On retired numbers everywhere

Buried jersey nets big bucks for Jimmy Fund
Game 23: We could use a little Franchise

Joe Posnanski has taken the Internet’s recent obsession with retired numbers to an extreme. A few days after berating Yankee fans over their booing of LaTroy Hawkins, Posnanski has written a diatribe on every single retired number in Major League Baseball. The piece is amusing, and Posnanski thinks the Yankees have gone a bit overboard with the sentimentality lately.

Buried jersey nets big bucks for Jimmy Fund
Game 23: We could use a little Franchise
  • http://www.samiamsports.blogspot.com samiamsports

    everybody knows that the Yankees retire numbers at a crazy rate, allot of the retired numbers are justified but then again there are very questionable retired number selections. The Yankees kind of dug themselves into a hole by doing so.
    I dont think its ludicrous to retire number 21….is it deserving?? the answer to that is NO. But for the Yankees standards if your a fan fav who helped win a bunch of titles it shouldn’t be out of the question.

  • JRVJ

    While I like Posnanski’s work a lot, I disagree with him on this issue.

    MLB is fighting hard for fans entertainment dollars, and if NY fans want O’Neill’s jersey retired, who exactly does it hurt?

    As I wrote recently on BTF, it’s no capital crime for the Yankees of the 21st century to wear numbers over 50, you know…..

    • Casper

      I don’t think that’s necessarily true (that NY fans want O’Neill’s jersey retired). A vocal group surely does… But I don’t think the majority of Yankees fans want O’Neill’s jersey retired. The poll cited below (from RAB) is certainly not dispositive, but in the absence of evidence to the contrary it should be taken into account.


      Should the Yankees retire Paul O’Neill’s number 21?
      Yes 174 21% of all votes
      No 643 79% of all votes
      Total Votes: 817

      • JRVJ

        Right, but for the sake of his articles, Posnanski has assumed that they are, and I’m answering as per his assumptions.

        Personally, I couldn’t care less if O’Neill’s number is retired (I’m fine with it either way), provided that Mariano’s, Bernie’s, Jeter’s, Posada’s and Pettitte’s also get retired….

        • rbizzler

          How does retiring a number of a very good player create more fan interest?

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Since Mariano is the only person in the majors wearing 42 it is a good bet that it will retired even if he was not the best closer in the history of the game. Jeter’s definitely because of who he is. Bernie maybe but I’m not sure and not sure about Posada or Pettitte either. We all love Bernie, Jorgie and Andy but am not sure their numbers will be retired.

    • JRVJ

      I suspect that Jorge will end up racking up some nice counting stats by the end of his career.

      And Andy will almost certainly be the 4th Yankee pitcher with the most wins by th end of the season (and even 3rd, if he pitches next year).

  • http://myspace.com/lincolnsworld Link

    “Let’s not get caught up on retiring a guy’s number because you like the way he whacked the water cooler after hitting into a double play.”

    This line almost made me cry and pee on myself with laughter.