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A time-lapse show of new Yankee Stadium set to terrible music
A little dose of Fantasy Baseball

So after watching this clip, I’m struck by something Shelley Duncan did. To me, it appears as though he was gunning for second base out of the box with the intent to slide in hard. My question then to the rhetorical you then is this: Was Shelley aiming to start something from the crack of the bat? And does it matter? MLB’s discipline guru Bob Watson might think it does.

A time-lapse show of new Yankee Stadium set to terrible music
A little dose of Fantasy Baseball
  • Ben B.

    The only thing I took out of that video is that Zim has just completely given up on situps.

  • marc

    Dirty or not, i think its about time the team has some sort of enforcer on it… and do i hafta keep hearing about the “yankee Way”… so other teams can treat the yankees players like shit, and disrepect the game knowing that the Yankees won’t respond because its not the “yankee way”. Johnny Gomes seems like he is all about the “yankee way” hitting from behind. loser. good for shelley, dirty or not, its over due. And im sure every pitcher on the roster will eb happy when hes at first and they wanna go up and in on someone knowing some prissy multi millionaire wont be there to defend me… i remember Alex and Jetes talkign and laughing during the brawl in Seattle years ago… im sure it feels good to know that someone will step in and defend them finally.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    oh frigging let it go.

  • LiveFromNewYork


  • Adam

    After so many boring and emotionless Yankee teams of the past few years, I think this is sorely needed. Chemistry has become so important in sports and this Yankee team needs an identity.

    For some reason I can’t help but think back to Paul O’Neil. So maybe he wasn’t an enforcer type guy, but he sure was an emotional SOB who would fire up the players and the fans. The team has missed that since he retired.

    Jeter’s great, but he’s more of a lead by quiet example type of guy. Nothing wrong with that, but there needs to be someone else besides Posada who’s willing to be vocal for the team.

    After seeing the Patriots almost go perfect on the identity of kicking everyone’s ass after spygate, maybe it won’t be so bad for the Yankees to be the bad boys of baseball (it’s better than being the idiots of Baseball like the Red Sox were in 2004).

    Whatever it takes to win…

  • Jamie

    i love how people say shelley was “tackled” by Gomes… Shelley barely moved and Gomes fell and hit his face on the dirt.. what a pussy

  • pounder

    First of all,Duncan is no Paul O’Neil,please,all of you who think Duncan did the right thing,disabuse yourselves of that notion.Secondly,Girardi better get a grip on this guy.His ‘piss and vinegar’attitude is wearing thin,especially for a career minor leaguer,which prompts an appropo description of him…..BUSH LEAGUER.

    • Ben K.

      Reportedly, Girardi was not too pleased with the way Duncan approached the slide.

      • Rich

        It’s impossible to know what Girardi really thinks without having been in the meeting. If Girardi publicly supported the play, he would probably be suspended along with Duncan.

    • zack

      Is there a dumber, more meaningless insult than to call someone “bush league?” Who the F cares. A-Rod is bush league, Duncan is Bush League. Beckett plays the game right. We have seen time and time again that its all in the eye of the beholder and the person calling someone else “bush league” is just as likely to do something “indicative of a career minor leaguer” which apparently means “done with piss and vinager.” Which of course, as far as I can tell, is the same thing as being a dirt dog or Paul O’Neil.

      If calling someone bush league means that you are saying that they play the game like a minor leaguer, well, thats probably a good thing, as most minor leaguers are playing their tails off to make it to the majors. If saying a play is evocative of the minor leagues because it somehow doesn’t fit in with the moral guidelines of the majors, well that is just self-righteous hogwash, considering the crap that goes on in the Major Leagues.

  • TakeNoCrap!!!

    Gomes got there pretty darn quick. Was he backing up the play at 2b, or was it more about getting ready to take action in the event that Shelly even so much as kicked up a little dirt on Iwamura? Seems like he was ready to go…

    But I look at it this way… I’ve grown sick and tired of opposing pitching staffs plunking Jeter and ARod on the wrists, legs, backs continuously, with little fear of any retribution from our pitchers. That turn-the-other-cheek approach form Old Joe had to go. Although I don’t condone cleats-up on slides, the message has been sent, and I like it!
    Maybe this will be the year we see Big Papi on his Big Heiny…

  • Joseph P.

    I don’t think the idea behind this thread is to re-discuss the issue of right and wrong. Ben was talking about the possible disciplinary measures.

  • Barry

    Someone must of read your write up on the Yankee’s Ringtone add because they changed the picture. I think everyones getting too worked up about this Shelley play, this isn’t his first hard slide, Toronto in August I believe, no big deal let it go he’s playing hard and I like that.

  • brad k

    right play, right time, right guy……’s about time. Get over it that’s how baseball is played. Duncan isn’t the first guy to go spikes high and he isn’t the last. It might not be what you would expect in Spring Training but the Ray’s set the president. Remember our guy ended up with a broken wrist!

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  • RobertGKramer

    I like the play more after seeing additional shots of the Home Plate collision!

  • Whitey14

    Speaking as a Red Sox fan, I was always shocked that the Sox hitters didn’t see more brush back pitches during the Pedro era. It’s not your hitters and baserunners that need to speak up, or act, to protect each other. It’s the gutless turds who have taken the mound on your behalf and haven’t retaliated when your hitters have been abused. yankee way or not, your pitchers bear the responsibility and need to subscribe to the Gibson/Drysdale way. You hit one of mine, I’m hitting one of yours. I absolutely condone the behavior, even if it’s Ortiz or Manny getting hit, as long as nobody gets hit in the neck or head.