Yanks, Wang facing arbitration hearing

Carl Pavano throws, does not get injured
The numbers game

While the contract dispute is a matter of $600,000, chump change to the Yankees, the Yanks will most likely head to arbitration with Chien-Ming Wang on February 14. Happy Valentine’s Day. Wang wants $4.6 million; the Yankees want to pay him $4 million. I’d think the Yanks would reward one of the better AL starters with the extra $600K. Brian at Depressed Fan offers up an excellent analysis of the situation.

Carl Pavano throws, does not get injured
The numbers game
  • Alan

    I feel like this situation is getting overblown by everyone. The Yankees, until recently with Cano, have tended to dig their heels in with arbitration eligible players only to reward them once they’re coming close to free agency. I understand its “only” 600,000 but the Yankees take care of their own and I can’t see them letting this devolve into anything serious. Journalists get bored when there’s no more Bedard/Santana rumors, I guess.

  • Barry

    fuck it, im drunk and fuck mlb players If i had the skill i’d play for free because to me playin MLB is like being in the army for me its not about the money its baout doin something you love and living life to its fullest something thats been lost in pro sports

  • JRVJ

    Dude, don’t drink and type.


  • E-ROC

    Maybe I’m overreacting, but I’m hoping there isn’t a rift between the player and team. I would’ve thought the Yankees would lock him up on a two or three year deal.

    • steve (different one)

      the Yankees control Wang for the next FOUR seasons.

      why on earth would they give him a 2-3 year deal?

  • Old Ranger

    No way he gets a contract over the one year offered. He may get the difference, say $4.3m I hope. One must take into consideration his heritage. Disrespect is a big thing with Asians, so let us not go there. Honestly, I don’t see him reacting badly to arbitration, he is more of the younger generation, so I don’t see a problem. He’s a good pitcher, an Ace…no. Do we need him badly this year…yes! He will get his, the yanks take care their own, as always. With Andy, CMW, and Moose in the front we may get over 500/550 innings, we need that. 27/08.

  • http://www.overheardinnewyork.com NC Saint


    You really think the analysis at Depressed Fan is ‘excellent’? Even presented as ‘one school of thought’, the theory that the Yanks are punishing Wang for he performance in the ALDS is ludicrous. Evaluating a player with several seasons of major league performance based on two games is something lots of inane fans do, but it’s not something Brian Cashman does. He knows an incredibly small sample size when he sees one, or he wouldn’t be able to do the job he does.

    I don’t know why the Yanks are digging their heels in. It seems bizarre, although, as others have pointed out, this has been the Yankees M.O. But I do know that the reason suggested at Depresseed Fan is idiotic.

  • steve (different one)

    why should the Yankees overpay Wang just to keep him “happy”?

    i feel like a lot of fans don’t really understand how the system works. everyone sees the prices of FREE AGENT pitchers, and assumes that Wang is getting “lowballed” at $4M. he’s not. the relevant comps are not free agents, the relevant comps are pitchers with 3 years of service time:

    here are what some other pitchers got with similar service time:

    Bedard – $3.4M
    Peavey – $2.5M
    Santana – $1.6M
    Beckett – $2.4M
    Penny – $1.9M
    Arroyo – $3M

    of course some of these are a few seasons old, so there is an inflation component here, but look at this:

    the most relevant comp:

    SCOTT KAZMIR – $3.875M this season.

    why should the Yankees give Wang $4.6M when Kazmir settled for $3.9M?

    the Yankees are offering a little above MARKET VALUE.

    people are getting overly emotional about this. Wang is asking for too much. yet everyone thinks the Yankees are the bad guys.

    Kazmir is better than Wang. just because Wang plays for the Yankees doesn’t mean he deserves 20% more than Kazmir.

    this is just how the system works. Wang can’t go anywhere for FOUR years. the Yankees WILL pay him when the time comes. unfortunately for Wang, that time is not here yet.

    • Donnie Baseball Belongs IN the Hall

      To: “steve (different one)”

      Sir, I believe you are one of the few “fans” that understand the biz of baseball. Why would anybody ever overpay a player under control? What for some future discount? It NEVER happens (the future discount that is)

      With the luxury tax we currently have in place that (only 600K) would actually be $840,000.00.

      Let me ask this to the nimrods who say the Yanks should just GIVE him that. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOUR BOSS AT MCDONALDS GAVE YOUR A RAISE THAT COST THEM NEARLY A MILLION BUCKS?



  • RobertGKramer

    I see nothing stupid in challenging Wang to become the ace he now is by default. It also lets the kids know the “ace” position is wide open!

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    This is getting overblown, just like that bit about Cano being disrespected. Wang and his agent know the business, this is just part of it. It has nothing to do with punishing him for the ALDS, or challenging him to become an ace, it’s just two parties that have a differing opinion on his market value. Wang’s got a good case, he’s won more games than anyone since coming into the league, but like steve (different one) notes, so do the Yanks.

    And FYI, the arbitrator can only choose between the two amounts presented, he can’t pick a value in the middle, or something like that.

  • Realist

    Much ado about nothing………..

    2 time 19 game winner , the Yanks can’t lose either way………..

  • Old Ranger

    Amen guys..
    It would be nice of the yanks to meet half way, but not necessary. CMW is one of the best pitchers (now), not an ace. He can help the team and himself (for next contract) by doing just what he has said he will do…get in shape and pitch best he can. Doesn’t sound like a guy up set over the contract. Either way, he is making $3m more than last year. Be happy, have a nice Chinese New Year and stay healthy.

    Donnie BB…had it right, good show. That’s why I read this stuff every day. 27/08.