Pettitte admits to throwing at David Ortiz

Monday's Triple-A box score
The same old A-Rod song and dance

“He’s a great hitter,” said Pettitte. “No doubt I backed him off. You just can’t lay it in over the plate for him. Got to move the ball in and out. Got to hopefully make a hitter feel uncomfortable. He’s a great hitter and you have to hopefully pitch him inside.”

See what I did there? I took an innocent little quote from Pettitte about keeping a hitter honest, and turned it into a blatantly untrue and ridiculous headline in an effort to draw attention. Murray Chass and Sir George Alfredson King III, Esquire, eat your hearts out. I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but it’s nice to see at least one pitcher on the staff not afraid to challenge Ortiz. I’m sick of the guy just leaning his big ugly mug out over the plate and feasting on 2-0 and 3-1 pitches because everyone is afraid to make him move his feet.

Monday's Triple-A box score
The same old A-Rod song and dance
  • Ivan

    I been saying that for years. If the Sox are gonna pitch inside with no fear on A-Rod and Jeter, the yanks should do the same with not only with Ortiz but with manny as well.

  • J.R.

    While Pettite may not as win as much as Wang, he truly loks like the staff ace. Espescially with the way he looks out for the big three and the other pitchers.

  • Ivan

    Wang is the best pitcher on the staff and he’s our “Ace”.

    But Pettite might the heart of the staff.

  • J.R.

    Fair enough, but you get what im saying.

  • Rich

    The Torre of 20 years ago would probably have made batters move their feet, but when he came to terms with his father’s spousal abuse, he mellowed considerably.

    • steve (different one)

      that and the green tea.

  • Bruno
  • Manimal

    best quote of the year so far.

    And by the way, Torre’s biggest mistake in last years playoffs was making CMW Pitch 2 games, one on short rest and have Pettite pitch one excellent game. Pettite is our ace despite win-loss.

  • Matt M.

    “And by the way, Torre’s biggest mistake in last years playoffs was making CMW Pitch 2 games, one on short rest and have Pettite pitch one excellent game. Pettite is our ace despite win-loss.”

    cmw was the staff ace last year.
    pettitte was torre’s go-to game 2 stopper cuz torre had the most trust in him to either stop the bleeding or to make it 2-0


    as for brushing players off. I have wanted Girardi to be the manager since that pedro martinez game where he sent soriano and jeter to the hospital–torre was dead behind the eyes during a game and our pitchers were always afraid to pitch inside.

    i was so happy when girardi was named manager because i knew that that garbage wouldnt fly anymore.
    new man.
    new attitude.

    we’re hungry and young again. (while still being patient and veteran) — a very dangerous combo — the rest of the AL better watch out

    • usty

      patient and veteran with some guys in contract years. I like the way that turns out usually too…

  • dan

    Well done Michael

  • Ivan

    I will say this since we are close to regular season, and which means prediction time, I did pick CMW as my CY Young winner

  • Adrian-Retire21

    I believe the Yankees should throw atm Ortiz but I don’t like when people go crazy that Jeter gets hit.He also lays his face in the strike zone.It sad he only gets singels when he risk his head.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    The ridiculous thing is that it’s not only the Yanks who let Ortiz dig into the batter’s box. It’s everyone. It’s like there’s a friggin mandate from Major League RedSawxNation, ooops, I meant ESPN, er Baseball, not to make that fatass shuffle his fat feet.

    If I’m pitching, the first pitch of every atbat is right at him. If he moves, great, if not, take first fatso.

  • iYankees

    Pitchers are also scared to go inside because of the umpires. Pitching inside used to be an effective tool for a pitcher, now, if they come inside a bit too much, umpires are quick to eject them.

    • Kanst

      This I think is the biggest factor. Some time in the last 5-10 years the MLB decided players getting hit with baseballs was a horrible thing that should be avoided at all costs. Now a days if a pitcher goes inside he is opt to get a warning, which is the biggest crock of horseshit ever. I wish the umps would sit down and rewrite the guidelines. If a pitcher throws at a batter unprovoked then eject him, otherwise let the players handle it.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Nice job Mike.

    And I wish everyone would throw like Pettitte did at Ortiz.

  • Spike

    I am also repulsed at Big Sloppy always spitting into his hands and rubbing them together. Don’t actual apes do that?

    • Casper

      Dude, our catcher pees on his hands. Glass houses and all that.

  • pete c.

    It’s about time the Yankee pitchers did this. Torre was to passive. Girrardi seems to want to force the issue. and the way the rules are enforced, it’s the retaliator (is that a word) who gets the hook. So in that case be the first pitcher to come inside.

  • Michael

    Ha! See, I’m a sox fan and I agree! I think pitchers make a big mistake by not going high and tight to Ortiz. The only problem is, it better be really high and really tight or he’ll crush it! But it would be wise for some of these pitchers to work inside on Ortiz. That, to me is one major flaw of Mike Mussina, aside from losing some gas on the heater, he’s never been one to dabble inside, and I think players must know that and hang over the plate.

    Similarly, Jeter has a tendency to “dive” into pitches and pitching him inside seems to keep him off balance. No Jeter bashing here, but there has to be a way to get the guy off his game! Not a HBP, just a few brushbacks to keep them honest!

  • John

    I just got in from a long day of work, and I have to say I’m a bit disappointed that this subject matter is still getting play, even here, while no one says anything about the game at VT. I guess negativity gets more interest than positivity. Sad really.