Anyone know a good rain dance?

Olbermann loves the new Yankee Stadium
Game 39: Hit a home run; bat clean-up; get rained out

The Yanks and their fans could avoid another torturous Kei Igawa start this week if the threat of rain becomes a reality in Detroit today. Ed Price has all the details, and I urge Yankee fans everywhere to hope for a rained-out game today. Save us from Igawa.

Olbermann loves the new Yankee Stadium
Game 39: Hit a home run; bat clean-up; get rained out
  • RichYF

    We’re not really going to see Igawa again are we? Seriously? There’s nobody else that can pitch? Eiland? David Wells? Olbermann?

    It’s not good for my health to watch him pitch. At least GG Betemit won’t be butchering third if he does pitch again…

  • Brian

    Sounds good, but it doesn’t really do anything. Just means that Igawa wouldn’t start Wednesday; we would still need a fifth on Friday. Literally.

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  • Greg G.

    Yes, but by Friday, we could theoretically get IPK back.

  • Alan

    So far, so good. The tarps are down at Comerica.

  • EJ

    Problem: Scranton’s game was also rained out. Kennedy pitches tomorrow, which means he won’t be ready to pitch on Friday with full rest.

  • chris

    how can they bring IPK back. he pitches like crap and his conidence is one – its worse for him to go down to scranton and pitch a couple of great games get called back and get shelled. then he gets it in his head that he is a AAAA pitcher. if he is going down it needs to be fo a month or two not a week.

    the goal needs to develop these guys and if you are going to send him down let him work on his stuf for a couple of months. 2 weeks arent going to get his mechanics right.

    by the way – rumor is matt laporta is available. plenty of youn pitching in the organization to swing a deal for him.

    i guess i differ from others on this site as i actually would rather rebuild this year than try to compete because I dont think they can compete with a staff with three question marks.

    next year is there year as long as they get rid of this fiscal responsibility bullshit and spend that 80 million dollars

    • Ben K.

      Can you actually give us some real evidence that Matt LaPorta is available? You’ve been saying that for days, and no one’s found any trace of this being something other than a figment of your imagination.

      Anyway, how do you know how IPK’s confidence is doing? Are you his shrink?

      • Alan

        I have a hard time believing the Brewers would be willing to trade Matt LaPorta. He’s been raking so far in AA this season and has a .433 OBP. If anything, the Brewers should be looking to move Ryan Braun who’s blocking LaPorta’s spot.

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