The same old A-Rod song and dance

Pettitte admits to throwing at David Ortiz
An emotional day for baseball


Nice boat. (Photo by Patrick Demarchelier/Men’s Vogue)

Stop the presses! It’s another tell-all A-Rod magazine piece. This time, it’s written by self-professeed Red Sox fan and blogger Seth Mnoookin, and it appears in next month’s issue of Men’s Vogue.

Setting aside issues of objectivity — it’s only a little fishy that a Red Sox blogger gets tabbed to write a cover story on Yankee poster boy Alex Rodriguez — Mnookin’s piece is mind-numbingly the same for anyone who’s followed the A-Rod Saga at all over the last few years. It starts out in October and rehashes the whole opt-out/falling-out triangle between A-Rod, Scott Boras and the Yanks. It backtracks to the early 1990s and follows A-Rod to Seattle, to Texas, to the Yanks, to the post-season where he struggled in 2007 and still managed to out-hit the rest of his teammates.

As the pieces drags on, it’s obviously heading to the same place: A-Rod is a great baseball player, but he doesn’t allow the public to see the Real Alex Rodriguez. Heaven forbid the man wants a little bit of privacy. A-Rod poses for photos; he answers questions by e-mail. But no one else wants to comment. While Mnookin tries to hint that this is some shortcoming of A-Rod’s, I’d like to think it’s a bunch of people attempting to respect the guy. The need to tear him down is overwhelmingly ridiculous.

Where Men’s Vogue gets it right is in a sidebar piece about A-Rod’s workout. I’m sore just pondering his routine.

But in the end, it’s all the same. Maybe one day, we’ll hear something new about A-Rod. We know Boras was a father figure; we know they don’t talk; we know A-Rod and Derek Jeter had to bury the hatchet on some seven-year-old comments. Until someone finds something new on A-Rod, do we really need to keep reading this?

Pettitte admits to throwing at David Ortiz
An emotional day for baseball
  • brockdc

    What, no information on whether or not Alex has kitten wallpaper on his Myspace page?

    T-minus two weeks and counting…

  • Wolf Williams

    As soon as I read that a Red Sox blogger had written the piece, that was enough for me.

    Let him go scratch out some garbage about that fat-boy Boston DH, and leave the Yankees alone.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Why can’t we get Chris Crocker to do a “Leave Alex alone!” video?

    • Number 27

      hahaha awesome. that’s would be fucking hilarious

  • usty

    As someone who’s been defending A-Rod to Yankee fans since day 1, I’m desperately hoping that this season doesn’t revert back to the same old crap. I’m personally very glad that we’ll have A-Rod at 3b for the next 10 years, overpaid or not.

  • steve (different one)

    one of the best parts of this spring training has been that A-Rod has been BARELY in the news.

    seriously, he’s tearing the cover off the ball, and no one has really noticed. and that’s not a bad thing. he’s not really saying much, and there are rarely stories about him.

    it’s as if it took a 10 year contract for the media to finally accept that he *REALLY* is a Yankee. and now that he is here to stay, the media seems to be allowing him to just be a member of the team. for now.

    i’m sure that will all change once he goes 3 games without a HR, but for now it’s nice. just let the guy do what he does best, rake.

    • LiveFromNewYork

      And that’s because he’s the best and he’s really ours now and most people outside of Yankeedom do not want to see the best player in baseball belongs to the winningest franchise in all of sports history. Too much for their little minds to wraps around.

  • LiveFromNewYork


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  • Michael

    Wow, as a sox fan and a frequent visitor to this site, I’m always surprised when you go out of your way to stereotype a sox media person. Is he less objective because he writes a sox blog? If AROD didn’t want a “sox fan” to write the piece I’m sure he could have declined and asked for a different reporter.

    Is there something in the article that leads you to seriously believe he’s somehow taking a swipe at AROD, or was that just a nice little barb to belittle a “sox fan” blogger/writer?

    You run a nice site, that interests me, but come on, Seth Mnookin has thrown sox management, players and ownership under the bus more than once, so it’s not like he’s Johnny Ra Ra or anything!

    Keep up the (good) writing and entries and leave the BS for the bleacher creature morons from both sides! I almost guarantee we care a lot more about the rivalry than any of the players..Although I wonder about Duncan and Youkilis!

    • Ben K.

      I almost guarantee we care a lot more about the rivalry than any of the players.

      Don’t ruin future posts! Of course the fans care more about the rivalry than the players. That’s been pretty obvious to me at least for the last few years.

    • steve (different one)

      Mnookin’s a douchebag. sorry.

  • Michael

    Just a quick quote from Red Sox Ra Ra Mnookin: (Obviously not hating on AROD)

    “What was ignored at the time – and has been all but forgotten ever since – is that [Scott] Boras, who was present at the interview, had egged A-Rod on by reminding him of how many more home runs he’d had than either Jeter or Boston’s Nomar Garciaparra…Rodriguez was devastated by the article, but he never made any excuses, never claimed that he had been misquoted, never protested that he had lauded Jeter countless times during that same interview.” – Seth Mnookin of Men’s Vogue Magazine

    • LiveFromNewYork

      Yeah, I thought I had read that and wondered where it went. I think that is a really important point.