The Phil Hughes experience

The Brothers Stein
He's not really o-Kei

Two items of note concerning Phil Hughes today. Phil answered some readers’ questions on PeteAbe’s blog today. The answers are as exciting as you would expect. Meanwhile, head on over to this Yard Work post. The guys there completely nailed Phil’s blog, but their satire, according to everyone, isn’t funny. You’ve been warned.

The Brothers Stein
He's not really o-Kei
  • LiveFromNewYork

    That’s pretty funny…we gotta remember the kid is 21 and a lot of that age thing comes across SCREAMINGLY on his blog.

    And like all bloggers who start to get some internets infamy…even without playing for the NYY, he has some scary comments on there from stalkerish fans.

    the whole Halo thing is funny enough but the satire is even funnier.

  • Bo

    Yeah, the joke was very lame. It was like a Mad TV sketch. It didnt know when to stop.

    And it got lamer as it went on.

    Not everyone can do satire.

    • Joseph P.

      As I just said to Ben:

      Appropriate? Yes.
      Funny? No.

  • Barry

    Pretty weak joke.

  • CB

    Not sure Phil is digging “the Big Three” type references:

    Todd: Is there a nickname you like to see for you, Ian and Joba? Is there any you’ve heard that you liked?

    Phil Hughes: As far as the three of us combined or individually? It seems when groups of people get nicknames it always doesn’t turn out well. Maybe if we could try to keep that out of the equation.

    • steve (different one)

      that’s assuming he even knows about the “Big 3”, he may be just generalizing.

      • steve (different one)

        like as is “Generation K”

  • Steve S

    That was a joke??? Whoever the Yard Work guy is owes me the last minute of my life back. Why was I led to read that?

  • Mike R.

    That was pretty funny at first, but then I started reading…and the funny stopped. :(

  • Ben K.

    Ok, ok. It’s not funny. Got that everyone who hasn’t read it yet?

  • Tripp

    I guess I’m just easily amused….

  • Guiseppe Franco

    That piece wasn’t nearly as funny as Igawa’s performance today against the mighty USF Bulls:

    1 IP, 1 H, 2 BB, 1 HBP, 1 WP, 4 ER (grand slam)

  • Lanny

    I couldn’t even get a chuckle from that.

    What are they even making fun of? That he likes to play Halo and tells what music hes listening to??

    Wow! Hilarious!

  • nefarious jackson

    weak shit brother