The Wonderful Wizard of Yankee Stadium

New Stadium slighty over budget
Phil Hughes is ready for the big time

Remember when the rookies dressed up as characters from The Wizard of Oz? Good times. As part of their off-season coverage, the YES Network offers up a short piece on the hazing. Shelley, as always, has a few amusing things to say.

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New Stadium slighty over budget
Phil Hughes is ready for the big time
  • Dylan

    Damon will be a flying monkey for sure if we see “Yankees dress up Day!” some Royals game in July.

  • Bo

    I really hope Duncan can play 1b and hit.

  • eric from morrisania

    You know, I never looked at the original post of the pics from Hazing Day until now, but since I was there and squeezed to the front of the gates to get a Joba autograph, I perused the flickr slideshows…

    … and HOLY CRAP! In the bottom right hand corner of the picture, THAT IS SO TOTALLY THE BACK OF MY HEAD! I’m on the Internets! That just totally made my day…

  • mike

    bo, i totally agree about shelley . he brings so much energy to the team. sometimes intangibles like that shouldn’t be ignored. i’m glad they think he’s good enough to have tino be working with him one-on-one.

  • Jamal G

    LoL at Kennedy imitating Phil, “Bro………….I found out what are costumes are……….it’s the Wizard of Oz”

  • dan

    Was Phil’s tin man costume a jab at his injury, or just coincidence?

    • bill kolb

      Dan, did Joba’s costume mean someone thought he was a coward? Did Shelley’s mean someone thought he was brainless? Was IPK Dorothy because someone thought he threw like a girl?

      All the Wizard of Oz supporting characters are lacking something. That’s the point of the movie. And somebody has to be Dorothy.

      It’s funny because they all look a little bit like their characters.

  • ansky

    wow, we even got a skippy cameo.
    Quality behind the scenes work!!

  • Patrick

    Thanks Ben.

  • steve (different one)

    shelley looks like james hetfield