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A little anti-Yanks bias

Vince Gennaro, consultant to the stars (or at least Major League Basebal teams), takes a look at Joba’s role on the pitching staff and its financial impact on the Yankees in his latest Yahoo! Sports column. It’s a good read, and his conclusion is that the “Yankees stand to gain more than $24 million in value over the next six years before he is eligible for free agency.” I’ll have more on the baseball impact of Joba’s role on the pitching staff soon.

Open source front offices
A little anti-Yanks bias
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  • steve (different one)

    of course, the foundation of the $24M is the assumption that Joba is a #3 starter. if the Yankees believe he is a #1 or #2, this number is going to double or almost triple.

    the same with Hughes.

    it is another VERY important variable when considering a Santana trade. if Hughes is a #2 starter, he is worth an additional $50M to the Yankees which would sit ON TOP of whatever they had to pay Santana.

    pre-FA MLB players are simply the most precious assets in all of professional sports. for 6 years, there is a HUGE disconnect between their actual salary and their market value.

    you don’t trade away assets like that lightly.

  • Sean Serritella

    Before his free agency comes up, you have to give him a contract extension so he feels respected. I don’t see him leaving the Yankees anyway but players like to feel like they have a home for a long time.

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  • Curramba

    Two things before that statement is true 1) Joba has to stay healthy and 2) he has to do what he did for 24 innings last year for a longer period of time. Like for a couple seasons before he would mean 50mil to the Yankees.

    • steve (different one)

      yes and no.

      free agent pitchers get just as injured as pre-FA pitchers, yet all contracts are guaranteed.

      put it this way, if Joba was a free agent RIGHT NOW, what would he be able to sign for? i would guess that it is significantly more than the $20-25M he will actually earn over the next 6 years.

      that difference is how much he is worth to the yankees.

      you never get a chance to sign a free agent with the luxury of RETROSPECTIVELY evaluating his health.

      as far as showing that he can do it in the big leagues, absolutely, there would be a discount for that. but look at what happened with Matsuzaka. $100M+ before he threw a single pitch in the majors.

  • Curramba

    Do you think Pavano was worth 40mil to the Yankees? No because he was injured. He got paid but wasn’t worth a penny. The same thing applies to Joba if he gets hurt. Right now he’s pitched 24 innings, has he even been worth the 1mil + investment that they made to him when they drafted him? No, not yet. Again he needs to stay health and show the same quality through a longer period of time.