Game Eight: Scheduling difficulties


After Mike Mussina’s outing last night in which he tied Bob Gibson for 44th on the all-time win list, a message mysteriously appeared on Mussina’s white board in the locker room. The note, according to Dan Graziano, read: “Thanks ESPN for the 4:00 a.m. arrival and day game the next day.”

For Mussina, it doesn’t really matter. He pitched last night and doesn’t throw again until the Yanks get to Boston. But it’s hard not to feel sympathetic for the Yankees. Because MLB wouldn’t tell ESPN that they could not have last night’s Yankee game, the Yanks were stuck playing a 7:05 p.m. game on get-away day. They had to fly to Kansas City after the fact and play a day game today. Had yesterday’s game been at 1:05 p.m. as originally planned or had today’s game been set for 7:05 p.m., everything would have been fine.

The Yankees aren’t making excuses for themselves. “It’s difficult, but it’s not something you don’t expect,” Girardi said. “When I played here, we did it a lot. It’s just part of the baseball life. You’ve got to be resilient and you’ve got to go through it, and there are no excuses.”

Even if there are no excuses, the Yankees are facing a scheduling fight this month. Because of the Pope’s trip to New York, 18 of their next 20 games are on the road, and they have one day off — on April 21 — this month. The last thing they need are day games on the road after night games at home. Either way, we play today; we win today.

Mister Hughes pitches today for the Yanks. Watch that velocity. The sky might fall if he’s not throwing fast enough. With Hughes on the mound, I’d be remiss not to mention the Big Three K Craniosynostosis pledge drive. Please consider donating if you haven’t already.

Damon LF
Cano 2B
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui DH
Posada C
Giambi 1B
Betemit SS
Cabrera CF

Hughes P

Game Notes: Jeter out; Giambi in. Derek is day-to-day and could miss up to a week, but for now, the Yankees are saying he won’t land on the DL. An MRI showed a mild strain. A-Rod remains at third base.

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  1. Mike A. says:

    Love Cano in the 2-hole. Torre woulda bumped Melky up.

  2. Jamal G. says:

    YES is showing the 04/07/07 game where A-Rod hits walk-off Grand Slam against Chris Ray and the Orioles.

    • Jamal G. says:

      Damn that hit still brings chills down my spine. I remember the walk-ff vs. the Tribe, I was actually checking the score getting on the train and the score read 8-6. I was like WTF!?! I checked the score earlier when I was in Central Park and it read 6-2 in the 9th so I assumed a L, checked right before I got on the 3 Train to BK and I was fucking ecstatic.

  3. Manimal says:

    Cano has been doing good past 2 days, Lets see how he reacts.

  4. Glen L says:

    Really? Giambi right back at 1B his first game back from sitting with an injury? I would have gone with Ensberg at 1B and, assuming you don’t want to sit Matsui’s hot bat, kept giambi on the bench

    • Jamal G. says:

      Actually Giambi was ready yesterday but with the weather they didn’t want to push it. What’s this infatuation with Duncan/Ensberg? Giambi is a better bat and there is no clear cut defensive winner at 1B on this 25-man roster.

      BTW, the Tigers fucking suck.

      • Glen L says:

        I don’t have an infatuation with Duncan or Ensberg … and I agree Giambi is a better bat

        I said what I said because its a LONG season … games played during a season at 1b for Giambi since becoming a yankee in 2002 – 92, 85, 47, 78, 68, 53

        I know Girardi has been hopeful of using Giambi a lot at 1b since becoming manager, but Giambi is relatively old and clearly injury-prone

        I just worry about throwing him back out at 1B in his first game back playing and question the logic of doing it … 162 games is a lot of games

        • Jamal G. says:

          Sorry, I didn’t mean you specifically. Just been noticing a lot of clamoring for these guys (mainly Duncan) to start, not just getting ABs of the bench. Just a bit strange to me that people want Duncan so bad to start over Giambi seeing as how what a healthy Big G can give you.

          • Glen L says:

            I agree I’d definitely rather have a healthy giambi getting on base 38-40 percent of the time playing over Duncan … just concerned over giambi’s always-injured body

      • Whitey14 says:

        They’re sucking, I’ll grant you…but Dice – K was dealing today.

  5. Glen L says:

    I should also mention i’m incredibly annoyed I’m at work and can’t watch today’s game. Hughes is far and away my favorite yankees pitcher and Bannister is, without a doubt, one of my personal favorite non-yankees pitchers. He’s got a phenomenal baseball mind and manages to take his mediocre stuff very far given his dedication to analysis

  6. Manimal says:

    If your judging him on being injury prone than nick Johnson is NOT a good alternative.

  7. Manimal says:

    I want to see what david cone is going to say about Moose passing him.

  8. Glen L says:

    that and his age are the two big reasons i’d rather the yankees not pay for the moon in orchestrating a trade with Bowden

  9. Jamal G. says:

    That screen in KC is unbelievable.

  10. Ben K. says:

    That is without a doubt the most impressive Diamond Vision screen I’ve seen in the Majors. That thing looks downright distracting in center field.

  11. eli says:

    Interesting read on Hughes diminished velocity (low 90′s as opposed to the scouted mid 90′s) with regard to his mechanics…

    • Ben K. says:

      Take a look here. None of us really buys the velocity argument and Pags’ scouting report has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. The idea that Hughes should still be at AA is simply ludicrous.

  12. Manimal says:

    Yankee one is bigger. Yankees looked locked in and Bannister does not.

  13. Manimal says:

    oh come on robbie, your helping him now.

  14. daneptizl says:

    Did Singleton just say “might have chased a bad pitch”?

  15. Ben K. says:

    Kenny Singleton just said Cano “might have” swung at a bad pitch. The ball hit the plate, Kenny.

  16. Manimal says:

    Anyone else notice its windy? Does that affect his breaking ball? His accuracy looks off.

  17. Manimal says:

    phil looks uncomfortable….

  18. Ben K. says:

    That run is completely on Posada. You can’t botch a pitch-out like he did.

  19. Manimal says:

    Yankees.com has reported that Jeter is out until atleast Friday.

  20. Ivan says:

    Is it me or does the game so much better without Michael Kay.

    As for Phil, well hopefully he will improve from the first inning. He did struckout Billy Butler which was cool.

  21. Ben K. says:

    Now would be a great time for Betemit to get a hit.

  22. Manimal says:

    Why didnt posada slide? Its like he slowed down.

    God I hope he isnt hurt.

  23. daneptizl says:

    Haha, it looked like Posada completely gave up on that, but just got lucky.

  24. Manimal says:

    Ah come on damon.

  25. Manimal says:

    “Johnny is the perfect guy for the situation, he fouls pitches off until he gets one he can handle then he either hits it or misses.”

    Way to go Kenny.

    Come on Robbie!

  26. Ben K. says:

    Damn. Cano just missed a bases-clearing double right there.

  27. Manimal says:

    Look at Joe cheering on the team.

    Joe torre didn’t know what happens until Mattingly screamed into his hearing aids.

    • LiveFromNewYork says:

      I was just thinking the same thing. When was the last time you heard an opposing dugout yell “Relax!” to the Yankee dugout. Under Torre they couldn’t get any more relaxed.

      Love that fire from GI Joe.

  28. Manimal says:

    Mahay in the bullpen, weren’t the yanks close to signing him?

    3-2 on Cano.

  29. daneptizl says:

    Right down the middle……….

  30. Manimal says:

    Ah way to go Cano

    (rhymed, I know. Im just black like that)

  31. Ben K. says:

    Cano should have blasted that one. Terrible swing on an 88 mph fastball down the middle of the plate.

  32. NYFan50 says:

    On the bright side, Bannister is at 54 pitches already through 2.

  33. daneptizl says:

    Atrocious defense.

  34. Manimal says:


  35. Yankee1010 says:

    Cano could have really blasted the game open. Hopefully, his struggles with the bases loaded is just a sample size issue (56 at-bats), but his .232/.246/.357 rates are pretty horrific. As he matures, he will hopefully stop pressing.

    Posada’s throw on the pitchout and Abreu’s muff in the 2nd have led to both runs. Awesome.

  36. KW says:

    Yanks have had 6 baserunners and scored 2, royals 3 basrunners with 2 scoring. Ugh

  37. daneptizl says:

    What a display of defense this game is.

  38. Yankee1010 says:

    So Hughes throws a pitch on 3-2 to Pena that sure looked like a strike. After walking, Posada throws a hose to 2nd to gun down Pena, except Betemit drops the ball. I know you got in late last night, guys, but how about waking up?

  39. E-ROC says:

    getting squeezed big time.

  40. Joey says:

    Phil just looks awkward out there…

  41. Ben K. says:

    Grudzielanek didn’t even think that pitch was a ball. What does that tell you about the umpire’s strike zone?

  42. NYFan50 says:

    On the downside, Hughes is going to be 54+ pitches after 2 as well….

  43. Alan says:

    The umpire is horrible today, the strike zone has been all over the place.

  44. daneptizl says:

    That was close.

  45. Ben K. says:

    Pitches not right over the plate aren’t getting called strikes. At least the umpire is being consistently horrible.

  46. Alan says:

    Way to get out of the jam, Phil.

  47. Manimal says:

    Nasty pitch to get out of the jam.

    Lets hope Bobby gets that run back.

  48. Yankee1010 says:

    Mark Wegner, you’re a F’in disgrace. The called 3rd strike to A-Rod confirmed that your head is so far up your ass that it’s coming out your mouth.

  49. daneptizl says:

    We score this inning.

  50. Joey says:

    wow… just wow, how the fuck is that a strike, much less a THIRD STRIKE CALL

  51. daneptizl says:

    Another one down the middle…

  52. Geno says:

    If the Mets had kept Bannister and Kazmir, they’d have one hell of a rotation…

    • that’s hard to say. losing kazmir paved the way for minaya’s rising. would they have pedro, beltran, and delgado on their roster? would he have felt the necessity to trade nady for ollie perez? these things don’t happen in a vacuum.

  53. Whitey14 says:

    Just curious guys, but many of you have stated how unhappy you are that the last event at yankee stadium may be a hockey game. How do you feel about the Red Sox manager being at the A.L.’s helm for the last All-Star game? Will it dampen the event, or do you even care about the all-star game?

    • Geno says:

      Couldn’t care less if I tried.

    • Ben K. says:

      Managing the All Star game? Who cares? It’s not like we have much an emotional attachment to the last All Star game in Yankee Stadium. There hasn’t been an All Star game at the Stadium in my life, and I could care less who manages.

      • Whitey14 says:

        I was just curious Ben.

        You may not personally have an attachment to the All Star Game based upon your age, but come July it will be a pretty big deal in ny I’m guessing.

        I recall torre managing the A.L. squad when they celebrated Ted Williams at Fenway in ’99 and I didn’t think much of it myself, I was just curious how some of you felt, or if you cared.

        • Ben K. says:

          I view the All Star as an exhibition and nothing more. If Francona’s managing, it means he deserved it by winning last year (which he did). I don’t begrudge him that honor.

          • Whitey14 says:

            I do wonder why they don’t rotate the game from city to city in a more routine manner. Why they feel the need to “award” it to a city like it’s the Super Bowl or something.
            I personally love the game, always have, but it was more fun in the late 70′s and early 80′s when many of the uniforms were real ugly. Seeing them altogether was extremely funny.

  54. Whitey14 says:

    Holy crap yes….

  55. posada is calling a shitty game. hughes has been missing with the outside fastball to the righty. why not go back to the curve?

  56. daneptizl says:

    That was like a swinging bunt.

  57. KW says:

    Phil flashing a pretty nasty assortment of pitches, including that change

    • if by that you mean he’s running up the pitch count very early, then yes. i love phil but he’s not sharp today.

      • KW says:

        let’s face it, shitty defense, bad conditions, and a very inconsistent ump aren’t helping. is he sharp? Not really, but he would appear a lot sharper if he weren’t constantly under duress. Both pitchers are doing the same thing if you’ll notice, its not that both aren’t sharp, both are being affected by this incredibly horrible umpiring. One pitch is a strike, the next pitch is not, so both are pressing. The batters are sitting back waiting for a gimme pitch because they know the zone’s in their favor today

        • seriously though, have you seen phil miss as badly as he has with the fastball? i’ve counted a few where he as aiming outside and the ball sailed up and in. a lot of curveballs have floated high right–not to mention the few he bounced. even the curves for strikes lacked bite–they hit top/middle of strike zone. i think it’s the cold and the travel schedule that’s causing this.

          • KW says:

            I think it’s all that, plus he’s overthrowing a bit. He’s sailing wide and missing up and inside to the righties. Not a good day for mister hughes

  58. daneptizl says:

    The change-up makes its first appearance!

  59. pete says:

    i’m assuming the 85 mph fastballs that mlb.tv is showing are a byproduct of the royals tv gun, not hughes…?

  60. daneptizl says:

    Gameday has them at around 89.5 average for that last at-bat.

  61. When you are going to rely on youth as much as the Yankees are, there are going to be games like this. We have to hope that the offense can make Bannister pay, and that the bullpen is loose and ready.

  62. Manimal says:

    Could they pick a worse picture for phil on the front page of Yankees.com?

  63. E-ROC says:

    Umm….Do the yanks have a long reliever yet?

  64. BigBlueAL says:

    yeah, since i live in Miami im watchin on the MLB package, and in the KC broadcast Hughes hasnt touched 90 once, all his fastballs are 86-89. wanderin what the YES guns r showing…..

  65. claybeez says:

    Nasty pitches and erratic command. I guess I dare not mention the YES gun. Tense viewing.

    I know it’s cold and what not. Still, wouldn’t it be nice to see a spike as we saw from Joba, if for no other reason than to put the concerns to rest?

  66. pete c. says:

    Melky keeps delivering.

  67. claybeez says:

    May have missed some pitches, but I keep seeing 89.

  68. Ben K. says:

    “Pretty much right down the middle.”
    -David Cone, on yet another Wilsom Betemit strike out.

  69. BigBlueAL says:

    btw, i cant stand watchin Betemit hit anymore

  70. BigBlueAL says:

    according to the Royals broadcast, he struck out on an 84 mph fastball, same as Cano with the bases loaded

  71. E-ROC says:

    Did Betemit try to hit for the moon or something? He has a habit of doing that. Viewing the game on Gameday.

  72. daneptizl says:

    Betemit just can’t hit.

  73. Link says:

    Remind me, what the heck did Cashman see in Betemit that he begged for hin for 2 years?

  74. daneptizl says:

    Does he get not thrown out on a pitch out again?

  75. daneptizl says:

    What the hell was Betemit doing with that positioning.

  76. E-ROC says:


  77. E-ROC says:

    Is Ohlie getting squeezed too?

  78. Manimal says:

    If 2 ER in 3 Innings is a bad day for Phil, Ill take it. Next start for him is vs sox, he better do amazing.

  79. samiamsports says:

    Philly phranchise will not succeed for long on an 87 mph fastball……
    Im starting to ask myself if Moose throws harder than Phil?

    • KW says:

      I’m not sure that’s the case, the hitters didn’t really turn around his fastball at all. He got beat/beat himself by missing a lot, not having hitters sit and hammer on his fastball. It’s definitely fast enough. Plus, overreact a bit? It’s April 8th

  80. E-ROC says:

    double play; strikeout. Ohlie!

  81. samiamsports says:

    im just saying that phills phastball is a tad bit over rated and lets just hope he can survive at that speed

    • Ben K. says:

      I’m watching a cold, wet game in Kansas City and I saw Phil sitting around 90-91. What are you watching? The KC feed?

    • Glen L says:

      so every scout that’s watched him pitch since high school is wrong and you, watching him pitch once in april, can definitively say his fastball is overrated??

  82. Ben K. says:

    I see the umpire has now decided to call low strikes.

  83. samiamsports says:

    Bro, I hope your right… I just think his fastball is slower than advertized. lets say when it warms up he sits around 93 – 94 of course he can succeed but i still think his fastball is over rated. and on mlb.com he was ranging between 87-89 most of the day. (gotta confess I didnt know it was wet. Im watching gameday while im stuck in freaken work)

  84. claybeez says:

    I never saw the gun read 91. Not to say it didn’t, but it was definitely more 89 on the YES gun. It’s cold, certainly. Nothing wrong with being optimistic that that’s the reason. Still, we can’t ignore the fact that his fastball has been consistently slower than it was in the minors. I thought it was the velocity along with control and poise that made him the #1 prospect. I’m not feeling doom and gloom, just concern.

  85. Beezr says:

    This umps believes the home team should always win on opening day and he’s going to make sure that’s the way it goes down, dig.

  86. Link says:

    You know I never really noticed the ‘small market’ concept until I just noticed the Royals advertising a buy 2 get 2 free season ticket plan….good grief…and they have on FRIDAY NIGHT every thing a dollar…wow…

  87. BigBlueAL says:

    im watchin the KC feed and it never had Hughes hitting 90, mostly 86-88. but i assume it was just their gun, so if alot of people r posting about his slow fastball, they r probably watchin on the MLB package/MLB.tv since the Royals broadcast has a slow gun. the “fastball” ARod just struck out lookin at in the 5th was clocked at 82 mph. now i know Bannister isnta hard-thrower, but i doubt he is throwin that slow. like i mentioned earlier, it had his fastball that struck Cano out with the bags full in the 2nd at 84 mph. so take that into consideration when readin some posts about the “slow” fastballs in today’s game.

  88. BigBlueAL says:

    its game like today that i cant stand watching. we look old, slow, horrible defensively and nevermind the horrible pitching. but considerin the early complainin about the time of the game followin a night game, what did u expect. of course, we will probably score 6 runs in one of the next couple of innings and pull this game out…..

  89. Ben K. says:

    You know what — and this isn’t directed to anyone in particular — I’m really sick of the negativity surrounding Phil Hughes. Today was a bad start. It was a shitty three innings. And it happens. It’s his first bad outing since last August. Let it go.

    Aren’t we all rooting for the Yanks to do well? Aren’t we hoping this kid succeeds? The negativity around him really needs to stop.

    • Link says:

      Cosign. In course of a full season even the best pitchers have about 3-5 bad starts I would say…Phil will be fine.

    • LiveFromNewYork says:

      Agree completely Ben. The Royals sat around waiting for the Yankees who played last night and played well and then flew out to KC. have you ever flown to KC? Sucky flight. It’s now warm in NY and freezing in KC. They cannot catch a break. The minute they leave the weather warms up.

      Hughes is a good pitcher and will be an ace. No doubt about it. Everyone has to struggle and Joba will too. We said it all off-season…the Yankee fans have got to be patient watching the kids struggle. We did not want to trade them for Johan and I stand by that. They will all be fine.

    • Chip says:

      So yes he was in trouble all day but he wasn’t getting many calls either. For how off he was, he still only allowed 2 earned runs. It’d not like he got hit up for 6 in 5 innings or anything. His main problem was that he ran his pitch count up.

    • claybeez says:

      I for one am solidly behind Hughes and wish to see him succeed. Doesn’t mean I’m going to tow the party line and never express concern with what I’m viewing. It’s early in the season. I hope and expect that today was more about Wegner and the weather. Still, I can’t ignore the decreased velocity in ’07 and ’08. I hope the reasons you have offered for it are right. But, this is a forum for discussion. Some people can no more ignore what they view going on with Hughes than RAB can ignore that Melky is only a 4th OF.

      • Ben K. says:

        Agreed. I don’t mean to stifle any criticism of Phil Hughes, but people who are saying that they don’t understand what Brian Cashman ever saw in Hughes are really starting to bug me. The velocity is a concern, but I think we need to give him a bit of time. It’s early in the season; it’s cold.

        Today, the issue was plain and simple control. He didn’t have control, and he suffered from a bad strike zone.

  90. BigBlueAL says:

    MY GOD, this has to stop with Betemit!!!!!!!!! he cant hit, and cant catch throws from the catcher on steal attempts to 2nd

  91. Ben K. says:

    Wilson Betemit, on the other hand, just flat-out sucks this year. He’s struck out 6 times in 12 or 13 at bats.

  92. Link says:

    Is Betemit Spanish for ‘strikeout’?

  93. nick blasioli says:

    you know mr hughes has not shown me a dam thing yet…couldnt get out of the fourth inning…i just dont get it…kennedy is also something to be desired…he hasnt shown me anything either….what the hell does cashman know about pitching and baseball anyway…he really pisses me off….cant even beat kansas city…..long long long year folks….

    • Jon says:

      Did you even watch baseball last year?

    • Ben K. says:

      I don’t know why I’m bothering to respond to this comment because you’ve done nothing but shown a tendency to ignore logic. But I have to ask: Did you watch Phil Hughes’ start last week? Did you watch Phil Hughes pitch last September? How about October? Did you see him nearly throw a no-hitter in his second-ever MLB start?

      I guarantee that whatever you were doing when you were 20 and 21 doesn’t come close to Phil. But if you want to give up and him and throw in the towel on the Yanks, be my guest. You should go commiserate with some other Yankee blogs though. Here, we actually root for the Yanks and want them to do well.

  94. Number 27 says:

    Betemit looks like he’s never played baseball in his life. again.

  95. Link says:

    okay 2 outs, tying run at the plate, what do you do…hack at the first pitch of course!

  96. BigBlueAL says:

    is this guy serious??????

  97. BigBlueAL says:

    i guess we will be in last place after today’s game if we dont pull it out. wander how Hank Steinbrenner will be feeling tonight?????

  98. yankeemonkey says:

    I can’t wait to read Lombardi’s review of this game. I’m sure he’ll be very level-headed about Phil’s outing.

  99. Ben K. says:

    I just posted some photos inside the new stadium if you all want something to watch besides this ugly game. Tempers are running a bit high today with this sloppily played game.

  100. BigBlueAL says:

    at least we’re not the Tigers!!!!!!

  101. BigBlueAL says:

    i guess since its an even year, we r getting the horrible ARod. remember how Brett Saberhagen used to win a Cy Young award in odd years and be horrible in even years, its the same with ARod with the Yanks. he was just decent in 04 and 06, MVP in 05 and 07, but this is 08, so were gettin the ARod who strikes out 4 times in a game…..

    • Ben K. says:

      I was going to say that A-Rod struck out four times in a game last year, but nope. He struck out three times in three different games last year but never four times. It happens. Unimpressive baseball by the Yanks tonight.

    • Joseph P. says:

      Yep. An apt conclusion to draw seven games into a season.

      • BigBlueAL says:

        hey i was just tryin to be a bit funny, i actually cant believe someone looked up if he struck out 4 times in a game last season!!!!! ive never commented durin games on this blogsite, i LUV it!!!! pretty fun, the actual game notwithstanding. although i assume it wouldnt be as fun if the Yanks were winnin…

  102. iYankees says:

    ^haha, game logs at BR. i also just checked to see that.

  103. yankeemonkey says:

    Oh god, Giambi….

  104. Jamal G. says:

    Cold weather or no, the defense today is vomit inducing.

  105. BigBlueAL says:

    Betemit joins ARod in the 4 K club!!!!!!!!!!

  106. iYankees says:

    we’ll probably see derek jeter back sooner rather than later.

  107. Link says:

    another ‘Betemit’ by Betemit…that’s eleven ‘Betemits’ by the Yanks today…

  108. Randy says:

    i understand its cold or whatever but at some point you gotta get some hits and have smart at bats. the other team is playing in the same conditions and adjusting accordingly. i understand they are gonna break out but it would be nice to see them have better at bats and swing at balls that are in the zone instead of flailing at off speed pitches or swinging at the first pitch with guys on base. they’re just having terrible at bats.

  109. BigBlueAL says:

    another indictment on the Royals broadcast gun, Hawkins first 2 pitches were registered at 83 and 84 mph. another 84 mph “fastball”….

  110. Jamal G. says:

    Big positive from this game is that Hughes was not hit hard and the 2 ER he allowed by himself (1 ER was allowed that was inherited by Ohlendorf) could have been EASILY avoided if the defense was on its game today. No worry for Hughes, Ohlendorf had a bit of a struggle and Hawkins looked good. Offense struggled in horrid conditions but showed patent patience against Royals starter Brian Bannister.

    Let’s see what we can do in hopefully better weather against Zack Greinke (Straiht Nasty stuff) with IPK on the mound.

    • yankeemonkey says:

      Actually Hughes gave up all 3 runs himself, Ohlendorf came in after that 3rd run already scored. Ohlie looked decent, I thought.

      • Jamal G. says:

        Oh right, LoL, whoops. Points still stand though, Hughes wasn’t hit hard and those first two runs could have been avoided with better play defensively.

  111. Randy says:

    i’m not buying the conditions thing. they’re pro ball players. they’ve been through this before. i don’t think johnny damon or cano having bad at bats to start off the season have anything to do with the conditions. they’re approach has been awful. do you think betemit striking out 6 or 7 times already has to do with the conditions? arod is swinging for the fences on almost every swing, not to mention he is beginning to swing at those low and away off speed pitches that he had a problem with in ’06. i know the conditions are tough but let’s not use that as a crutch. i’m not worried but they have to have a better approach to the plate and we have to stop talking about the conditions.

  112. YES says:

    I don’t what some of you where watching but YES had him 91,92 mph.

  113. Travis G. says:

    ugh, that’s how this game went. the ump sucked, the D sucked, Arod and Betemit sucked. Hughes wasn’t great, but could’ve done better with a decent ump (how can fans be against computers calling balls and strikes?, then this shit wouldn’t happen). that 3-2 slider to Pena was a far better pitch than Arod’s called strike 3.

    iirc, the Yanks guessed right TWICE on pitchouts and failed to nail the runner both times. good managing, poor execution.

    maybe it was getting in at 4 am, who knows, but this offense HAS to wake up sometime, right? maybe…

    1 Ks against a guy that tops out at 88 mph?!

    • Travis G. says:

      * 6 Ks. 9 baserunners in 5 innings, can we please start hitting with RISP?

      Giambi: how hard is it to throw to 2b?

      and yeah, the YES gun had Hughes at 89-92, Bannister at 87-88. that seems about right.

  114. nick blasioli says:

    thats the trouble with some of you so called yankee fans…its what have you done for me lately….last year was last year….now is when you have to come through..never forget that i am so much of a yankee fan that i hurt terribly when they lose…i just dont think that hughes and kennedy will get us there…

  115. BigBlueAL says:

    makes sense since the Royals broadcast had him at 86-89 and Bannister at 83-86 so that should hopefully end the Hughes with no fastball today debate. it just depended on which broadcast u watched. hey, the Tigers r 0-7, Red Sox same as us at 4-4, and the Mets r 2-4. look at it this way, last year if we wouldve hit this poorly thru 8 games, we wouldve been 2-6 right now at best. we should feel happy to be just 4-4, and to be honest, lookin at the schedule the rest of the month, if we end April at .500 that would be fine. compared to our starts in 05 and ESPECIALLY last year, as long as we have no major injuries and dont put ourselves in a hole, we’ll be in a great spot once we start hitting and the weather warms up…….

    • Randy says:

      i agree. i just don’t like people blaming their performance on conditions or getting in late. they’re professionals and have encountered that before. there are plenty of guys who are having just poor at bats. that’s about concentration and discipline to stick to a strategy given the situation that you come up in. i think they will be fine but i think the approach needs to improve and this game was a good example of that.

      • BigBlueAL says:

        i agree about the gettin in late part, i mean they were already complainin last night before they even played last night’s game, that was a bit ridiculous. the weather conditions though do matter, because we r built on our offense, and not because of small ball but because of our power, and so far the weather has taken away our biggest strength, especially playin teams like Tampa and KC who r teams who rely alot more on there speed and gettin hits instead of wearing down pitchers and eventually getting the big inning with power like we do. no surprise we were able to take 2 out of 3 vs Toronto because their entire offense is predicated basically on RH-power w/o any speed whatsoever (and i dont mean speed in terms of base stealing, moreso in takin the extra base etc.) and the weather in NY was horrible for that type of offense. plus with the older players on our roster, no surprise they r struggling health-wise in this weather, regardless of how great condition they may be due to their work in Spring Training. like i said, stay at .500 by the end of the month and take off after that with all the home games that will be comin up after this month. what they CANT do is fall to 21-29 like last year, or 11-19 like in 2005…

  116. pete c. says:

    I was just watching yes. What’s wrong with Possada’s shoulder? is it lingering from opening day?

  117. ansky says:

    Riverdogs up 6-0 in the 5th, Montero just hit a BOMB over the pole!!

  118. ansky says:

    BTW, Betances is dealing after the 1st,

  119. mustang says:

    Let me start by saying that I support Mr. Hughes or anyone on the mound pitching for the Yankees. However, I think its unfair to question fans patronage and ask them to leave this site just because they don’t agree with so called “Big Three” or what is posted.
    Of Mr. Hughes “he negativity around him really needs to stop.” Why ? Are we suppose to hold hands and channel positive waves towards Mr. Hughes. I’m sure whatever negative points of views people have here will not effect Mr. Hughes one way or the other.
    I though that RAB was a open forum to discuss and comment on issues related to the Yankees. I did not think it was a support group for so called “Big Three” and their fans.

  120. mustang says:

    Furthermore, what can you expect when you take 3 young players and hype them up like the media and this site have done. When you label them with such ridiculous lines as “the road to the Cy Young starts now” or the “Big Three”. You shouldn’t be shock or angry with equally as ridiculous negative comments.

  121. mustang says:

    Some of us hardcore Yankees fans don’t believe that they should of placed the final year of the Stadium in the hands of three kids. Some of us have and still do believe that Mr. Hughes or better Mr. Kennedy should of been package for Santana. So when or if they fail we are going to be critical of them. That does not mean we don’t support them.
    Santana would of probably had the same criticism the other way if he was a Yankee.

  122. nick blasioli says:

    i wholehartedly agree with mr mustang…

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