' sexy back
  • Mike A.

    I thought Beckett was already starting to fill that fat pitcher spot!

  • Adam

    i can’t wait to see our very own fat guy bullpen of bruney, britton, albaladejo in action.

    • DanElmaleh

      Those guys aren’t fat, they’re big boned.

  • Alan

    Holy crap, Mike.

  • steve (different one)

    Bruney isn’t fat anymore.

  • Rob From NY

    lol i love hating on the Red Sox but that Beckett picture cant be real? can it?

  • mike

    that picture was from a boston globe article about a week ago.

  • RollignWave

    it’s real, look like he had those fat removing surgery done on his belly or something.

    as for Colon, A-rod and his career 1.500 OPS against him is certainly looking foward to facing him a loooot :P