Hughes down, Rasner up

Game 29: Capping off the first month

I’m not sure if Mike or Ben has anything planned for an overnight. But Rasner will jump in the rotation for the disabled Phil Hughes on Sunday. As I said in the game thread, this is the second time in a year — almost to the day — that I’ve been set to see Hughes pitch on a Sunday, only to have him get injured. And yes, Rasner was his replacement last time, too.

So I guess that solves the whole “does he get sent down” question. You have to figure he’ll make at least two rehab starts before returning.

Game 29: Capping off the first month
  • Jamal G.

    I’m not under the impression that this injury is complete and total BS. For one, anybody who says it is BS is making a baseless statement and there is no way anybody outside of the clubhouse that can definitely say this injury is crap. It is a fair question though and I definitely understand how some are taking this with a pound of salt.

    BTW, after Dellin Betances’ 5IP, 3H, 2ER, 3BB, 6K performance tonight, batters are just hitting a paltry .170 off him. Nasty.

  • Ben K.

    Ah, the good ol’ “disabled” list. This reminds of the time The Onion ran a story about A-Rod landing on the emotionally disabled list. I hope Hughes’ “strained oblique” gets better soon.

  • Ivan

    Whether he’s injured or not, Hughes needs to cool off thought and come back with a new thought process. I know he’s gonna bounce back and prove his critics wrong.

  • Mike A.

    Eh, so he gets 15 days to clear his head, then he’ll get 30 days worth of “rehab” starts in Triple-A. Not the worst thing in the world.

    • Ivan

      I assume in thouse rehab starts he’ll be throwing alot of changeups and sliders.

  • A.D.

    It doesn’t matter how you do it, Hughes needed some minors team. I don’t see the benefit of putting him on the DL if it wasn’t true. If it’s not true Phil knows it, so he’s not going to feel better about it.

    The Betemit “injury” had a purpose, the Hughes one doesn’t, there isn’t options issue, they don’t need to get around the 10 day rule, the only real explination is actual injury.

    Hopefully Phil heals up, gets some developmental work, gets some pressure off, and comes back the player that everyone says he can be

  • Phil McCracken

    Yeah but his injury last year was real. This year it isn’t.

  • Travis G.

    i hope some time off will cure Phil’s problems. but if the offense shows up (or doesn’t) like tonight, it doesn’t really matter who’s pitching or how well they’re doing.

    Bonderman has two pitches and throws 88-93 and pitched 8, 2 er. if he can do that, i know Hughes can too (in time).

  • Steve S

    Now what happens if Kennedy gets bombed.

    If this isnt a legitimate injury then Cashman has his head up his ass.

  • mustang

    Well this is one way to make everyone happy.
    If anyone believes that this is a real injury then I have a bridge to sale you.
    Regardless, it does the job and hopeful this kid can get himself together and help this team.

    • Steve S

      Mustang I’m going to disagree with you. The reality is that Kennedy is going out tonight. If he gets blown out then sans Hughes injury, how do you justify sending Hughes down but keeping Kennedy u? Its not saying much but Kennedy has probably been collectively worse than Hughes. And I dont think they would have had an issue saying we are sending him down. The results are what they are, a DL trip isn’t exactly the greatest PR. I mean beyond the results, this injury is actually more disconcerting. Last year he pulled a hamstring and then rolled an ankle. Now a strained oblique, he seems to be a little fragile.

      • mustang

        I see your point. Still after fighting about Hughes here almost daily I’m starting to realize that the Yankees view him in the same way he is viewed here. What mean is that the Yankees see him as the great phenom? They invested too much into that to send him down and admit failure.
        This kid is going to get very brake in the book to try and help him succeed. Whether it’s right or wrong.
        The Yankees, like a lot of people here, can’t phantom the possibly that this kid may not be what they hope.
        I agree with you anyone else they probably would of sent right down, but we talking about the great Phil Hughes.

        • mustang

          I just want to see the kid work out.
          I really don’t care what spin they put on it.

          Steve S
          Don’t worry about him being fragile is this not a real injury

  • mustang

    I tell you one thing the media is having a field day with this one.

    Note to the Yankees:
    If your going to lie make sure to get the story straight with all the parties involved.
    Especially the person who you’re lying about.

  • mustang

    I have a better one Steve S:
    What if Kennedy and Rasner both pitch great and Hughes does the same in rehab?
    Fun times ahead in RAB.
    Fun times. LOL

  • mustang

    Joseph P.
    I will also miss Hughes and get Rasner.
    Which might be a good thing because if I saw Hughes bomb in person you guys would probably ban me from the site when i got home.

  • Wolf Williams

    It does matter how you do it… this is the goddamned New York Yankees, and they don’t invent bullshit injuries to cover for a rookie who can’t get his head out of his ass.

    The Yankees deserve every ounce of negative criticism they get for this unbelievably pathetic move. I think Al Leiter was afraid he was going to get fired if he said too much on the air last night, because all three guys in that booth seemed shocked at the announcement, and Leiter is likely the one who would have ripped it the most.

    Joe Girardi is about half a step from becoming the Bill Belichick of MLB, and by that I mean all the bad things Belichick represents — paranoia, deceit, dishonesty, you name it. He gets prickly when he’s asked questions about “in-house” matters, and now he’s complicit in a lie to shield a pitcher who either can’t be honest with himself or who isn’t being allowed to.

    This better be the nadir, emotionally, of this season, because if Cashman and Girardi are going to keep sinking to these depths to cover their inability to make good decisions, then we all better buckle our seatbelts for a long and turbulent ride in 2008.

    What a fricking joke….

    • mustang

      Wow. Someone didn’t get his or her coffee this morning. LOL
      You guys think I’m bad. LOL

      • Wolf Williams

        Actually, it’s 8 p.m. here in Taiwan, and I’ve been stewing all day over last night’s loss and this Hughes nonsense.

        • mustang

          This is why I love being a Yankees fan.
          They can piss people off across the world.
          Beautiful thing.

          • Wolf Williams

            My anger travelled here with me. I’m still upset that Mariano couldn’t start a routine double play in Game 7 of the 2001 WS. he helped turn one in a game last week, and when I saw it I almost launched my remote out the window.

            • mustang

              Now here is a YANKEES FAN !!!!!!!!!

              • JT

                Wolf, did you catch this negative sentiment towards Girardi from Pete Abe?

  • ray sam

    we need to trade for pitchers. hughes and kennedy suck.

    • Yanks99

      This is why the Yankees can’t develop any prospects. They make a few bad starts at 21 and the entire New York area is against them. When he comes out in a few years and wins a Cy Young everyone in the stadium is going to cheer and act like they were behind him all the way. If they traded for Johan Santana, they would’ve continued the same crap, losing in the first round of the playoffs for 8 more years. I would rather not make the plays for a couple of years, then win a few world series.

      • JT

        Did you listen to Boomer and Carton this morning. Carton was saying how there is no Yankee fan alive who would not do the Santana deal right now… Freaking idiots really know how to piss me off. Then this retarded Yankee fan calls in and agrees with him. My bet is that guy became a fan in 1998.

    • RichYF

      Obvious troll is obvious.

  • nick blasioli

    the yankees better trade for blanton now as kennedy will be the next pitcher that will come up with a mysterious injury….rasner will do fine and leave hughes in the minors until he gets himself straightened out…

  • Wolf Williams

    Hey, JT….

    No, nothing to do with anyone named Pete Abe. (Sorry… I’m kind of new to the whole Yankee weblog/internet scene. I need to catch up on names. I’m a busy guy here in Taiwan.)

    I actually dig Girardi, most days, and maybe I just needed a scapegoat for my angst this evening. But getting up at 7 a.m. and watching how this team plays right now…… I guess it got to me. LOL.

    I’m willing to be patient, and I think the sentiments I express on my ownblog bear that out. But last night’s loss just had me ticked off today.

  • ceciguante

    in a vain attempt to restore SOME degree of sanity to the roiled yankees fanbase, i will offer what could be taken as a silver lining:

    hughes’ innings cap? no problem.

  • Aaron

    Now I’d be disappointed as well if I had tickets for Sunday’s game and expected to see Hughes pitching but found Rasner on the hill instead. But, then again, I don’t get the luxury of going to Yankee Stadium this year (unless miraculously I can finagle tickets) since I live outside of Boston. It’s still baseball but it’s not quite the same.

  • nick blasioli

    by the time hughes and kennedy finally pitch like everyone thinks they can,,,,all the good players (stars) will be on the verge of retirement…win now cashman…you have really screwed the yankees up this year and possibly for quite awhile…

    • Travis G.

      really? there are guys named Cano and Cabrera who are not yet in their prime. Austin Jackson is 21. hitters can always be acquired via trade or FA (at least compared to pitchers).

      have you even paid attention to the Yanks of the last 5 years? how did all those vets do?